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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Azural The Life Binder

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The Departed
Fates Final Embrace
Fates Final Embrace

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RPG character
Name: Necati - Azural
Code Name: The Fallen- The Life Binder
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PostSubject: Azural The Life Binder   Tue Nov 30, 2010 9:01 pm

Full Character Name


Full Name: Azural Lifertum
Codename: The Life Binder
Nickname(s): The White
Alias(es): N/A
Age: As old as Time Itself
Birth date: Beginning of all
Affiliation: Lawful Neutral


Hair Color: Sparkling Silver
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Weight: 115lbs
Other: In this form Azural is seen in flowing white robes with black wings. The hood remains down so as to see her angelic face. The features are absolute perfection without a blemish or misplace wrinkle on her skin. She appears to be in her late twenties in age and has porcelain white skin and is never seen without her white long sword which Azural wields effectively with a single hand.


Powers: Azural’s powers are the exact opposite and compliment of Necati’s. They draw on ancient magic, and pure light. Created as the balance to Necati’s evil and darkness she was the ancient of the light. Thus her powers are light manipulation and the ability to bend light energy her whim much like Necati does to darkness. It can be concentrated moved and warped into various beams projectiles shields or whatever else the user can fathom to create. The intensity varies very greatly based on the amount of power the user wills into each attack. Like Necati Azural has a decent control of life forces and to an extent she can bend it to her will as well. She uses this particular power to return life and heal the wounded and sick as compared to taking life away as the reaper does. Overall there is a warm and happy aura that surrounds her that lifts the spirits of calms the fears of those around. Azural’s mind is impervious to any outside intrusion as it is protect by the ancient purifying techniques of the light much like the rest of her body counter to Necati’s decrepit mind. Lastly she can move in and out of the spirit real as well with ability that exactly mimics Necati except with a burst of light instead of dark mist.
Secondary Power
Same superhuman, strength,flight, speed and intelligence as Necati, just fueled by the light instead of dark.


The Sun



Strengths: Existing as the ancient of light Azural’s memory reaches as far back as time itself. She has seen the beauty of peace, the sorrow of war and the truth of human nature. She is excellent at reading people and understanding their motives and deciphering lies. She has very high linguistic skills and is overall cheerful and confident in any situation.

Weaknesses: She is often seen as to kind. Azural is one to spare her enemies and always forgive those who wrong her. She is the poster child for forgiveness and trust. This can lead her to be deceived by her kind nature even though her years of wisdom tell her the dark truth. Azural is also somewhat of a pacifist in that she detest fighting even though power flows through her like the deity she is.

Skills: A good speaker with decent social skills. She has an infectious smile that could light up a room and a good heart. Azural is skilled in almost all forms of combat as well magic especially in the healing and light magic arts.

Equipment: A large white long sword.

Habits/Quirks: A bit antsy and energetic she is always talking and moving about. She is also somewhat absent minded and can be distracted by the beauty of the world and human nature. She also has a slight tendency to speak as if she is above people and is looking down upon their ignorance.

Personality: A very kind hearted and warm person she loves all living things whether plant or animal and values life above all else and will protect them to her last breath. Azural is very social and enjoys other companies disliking any kind of solitude she craves interaction even if it is just with Necati. She also believes in perfect order and follows’ the laws of the ancients to a T believing that it is the only way to uphold unity and peace in the universe. Otherwise she is a very easy going and lovable person who wants nothing more to love and to be loved.


Family: Unknown
Place of Origin:Unknown
History: Created at the beginning of time as the great life binder Azural and Necati have always been linked by fate. What she created and gave life too he took and destroyed. All that was good was formed by her hand only to be smote under the dark reign of the reaper. Unlike Necati though she never took a human form and only sat and watched from above as the Reaper moved about her creation leaving death and destruction in his wake. She watched sadly as he removed his own soul peace by peace over the infinite of time and space. Azural waited until one day she saw the last of what was human in Necati disappear as he succumbed to the darkness. Knowing that with the vastness of death’s infinite power left unchecked would only result in the destruction of the universe she made one last sacrifice for the world she loved. So she gave up her heavenly home and body to strike down Necati and schackle his body. Thus saving his soul by replacing it with a bit of her own making him more human. The spell that allowed her to smother death’s power under her will had one grim cost. Forever she would be connected to the reaper and share the burden of the souls that he must carry. Along with that Azural was cast from the heavens and placed on earth to live out the rest of her eternity in human form. So light and ark, death and life would forever be linked. Coexisting together relying on one another to exist.

