Teen Titans Legacy

A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Sorry/Update on activity

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PostSubject: Sorry/Update on activity    Wed Aug 05, 2015 11:56 pm

Sorry about being so inactive guys I've been laying this info low known to not worry some members that I know more to avoid worrying them but now that things are getting better I figure I should inform you all on what has been going on. About a month ago me and my family were informed that were were going to be evicted due to lack of paying rent due to not having the money to do so let alone pay the bills and having money left over for food.

Our car shortly after was repoed due to lack of money to pay for that as well. So we've been working on ways to pay for our daily living and for a new place to live. Also during this time all but one laptop in the house broke so the three of us who live here who also live on the internet have been sharing the computer.

I being the one to sacrifice her time to the to her two to allow them to sell things on ebay for money and find a new place to live I found those causes along with the cause of finding a new way for money to come into the house was more important than posting more than once a week on the site. Don't get me wrong though i do see this place as important but I also see having a house as important as well.

Before you all freak out i and my family members are fine now things are figured out and this weekend we will be moving to our new place Rawne or any who talk to her please inform her that i messaged her butt about dnd on the chat. i'd pm her but this maybe faster to do it here so that i have more time to write in this and other threads. Now those of you who read my fan fic(s) a new part will come out at some point im halfway through writing it and having to roll up everything

(for those who dont know i randomly rolled up litterally just about everything in my lastest fan fic including characters attacks etc. while still writing all that goes on so in a way its a solo dnd session that has its own original world and plot. thats also why some of the posts for a while may seem weird I'm still working on incorporating the rolling into the story properly.)

it will take a while I just have to write up the last bits that shouldn't involve too much more of rolling so yeah expect that. And for those who like reading my canon character solo posts expect a latest installment of jenny adventures who will be returning to Jewel City an oc city I made up for her.

I think I may wrote more adventures of her and jewel city for those who don't know jewel city is basically green arrows star city/ batmans gotham to jenny (aka Jennys Jewel city) She is its only hero and things are really starting to pick up there as you will see in the latest post that I'll send when i post in everything else. Also she mentions many people shes been in threads with near the end so yeah hope you all will like it and thank you all for helping me have the passion to create such an indepth round character such as Jenny.

Anyways enough rambling I'm off to post also at some point my aunt will be giving me her laptop so expect me to be more active then.
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Sorry/Update on activity
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