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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Final Mission, An Old Friend (Solo)

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PostSubject: Final Mission, An Old Friend (Solo)   Mon Nov 23, 2015 7:47 am

Jenny walks into a bar in the more lower ends of Jewel. This bar was one of the few remaining ones that allowed smoking throughout the entire place and sold alcohol to under aged people but only if they were 18 and up and only if you pay more than the initial price. Jenny sat down at the bar as a band preforms music up on the small stage. She lights up a cigarette as a girl with dirty blond hair and bleach blonde and deep purple streaks in it. Her hair looked messy but was in pig tails and she had a black with white trimming sailor like outfit one would see in anime with a red tie on.

She smirked and leaned back leaning her lower back against the bar as she rested her elbows on it as well. "Jennifer Necowl is that you~?" Jenny blinked and looked to the girl. "Bones...?" The girl smiled brightly and held up  a glass of whisky to the air she looking no older than jenny. "The sharp toothed wonder remembers!" She shouted victoriously and Jenny couldn't help but smile and laugh a bit turning more to her. "Yeah how could I forget you miss my goal is to date every girl on this tour bus just to see if I can." She giggled and drank some of her whisky.

"I wasn't just thaaat girl." Jenny nodded smoking more of her cigarette. "Right you were also that girl who liked to do petty crime everywhere too." She smirked and plucked jenny's cigarette from her hand and  placed her glass in jenny's hand smoking a bit of her cigarette. "And you were that girl who always stopped me but never arrested me." She said blowing the smoke out as jenny took a drink of the whisky swapping the glass for her cigarette again. "So you still 'traveling' with the rockers?" Her smirk widened as she finished her glass.

"You know me well, and based on your weapons smoking and news on the tv I take it that you're no longer in music and heroism?" Jenny's smirk lessened a bit and she smoked a bit of her cigarette again. "Yeah...." she then jumped a bit as she girl places a hand on Jenny's cheek and gently slid it up to her ear and felt along the edge and tip of it under her ear and hat and she frowned a bit. "I knew your hair wasn't pointy enough for your ears to be the way they were before...." She pulled her hand away and Jenny looked down the girl turning in her seat to fully face Jenny.

"You've seriously changed since I've seen you at warped tour 3 years ago.... And something tells me it wasn't just your parents deaths you left the tour for...." Jenny blew out smoke looking forward now but was frowning a bit. "Yeah... it was more than just that...." The girl held her cup up a bit and the bar keep refilled it and she held it to jenny. "I guess what ever it was made you change your mind about going straight...?"

Jenny took the drink and took a small sip nodding and looked to her. "Yeah...everything went down from there and well... as time passed I got too far from ever being able to resign and become just another civilian...." She girl gently rubbed her back. "Sorry to hear that... I know how excited and determined you were on becoming just another civillain punk rock star...." Jenny took another drink smirking a bit as she silently chuckled nodding.

"Yeah... even some of the guys wanted to get in a band with me, we were going to put the band together officially after the tour." She looked down but back up then. "Think it's too late to just quit and just ditch this place? I'm sure the girls wouldn't mind you just tagging along on the bus ride until we bus by where the guys are between tours." Jenny smirked a bit putting the cup down and shook her head thinking about L.A.W Zack and Miley.

Miley was in a coma, yet another one of her friends stuck there for probably her fault so she felt like she had to stick around to at least see her wake up since she missed laney's wake up. Zack needed her help with L.A.W and L.A.W would just hunt her down as long as they existed.  "I can't go now but.... After I finish up this one last thing.... I'm quitting for good. I have disappeared off the records before as who I became with EJ I can do it again..."

"When I finish this one last thing... I think I'm going to disappear again wait out a year or two and then work on music and maybe even a family." Jenny would destroy L.A.W with Zack and any records on herself then all other records on herself and go off grid L.A.W would be her last mission and then she would no matter what give up this life and finally pursue one that she has dreamed of for as long as she has remembered. The girl smiled and kissed jenny's cheek making her blush hard.

"Do you always have to do that when we interact..." Jenny mumbled looking off a bit as the girl paid the bar keeper getting up. "Yes I do watching you spazz over a small kiss is way too much fun not to. Now you go finish that business and hit me up when you settle your business so we can go to some raves and rock out." Jenny looked over to her smirking as the girl started to leave. "Will do, and you better not be in jail when I do for extending out your bones and smacking some one with them that you shouldn't cause I'm not breaking you out after going under the radar."

The girl laugh and shouted "You're no fun!" as she left the bar then.
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Final Mission, An Old Friend (Solo)
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