Sample RP

Azural shivered a little as the cold wind blew through her shinning silver hair. The stands sparkled under the light of the stairs as they danced in front of her bright blue eyes. A lone tear slid slowly down her cheek as a single quivering hand came up timidly brushing the symbol of doubt from the porcelain white skin that adorned her body. The lines across her face becamed furrowed with focus and sorrow as her mind betrayed her. Slowly she crossed her arms pulling the white silk cloak tighter around her delicate shoulders. Her doll like face slowly lifted to gaze longingly at the night sky above. Silently she wished it all wasn’t real. That somehow the reality she lived in hadn’t come to pass, that maybe the world had turned again and now smiled upon her for one last time. Closing her eyes a few more lone tears escaped Azural and danced across her red cheeks. She knew that it wasn’t true though. The world was cruel and unforgiving. It beat down the most fragile and beautiful creations into nothing and she was no different. Life had broken her like storm does the beautiful flower of a meadow. Clasping her hands tight to her chest Azural fought back the tears as she choked on her own breath. How had things gone so wrong…why oh why did it have to be like this.

The wind came again whipping her thin white dress about her. Azural’s body shuttered from the cold as she forced her eyes to open and look again at the dark night above. This was her final hour. Lowering her head she looked down at the edge of the building where she stood far above the silent road below. A few wayward people scurried about like ants far below illuminated in the light of the lamps. Azural smiled she knew them, knew them all by name. Oh how she loved life…was it not funny that something so dear to her was about to be taken. One last tear formed in the corner of her eye escaping its prison only to fall from her face traveling the 30 stories to land silently on the snowy ground below unnoticed and uncared for by the world. Silently she wondered how many lives had ended this way. Alone on top of some building on a cold, dark loveless night without a single person to say they shouldn’t do it…or that they were loved…or even that their life meant something. How many of her children had lost faith as she had and jumped to their death as she was about to do.

Breathing deeply she calmed her racing heart that beat wildly in her chest. “It’s time.” Azural mind told her to move but the beautiful lace on her shoes never budged from the icy cement of the ledge. Azural’s body remained frozen in time unwilling to move unwanting to make that final step. Her mind raced as she screamed silently at herself, “I must.” Azural pleaded weakly with herself as she shook her head. The snow continued to drift slowly down from above landing gently in her hair as she teetered on the edge of the cold world. Suddenly a loud bang ran through the dark night as the door to the roof slammed open. A larger older man came barreling through the door dressed in the dark blue uniform of an officer. His dark brown eyes locked with her blue ones as he froze in place. His mouth was stuck gasping expression as he realized what she was doing. Azural turned to him with a shy smile on her beautiful face. Reaching out with her slender hand she reached out to him. “Thank you, It is nice to not die alone.” Her right foot moved backward over the ledge as she started to fall.

Soon the world will fall to ash and all will be passed to the departed.

Not while I still live.

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PostSubject: Re: Azural The Life Binder   Wed Dec 01, 2010 7:14 pm

Alright, alright, you win by temptation! >.< I has decided that I must kiss her!

Mhmm.... angely... *Simca faints of blood loss*

Ignorance is not lack of knowledge, its the illusion of knowledge.
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The Departed
Fates Final Embrace
Fates Final Embrace

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RPG character
Name: Necati - Azural
Code Name: The Fallen- The Life Binder
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PostSubject: Re: Azural The Life Binder   Sat Dec 04, 2010 5:04 pm

Hey can someone move her to active chars for me =) TY TY

Soon the world will fall to ash and all will be passed to the departed.

Not while I still live.

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Magic Man
Magic Man

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PostSubject: Re: Azural The Life Binder   Wed May 02, 2012 5:49 pm

Alright I am moving this app since The Departed has been inactive since well over a month. If The Departed would like this moved back to the Active section, just pm one of us staff members. Thanks!
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PostSubject: Re: Azural The Life Binder   

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Azural The Life Binder
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