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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Into Harpy! (solo)

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PostSubject: Into Harpy! (solo)   Thu Oct 01, 2015 6:11 am

An unknown black haired girl with pudgy cheeks and large baggy hobo like clothes and tattoos covering her with golden yellow eyes sat in a cell with other criminals in the jail who were all being processed. She looked up and hid a smirk as she heard the frustrated cops down the hall. "God damn it why cant we find her prints anywhere?!"

She let her smirk show as she looked at the others in the cell. "So.... what are you all in for...?" She asked her voice child like and very high pitched. They all glared at her some cursing her off in annoyance and others spoke. "So mostly petty crimes huh...? How lovely~" He said with a giggle and one eyed her. "What about you kid....?"

She giggled again "I stabbed a hobo and stole his clothes~" they all looked at her blankly then as one asked. "Why....?" she grinned wide. "SO I could get captured and come meet all of you of course~" They all looked at her stupidly again "....Why.....?" She stood up then her hand cuffs on the floor next to what seemed like chubby hollow hands on the ground her hands now looking more thin much too thin for the rest of her.

"All in do time boys and girls~" She then bursted into 10 crows who flew out the window two grabbing each hand and flew out the bared window. The people inside shouted in surprise moving away from the crows as they passed. The birds then far away from the building landed by an alley way and reformed. She stood up holding the fake hands with each of hers.

She hadn't wanted to leave them behind do to her real prints being on the inside, But now she had a good idea of people she'd want to recruit later, and not to mention she knew what names to look for on who was let lose back into the world and why was sent to jail. She then pulled one hand on that she had made had fake prints on them to leave behind when she'd have to give them. she then held up her arm and pulled out a cut out photo of a local hero named hotwire out from her ragged boot before slipping on the other one.

She then walked down to a shady building as she pulled out an envelope from her other boot. The walked into the building and walked up to a man behind the counter. "Oh so you're back huh? Did you bring what I asked for?" She nodded and handed him the picture and envolpe. The man opened the envolpe and counted out the money before nodding.

"Again you don't now me I don't know you, what ever you do to this kid doesn't get brought back to me got it?" She nodded and he smiled. "Alright come back in a week and I'll have the info you need you little creepy fan girl you." She smiled and giggled "Thank you mister! When Hotwire and I fall in love and get married I'll have you to thank for it!" She then skipped off when she was away from him she grinned and walked normally.

Now was the time.... now was the time! NOW WAS THE TIME TO FINALLY GET ALL THIS HEAVY LATEX AND BUBBER OFF HER BODY!!! Seriously this stuff was hat and she has been in it for hours now!
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Into Harpy! (solo)
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