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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 The Return To Jewel City (solo/comments welcome)

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PostSubject: The Return To Jewel City (solo/comments welcome)   Thu Aug 06, 2015 12:29 am

Blood slowly drips down into a tiny building puddle onto a radio playing cheerful old music from the 50s and 60s as we follow the trail up it leads to an end of some blue hair that was the tip of long brown hair that was covered in blood and dirt and rubble from buildings. Next to it was an arm covered in the same things but had many cuts and injuries. it all lead up to a face in the same condition but had deep gashes.

It all lead to a face that belonged to Jennifer Necowl age of 17 years old 1997 - 2015 and 2015 - ????. Jenny hung upside down out cold, she hung by one of her feet that were stuck between 2 metal bars of a railing that had belonged to floor # 6 but now was on floor #5 among a lot of degrees. She hung over a car that had came through the roofs ceiling and an old man who died of a heart attack upon impact and would have died from a pipe going through his chest if he hadn’t.

Jenny’s eyes slowly parted to see dead bodies surrounding the top two floors and empty floors the rest of the way there. All she could hear was ringing from the impact of what she was hit with. She slowly looked up to see a new chopper up ahead recording the whole thing. “The evacuation had begun long ago but it seems still many have died despite this. Our only hope seems to be out cold and- wait what’s this? She’s moving! All hope is not lost folks!”

The reporter said excitedly to the camera that was on her that slowly zoomed into the looking around Jenny. How did Jenny end up here….? Jenny slowly held her head with her torn up gloved hand. “You just won’t die will you?!” A teen boy’s voice shouted at her as he looked down from the ceiling at her. ‘Oh yeah…. him...’ Earlier that day a man had come to her for help with something in Jewel City.

She had only been to Jewel City once before to stop a gang from terrorizing a resident area and had unknowingly inspired a lot of people to do many things. before she came to Jewel city it was full of nothing but crime, petty crime mind you but still some heavy hitter crimes. There was so much though that not even the cops did anything to help due to it being easier to just turn a blind eye to it.

Jenny had unknowingly inspired cops to finally start buckling down and crime rate had slowed down a bit due to it but it had inspired a meta human boy the one who looked down at jenny now to use his powers to terrorize the once again heroless city. He had been killing hundreds of people and stealing thousands of dollars daily. This put the city’s economy down majorly along with its population count.

Finally after months a man had came to Jenny for help to stop the teen boy she being the only hero the city had known thus far. Jenny of course happily accepted once again a task that was overlooked by many and Jenny had done a lot of damage to the boy but she had slipped up once and well here she is now having been hit by a flying car just barely but just enough to do enough damage to even them out and put her where she was now.

Jenny had called for an evacuation mid fight thinking that there would be big casualties if she didn’t. Most of the population had safely left but some left badly hurt due to wanting to film things for youtube about the fight and taking selfies and others died due to being slowed down by said people. Causing a Selfies kill selfie meme to appear shortly into the fight on the internet. Jenny slowly reached up and grabbed the bars she hung from and slid her foot out from between them and climbed up onto the 5th floor.

“Well I guess I’m gonna have to keep hitting you till you decide to die now won’t I?!” he shouted down at her. Jenny panted but glared at him as he started to jump down. “Did you see that?!” the reporter shouted as the boy then would shoot through the air and fly onto another roof top from getting hit by jenny’s eye beams mid fall.Jenny then floated up to the top of the roof and landed looking at the boy who was slowly getting up from 2 roof tops away.

She then slowly pulled her hood back up and pulled out her staff as she watched the boy start to yell in anger about how this was supposed to be his city and how it was his and his alone throwing a tantrum. ‘Thank you Hotwire for the staff…’ She thought as energy blades come off the sides of it turning it into a massive double sided staff. ‘Thank you Nightingale for bringing me back to life.’ She then spun her weapon off to the side slowly building up speed.

‘Thank you Mal for giving me life and being my father figure for a long while… You were right… Jak was a jerk who wasn’t worth my time but...’ She crouched down. ‘thank you Jak for showing me I had changed for the worse and indirectly helping me back to who I should be...’ She started running to the edge of the building. ‘Thank you Manic and Toji for showing me the funny side of things and that team work isn’t always bad’

She shot a full powered energy blast from her foot as she leaped off the side. ‘Thank you Kristen for showing me that many others in the world hurt like I have and need help to lessen the pain.’ She then held the weapon behind her back as she started falling downwards. ‘Thank you Dar for showing me that sometimes a violent method is needed to restore peace!’ She then held the weapon back ready to slice as the boy slowly looked to her realizing how close she was.

“And thank you for not paying attention to battles!” she then stopped thinking to shout at him as she swung down slicing the scythe's blade into his back as she landed on one foot. She then stepped forward with the other as she did so and started to turn a full 360 degrees. As she did so she outstretched her energy to as far as it could go and made a large wall with long pointed spikes coming off it pointed in their direction.

she then shouted as she swung the staff the rest of the way and let the blades shatter to let the boy fly right into the spikes that pierced through his limbs and man of his organs but no vital ones. She then let the energy shatter letting him fall off the edge of the building onto another fracturing many of his bones. She then leapt off the side and as she landed she slammed the end of her staff on his chest and tased him till he passed out.

She panted as she looked to the boy as she put her staff away. She then held her hand on his vital wounds healing many to keep him weak if he awoke later on but so he wouldn’t die. The chopper then landed and the reporter and her cameraman ran over to jenny the reporter muttering “She’s much shorter and younger than she looks from afar…” Jenny then stood up looking to them. “Excuse me! Energy Warrior correct?”

Jenny nodded “Yeah…” the reporter smiled “Well Energy Warrior thank you for saving our city may I ask where you’ll be taking this villain?” Jenny nodded as she picked him up bridal style “To Jump city’s jail, Their jail can hold a guy like him. I suggest your city ask for their blueprint set ups just in case there are more guys like this one out there.” The woman nodded but before she could ask another question which was if Jenny planned to stay in the city to protect it Jenny flew off and left.
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The Return To Jewel City (solo/comments welcome)
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