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 Something Wicked this way comes [Read]

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PostSubject: Something Wicked this way comes [Read]   Sun Nov 01, 2015 2:24 am

((This is one thread of three total threads going on at about the same time. The other two threads are open for anyone interested. This thread will be opened at the "finale" after the other threads are finished, or atleast when ONE of them is finished. I won't say which and how, but you're clever people :3))

The drained body of the gravekeeper was tossed carelessly to the ground as a tall, gangly gentleman dressed for a night on the town in old victorian strolled between the rows of headstones. In the background, two mummified priests recited chants and seemed to be directing a group of also mummified acolytes. They were preparing something in the midst of many burning firepits. This would have gone on very noticed, if not for a mysterious fog that rolled in earlier that evening.

"It's almost time... Maxwell! How are preparations for this evening's entertainment?" Horrace asked of his Minotauran butler.

"Everything is ready. Relax sir, you've asked me three times in the last five minutes," Maxwell replied not in sass but concern.

"My apologies my old friend. It's just... I haven't seen her in what feels like centuries," Horrace replied anxiously. Everything HAD to go perfectly tonight. He had been planning this for... well he couldn't remember, but that was moot. His random acts of wanton soul drinking weren't important. His theft of artwork was just to pass time. THIS WOULD NOT FAIL. He would not tolerate any trespasses against him this night. Horrace was willing break his gentlemanly manners just to make sure this evening went off the way he wanted.

"Hotep, Hoi! Are you ready?" Horrace called out to his recently added comrades.

"Yes my lord. Preparations are complete. All we need now is time," the tall, gangly priest replied promptly.

"And some hundred souls or more," the short, stout looking priest added. There was a crack of lightning in the sky above them. Dark clouds began to loom over Jump City as if drawn to the supernatural forces mustering just outside the boundaries of our world and the spirit world.

"It... is time!" Horrace announced excitedly, already feeling the air around him become charged. In the distance, sirens wailed over the sounds of screams and screeching tires. The very ground itself seemed to shake around him. Gently at first, on the outside of the cemetery. But it was getting stronger, and louder. The sound of the thunderous shakes were from a great number of hooves from undead horses and their armor clad riders.

Horrace already knew of the armored calvary that would be running amok on the crowded streets. He was the Lord of Wights for a reason and had been planning a great invasion for some time. Though as of late this invasion was more of a... distraction. He in truth did not truly care if it was successful, but it would be a lovely bonus. There was only one set of hooves he cared about. It was carrying someone special. He heard a monstrous howl in the distance that he recognized, prompting him to spin around to the gates of the cemetery as his own personal black carriage came to a stop outside. Maxwell was already on his way, walking passed the dozen or so Wight Knights standing to attention.

Horrace made his way after him, not wanting to be impolite to his guest of honor. Maxwell emerged through the gate, alongside a woman dressed in a fine victorian dress- only a suggestion on his part, but he was pleased that she went through with wearing it. The fog had not breached the iron fence of the cemetery, the light of the burning flames making shadows dance among the headstones. But for a moment, he thought his dead heart skipped a beat. Which was physically impossible, given that it rotted away ages ago now. But even in the dark, the images of his memory- there was no mistaking it. THAT was her. The only thing he noticed off was her skin, which used to be a warm tan color that was now grayed ever so slightly giving it a darker appearance. And her chocolate brown eyes were now pale grey. He had been correct in previous assumptions.

She paused prompting Maxwell to stop as she looked at Horrace with a brief moment of shock. Horrace couldn't tell if it was simply because of his appearance, or their surroundings. Either way he was too nervous to give voice to those thoughts. "Can it be... Darian? Is that truly you?" she asked hesitantly. That voice, though her accent had changed, the sound it made did not. "Darian" regained his nerve and walked the rest of the way to her, taking her hand in his.

"The beauty of the Heaven, and the trials of Hell could not keep us apart. My dear Clara," Horrace replied silkily, bringing her hand to his lips until stopping. It was so second nature, he had completely forgotten about... his situation.

"What is wrong? Why do hesitate?" she asked him with concern.

"Because my love, while I have returned to you as you see before you, I am not what you remembered. I did not return unscathed," he replied with shame, both because of what he was AND what he had done to get here. She reached up for his face and he recoiled for a moment.

"No more hiding, I am aware of what may have happened. But I don't care. I am not what you remember either. Much has changed," she assured him, her voice stern and scolding in a slightly teasing tone. She reached for his face again and began unwrapping the bandages, eventually the wraps simply unwound themselves for her until Horrace's face was completely bare. A glimpse of his true face had been seen only once. It was much the same as that time, but the true extent of his age was laid to bare for all to see. His face was that of a skeleton, no traces of skin left and a row of teeth on full display. His one good eye was filled with apprehension, while his socket was devoid of substance. "Your hair has darkened," she commented with disappointment.

"Aye... the years being buried have sullied the vibrance of my hair. My reanimation has left me without many things. The taste of my mouth, the smell of the air. And the touch of another," Horrace said reinforcing the last point by caressing Clara's hand with his. "But, that will all change tonight!" Horrace said taking her hand in his and leading her away.

"What do you mean? What are you planning my little priest?" she asked in that teasing voice of hers again. She was excited, wanting to see what he was planning.

Horrace let chuckle at her pet name for him. "Something grand my enchantress. The festivities have already begun. Can't you hear it? Not really my kind of music. But I do have this," Horrace led her to table with candles and a violin. Horrace's family was refined, and most if not all of them were musically inclined in some manner. "Allow me to play for you while we wait my dear," Horrace cooed, pulling a chair out for her. When she was seated, Horrace took HIS actual violin and began to play an eerily enchanting tune....

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Something Wicked this way comes [Read]
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