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 Happy Death Date Jenny (solo)

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PostSubject: Happy Death Date Jenny (solo)   Sat Sep 12, 2015 12:51 pm

'The Jenny I loved died a long time ago' Jak turns the locket to dust and lets it fall to the ground. Jenny watches it with wide eyes and then Jak as he walked awaywithout another word.


'Who killed you we have to go stop him!' A boy told her as Jenny sat at the bar wearing a dirt covered black dress with no shoes she just looking with dead eyes onward not only a few hours prior did she just dig her way out of her own grave 'I don't care anymore....' She said with a emotionless tone.


'I had no idea you died! When did you die?!'
'.... a month or so ago.... I can't remember how many....'


'Well then... guess we better get back to the mission' Hotwire said after having looked through a compilation of many of jennys near death experiences. '.... I need some time alone....' Jenny said tears rolling down her eyes before she ran off having just relived each of those moments in her memories.


'When you try and help all you do is cause me more issues!'Lilith said to jenny who blinked in shock 'I.... I'm sorry I didn't know...' she said feeling horrible about that fact.


'Lets all give one more cheer for our cities new main protector! The girl who saved us all countless times, and my son from multiple helicopters and two kidnappers in mech suits! she is truly a brave soul!' the crowd cheered as Jenny's eyes lit up, finally people took notice to all that she does and did people were finally thanking her for what she did instead of ignoring her and treating her like she was nothing but a mess up. Finally people seemed to care.

The next morning.

'And the hero team has taken down the alien invaders and jump now has a new mayor as well! They are truly our cities true heroes and all others paling in comparison to this act of justice!' Jenny turned off the tv and got up from her hotel bed and grabbed her hoodie pulling it on. She used the sleeve to wipe off the tear rolling down her cheek.

'Cheer up Jenny this is no time to cry... Jump city is saved... and it has its own new team of heroes and new mayor... nothing else matters... not even you... so stop crying... you aren't important enough to cry...' She told herself before leaving the room and ran into someone. He grumbled 'watch were you going brat' the man said to her and she looked off. 'sorry...' he blinked 'you look familiar... oh are one of those kids who saved the city yesterday?' she shook her head 'I'm no body....' She then walked off.

A few days later

'okay and just give us a sample of your dna and you'll be a registered hero' Jenny sat silently at her chair showing the world was no big deal now... all her friends weren't really her friends any more... her boyfriend left her... and her family died not even a month ago... she had no job... no real life... she had nothing to lose by handin gout her name for the world to see.... 'mam?' she blinked and nodded 'right sorry' she pulled out a strand of her hair and handed to him and left.

A few months later

'ever since the registration law came in hundreds of teens are stepping up to become registered heroes!' Jenny narrowed her eyes her black hair in her face and a cigarette losely hung from her lips burning. She then fired off an energy blast at the tv stores tv. 'HEY YOU %#!@ HEAD WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE JUST ANOTHER BRAT WHOSE REGISTERED DOESN'T MAKE YOU-' Jenny stared walking off with her hands in her pockets.

'HEY!' Jennys face serious as she looked down to the ground. 'Those kids... they have no idea what they are doing.... they won't know... not until they have lost everything because they slipped up once.... They act big... and it's going to get them or others killed...' She thought as she clenched her fist and suddenly she was punched into the ground by the man. 'HEY BRAT LISTEN TO WHAT I TO ME WHEN I TALK TO YOU!' She looked off at the cigarette that was now on the ground.

'..... I need another one.... if I don't the pain might hurt again....' she grabbed out another and the man stomped on her hand. 'I SAID LISTEN AND A KID LIKE YOU CANT SMOKE!' He then kicked her in the gut hard makign her cough. 'YOU ALL ARE THE SAME! YOU HAVE A POWER AND YOU ASSUME THAT BECAUSE YOU HAVE THEM YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT!'

He kicked her again making her hold her stomach in pain. 'I'M SICK OF IT JUST SICK' He yanked her arm away and stomped on her stomach again. 'maybe if I just lay here....' He kicked her again and again a crowd growing. 'maybe i can make him feel better.... no one would remember after this anyways... no one ever remembers me.... no one ever cares enough....' He kicked her harder making her cough up blood.

'I used to the pain.... so... I'll just let him hit me...' He kicked her once more and then turned and left through the crowd. 'no one stopped him... so... maybe i really am so bad of a person no one ever cares enough to try and save me....' The crowd left and she slowly got up looking to her scuffed up and scratched hand. and closed her eyes.

Jenny closed her eyes after that last memory as the night wind blew her hair gently a tear rolling down her cheek as she stood on a roof to a massively tall building in jewel city. She covered her mouth as she lowered her head remembering back to one of the most vivid memories she had. "..... its been nearly a year now... October 25th... my rebirth date..." She said out loud to herself and looked down

"and yesterday... September 11th... was the day... I.... died...." How much has really changed since then....? She sighed and wiped her tears and looked off before walking off. Some memories would be and should stay silent she guessed... she wondered though when her happy date was... the date shed finally would be allowed to be happy and stay happy.
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Happy Death Date Jenny (solo)
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