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 Accidental run in and a talk of pride (solo)

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PostSubject: Accidental run in and a talk of pride (solo)   Sun Aug 23, 2015 8:39 am

"How many people have you killed...?"
"A lot.... you...?"
"Same..... When was your fist....?"
"When I was about 10.... you?"
"Was it tough for you...?"
"After it happened yeah... its complicated..... how did you handle your first....?"

A 10 year old Miley huddles in the corner of a cell chained by the neck and collar holding her knees shivering and crying. "Please daddy don't make me do this!" she jumped as fire was shot at her her foot getting burnt as she barely moved away in time. She held her foot looking up with teary eyes she was covered in dirt and her hair was nearly brown from lack of being washing and was frayed and brushed the ground as she sat on the floor from being unkept.

"He's more chain up then you are he can not hurt you now kill him now ad show me you aren't a total waste of space now go and kill this blasted human scum!" She teared up as the human babbled in a language she didnt know but she knew from experience and doing so herself that he was begging for mercy. "DO IT NOW OR YOU WILL SUFFER MORE THAN YOU HAVE THUS FAR!" She winced at his shouting and limped on all fours over to the man her foot badly burnt.

She looked to him sniffling "I-I'm sorry..." Her father growled and reached in and held her up near the ceiling of the cage holding her by her hair. She shreeked holding her hair with one hand and her collar with the other as it chocked her from the chain hitting its limit. "You do not apologize to prey.... You maybe half human but humans are still your prey and your food"

he tossed her to the ground and she slowly got up "Now kill him and eat him hes all the food you'll be getting for the week!" he commanded. she slowly went back over to the trembling man shouting for mercy but she walked over to him and placed her hands gently on both his ears as he tried to move his head away. "....." She then shot fire though his ears and cooked his head from the inside out. "That's my good little girl...."

"Man thats harsh....."
"Yeah.... I used to hate the taste of humans...."
"And now...?"
"I dunno I think I'm neutral towards it but... its like there's something in me now that feels satisfied when ever I kill and eat one..."
"Yeah.... bacon and soda is still better though..."
"What about you?"
"It wasn't as dramatic as yours..."
"Yeah... It was right before I had fellen into a a bad crowd but a crowd I felt at home with."
"What happened?"
"Well a guy who had been my friend told me that in this world for people like he and I was at the time the way we survived was stealing things... One day we were stealing food and money from a gas station and he gave me a gun... he told me to point and aim it at the man while her stole the things and the man would comply... while we were robbing him... the man lundged at me and I got scared and..."
"You shot...?"
"That must have been hard on you"
"Yeah it was..."

Miley laid back in the sand wearing a tank top and short shorts her currently orange hair moving up and down as the waves rolled in more water and pulled it back out. "Why does everything have to be so messed up Jen?" Jenny laid next to her her hair also moving from the water she wearing a sports bra and baggy shorts the two staring up at the stars.

"No idea.... I guess all the lucky people of the world have to shove their bad luck somewhere..." They broth grew silent for a while before Miley spoke up. "Why did you join Dar if you're a hero? You know he's taking over the world right? Isn't that like a no no for heroes?" Jenny sighed her ears drooping as she closed them for a while before reopening them.

"To be honest I'm not even sure I'm a hero..." Miley looked to her then "how so?" Jenny looked to her then "Well I know what I should do and whats 'right' from 'wrong' in hero terms but still I go against hero codes a lot... To be honest if it came down to it I'd chose my live over others...." "well thats natural anyone would probably do that but would never say so out loud... but the answer to my question is?"

"Right... well Dar even if it was taking over the world to do so was going to change the world for the better so no one else had to grow up like we did and I knew my place and what I had to do which was follow orders.... but now... it feels like Dar has changed ever since...." She sighed "yeah I know... i joined because of the same reason but also he said hed kill my father for me... and I thought maybe if I worked for the new leader of the world People would stop looking at me the way they do and respect me you know?"

"Yeah but from the sounds of what the others say about you they dont really respect you..." "Sadly enough I know...." They went silent again but then miley spoke up "I heard you were the person that showed up after I left the titans any luck there?" Jenny shook her head "everything went to %#!@ each time I joined." "bummer" "tell me about it" "And what about you and this lillith girl that Dar is hunting down?"

"Complicated I was dumb to let her cause me to be put into this situation where you should be trying to kill me right now and I should be running to by time on my get away but it feels right to help her." Miley smiled "I know the feeling but different in a way, I got a boyfriend and hes the most interesting guy ever and the most caring. And I feel like I'd do anything for him despite how dumb it is... If that was my teddy bear gun wielder eating the pearl like your girl did i'd do the same thing."

"so is that enough to not report into dar to tell him all about me and that Lillith and I are leaving jump later tonight to hide from dar?" Miley smiled to her "Look I may work for dar but ever since he yelled at me saying my eating habits were horrible and basically dissed me for that alone despite me helping him moments before I'm willing to keep secrets from him..." She looked back upto the sky narrowing her eyes.

"I'm not as dumb as I act sometimes... I know not to trust those I just met, not including my teddy hes diffrent, especially those who are too kind, and dumb enough to make someone they just met to work for them.... for all he knows I could kill him when he least expects it... all that power... strength... defense... and it can't stop him from dieing from stabbing something through is eyes and brain, it cant protect him from freezing to death....."

She narrowed her eyes more her voice growing cold raising her hand to the air forming a massive ball of water. "Or keep him from drowning in his sleep while his body guard muffles his screams with water.... i know how to kill people stronger than me... and said people thinking I'm stupid just makes the job easier..." she made the water turn to steam and float away lowering her hand. "as as his bodygaurd you commonly think about killing him?"

"not necessarily.... I do think about how to kill him but not all the time... just when things are silent... Like I said I still dont trust him... and when or if he betrays me... I'll kill that pretty face of his and rip his eyes out so his corpse cant shove his pride into those who handle his dead body...." "dang..." "well I honestly hate pride filled people... feecons are born with a large amount of pride my father having the most..."

"And Dar reminds me so much of my father.... he has to be king of everything or else he is never pleased... having so much pride with out realizing how pathetic he really is...." she then spoke with disgust in her voice. "Such a pitiful being should never be the embodiment of pride... and the embodiment of pride should never hold pride in being what it is because it is such a disgusting thing... How he can act the way he does makes me want to puke sometimes... I have a large amount of pride due to my father... but I see pride in that i am not consumes with it...."
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Accidental run in and a talk of pride (solo)
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