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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Looking for Answers (Solo)

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PostSubject: Looking for Answers (Solo)   Sun Aug 16, 2015 6:59 pm

Kristen landed on the mesa, overlooking the sun setting on the horizon over Jump City. She was looking for answers, and she knew of only one person who would give her those answers, although she was reluctant to seek his counsel.


'So, you'd ask your poor damned brother for advice, eh?' Khariel telepathically mused to Kristen.

'I knew you would get a kick out of this. It doesn't matter, however. I need answers, Khariel. And you and I both know you are the only one who can provide them. After this I won't be voluntarily contacting you again, I can assure you.' the indoctrinated replied.

'This is about the Reapers, isn't it?' Kristen didn't respond. 'Very well then. I'll tell you what you need to know.' the dark angel grinned despite himself, 'Meet me on the mesa at dusk. We can talk then.'

Khariel landed behind his adopted sister, dispelling his dark wings. "It's beautiful, isn't it? The way the sun allows itself to slumber so it's dark sibling can rule the night."

Kristen turned to look at him. "I didn't come here for small talk. I came here for answers." she reminded him. Khariel was a smooth talker, and was able to use his silver tongue to bring many to his way of thinking. Kristen was consulting with him for information only, and wouldn't let herself be overtaken by his charisma.

"Yes, yes, very well. It's all business with you, isn't it?" the dark angel sighed, having a seat on a nearby rock. "Well, ask away then. It will have to be quick though - I have somewhere to be after this."

Kristen raised her eyebrows. He had somewhere to be? What was he planning? More questions flooded the indoctrinated's mind, but she pushed them back for now as they were not the questions she came to have answered.

"Calm down, sister. All of those will be answered in time." a knowing grin formed on Khariel's lips, and Kristen glared at him.

"Firstly, don't call me that. Secondly, get out of my head. You've always been notorious for doing that to people."

"Ah, you are ignorant to my true nature, Kristen. But that is not what you came here for, right? What questions would you like answered?"

Kristen paused, thinking for a moment. There were so many different questions that had been on her mind as of late. The Reapers, where they were now, and what happened to the Nephilim of Goliath's Mace when the Reapers... well... reaped them.

"What do you think happened to mom and dad... you know, after the Reapers got them?"

The dark angel thought for a moment. It was a question that had been on his thoughts from time to time as well. "I have done some research these past few years... since the idea of the victim's of Reapers being wiped from existence seems entirely implausible. I have tried to create a theory based on where they take the souls of their victims... if they end up in Heaven, Hell, or a different realm altogether..."

"Get to the point, please." Kristen sighed. She wasn't too interested in the research life of her adopted brother, and just wanted a straight answer. Blame her for thinking she would get one out of someone like Khariel.

"Patience, patience." Khariel held up a hand, "Since it would be too merciful to keep the reaped souls in Heaven, and Hell is too full of demons and other damned souls to begin with, I have developed the theory that the Reapers send their victims to a realm called Purgatory."

Purgatory... Kristen mulled over the word. It was a place she had heard about in whispers, said to be the realm that stood between Heaven, Hell and Earth. Not quite the living world but not quite the afterlife either. She looked at Khariel again, "Do you have proof?"

"No. My answer is based only on theoretical findings." Khariel shrugged. "I apologize for not having a more solid answer, I suppose."

"It is sufficient." Kristen tilted her head. In a way she was somewhat relieved. Being sent to Purgatory was in her opinion, better than being erased from existence altogether. Regardless, the indoctrinated Nephilim still wanted to try to fight and survive the Reapers, and so therefore had one other question.

"Have you seen any signs of the Reapers in Jump? It's inevitable that they will find us here. I don't think the influx of meta-humans, magic users, preternatural creatures and mundanes would effect them much either."

"I have not. But it is logical to assume they are already here. Perhaps they are simply performing reconnaissance on the area due to such an influx of entities." the dark angel replied, "It is also logical to assume they will reap any and all who stand in their way. They are assassins, and they are the kind of assassins that destroy any witnesses as well. You remember, correct?"

Kristen shuddered. "How could I forget? But I have allies, Khariel. So you need not worry about me."

"And you think I do not have allies? I have many allies now, sister. And I also have a plan. A plan to bring back Nephilim kind."

"You're insane. We're the last ones, and you know neither of us can procreate. So what scheme to you have hiding under your sleeves?"

Khariel grinned disarmingly, "You will soon see. But for now, I must take my leave, sister, if that's all of your questions." he summoned his wings again, "Time will tell whether we both make it out of this alive, but I have an idea as to who will have the greater chance."

With that, he flew off, leaving Kristen alone on the mesa with her thoughts.

Kristen Opprotune - Seraphim (#00ffff)
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Looking for Answers (Solo)
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