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 The Hunting Accident (Kristen and Khariel's Origin Story Pt 1) [SPOILERS]

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PostSubject: The Hunting Accident (Kristen and Khariel's Origin Story Pt 1) [SPOILERS]   Tue Jul 21, 2015 6:20 pm

“Did you get what you want from me?
You weren’t the one that I thought you’d be.
Everything it cost, everything I lost,
Did you think that you could erase me?”
-RED, Fight to Forget

Two Years Ago...

This wasn’t supposed to happen.

The throes of demons, clambering and leaping off of the ancient Roman buildings to meet with the opposing Nephilim hunting party. The flash of light that split the sky in two as seven arcs of light spanned through the air before crashing into the ground some kilometres away. The demon hordes gazing at the path of the arcs and howling in terror before leaving the Nephilim group staring like deer in headlights.

“What the--?”

“What was that?”

“Oh no, was that a Greater?”

“Don’t be foolish. No Greater appears from the sky."

The last voice belonged to Khariel Ravenlock, adoptive brother of Kristen Opprotune and oldest of the party: 16 years of age. As if he had completely forgotten about the demons, he shook his head dismissively and kept watch in the direction where the arcs had landed. “Get ready. What just fell from the heavens was no demon, not even a fallen angel.”

“How do you know that?” Kristen Opprotune, 14 years of age, walked up to her taller brother and looked him in the eye. “We weren’t taught very much about the angels,” Khariel blinked in surprise at the fact that Kristen knew what he was implying, “let alone how to handle them. They aren’t supposed to even come down from heaven without good reason. We’re apart from them. That’s all we’ve been taught. Anything else was forbidden. What have you been dabbling in, brother?”

“That isn’t important now.” Khariel dismissed her, “What’s important is that you trust me now. Understood?”

“What’s going on? What were those lights? Why did the demons run off?” a fast, hyper voice rang out as a shorter, silver-haired 12-year-old sped up towards where Kristen and her brother were standing. Enter Ophaniel Pangborn, a novice warrior under the instruction of his father, yet cousin of the Ravenlock family. The spiky-haired boy’s lavender eyes gleamed with excitement. “Were those angels? Did they come here to help us? Can we meet them? Wow, this is really exciting, isn’t it sister?” Ophaniel turned to look behind him when a slender hand came to rest upon his shoulder.

“Please, Ophaniel. You’re going to give me a headache with your rambling.” His older sister, Gadriel Pangborn of 15 years sighed. Her pulled back silver hair blew in the wind as she looked at Kristen and Khariel. “Similar thoughts are on my mind, though. What was that just now?”

“I’m not going to sugar-coat it. I’ve never been like that.” Khariel started, “But I believe those were angels, and I also have reason to believe they’re headed this way… but they didn’t come for the demons. If they did that, they would touch down right here and now and smite them on the spot.” Khariel stepped away from the group but motioned them to follow, “No, no. They needed vessels, because their opponents were of a physical nature.”

Kristen already understood her brother’s mental process. Spending most of your memorable life with a prodigy did that to a person.

The angels were after them.

Khariel was not blessed with enough time to explain his plan, if it would even work. Pure angels were nearly unstoppable forces of the supernatural. The seven vessels appeared at the other end of the ruins, with the angelic forces driving them. The one in the center, eyes glowing, stepped forward as his vessel’s mouth fell open to allow him to speak.

“Ave, Gigantes, abominationes Lucifer. Tuum est enim populus absconderunt millenium per tenebris, divino judicio vitando. Nos autem cum de industria faciem tuam finire vitam sacer. Ideo et vos estote ad pacem cum purgare.”

That was Latin. They were speaking in Latin, a dead language. They either didn’t know what time period they were in, or they meant business. All Nephilim are taught Latin as one of the compulsory languages in education, so everyone in the party fully understood what the angels were there for, and what kind of angels they were: Reapers. Kristen wondered briefly if the Reapers were informed of the changes in Nephilim society these past centuries. Probably not, seeing as the reason they had being there.

“You wanna go?” Ophaniel shouted, cracking his gloved knuckles. “I’ll beat the heck outta you before you can take my soul!”

“Ophaniel, no!”

It was too late though. The cries of his sister was brought to an abrupt halt as the divine scythe materialized in the raised hand of the angel the young Nephilim attacked. Within the blink of an eye, a flash of light emitted from the weapon and the young warrior slumped to the ground.


Gadriel summoned a deep red energy sword in her hand to charge at the angel in anger, seeking to avenge her fallen brother. The two weapons connected in a burst of supernatural flame as her equally deep red energy wings flapped in the air to create more force.

‘It’s no use… this is the end. The veteran Nephilim don’t know this is happening. They have no idea. We’re dead. So dead.’ Kristen thought in despair as she collapsed to her knees with a look of helplessness on her face. She glanced over to her brother to see how he was handling the situation. His blackish sword was drawn and held in front of him as he muttered some phrases under his breath. ‘Incantations?’ It was no wonder the Reapers were after them with such fervor. Khariel had been delving into the dark arts behind his family’s back. This was all his fault.

They were working though. A strange, black, eerie liquid was seeping out of the hilt of his blade and spilling onto the ground, then surging towards the other six angels at a blinding speed in the form of shadowy tendrils. The dark matter caught the vessel’s feet and lurched up towards the remainder of their bodies, consuming them completely. Only the highest ranking Nephilim knew of the weaknesses of these angels – their power was weakened 50% when they entered their vessels. Whatever Khariel was working on them was strong enough to defeat them in their weakened state.

Gadriel was not having the same amount of luck. Her energy sword now shattered, she was playing keep-away with the remaining angel, merely biding her time. “Help--! She called out, but her cry was cut off by a damaging blow to her shoulder by the scythe of the attacking Reaper.

“Get on your feet, sister!” Khariel shouted at Kristen. “She can still be saved! You have just as much power as I do to kill that thing!”

The indoctrinated shook her head, waking from her stupor. “R-right.” She said, summoning her light wings and forcefield and flying to get in between the Reaper and the now mortally wounded Gadriel.

“Stop!” Kristen cried out to the Reaper, arms and wings outspread to create a barrier between the two. Enshrouded with her forcefield, she looked just like one of the Reapers outside of their vessels. She hoped this would help the situation.

The Reaper did stop, but did not lower his weapon. 'You are one of them, but you are of human blood…' his voice echoed, only so Kristen could hear. “Step aside, and I will allow you to wash your hands clean of this encounter. You are innocent to your circumstances.”

“I-I… can’t let you do that.” Kristen shook her head. “These people are my family and my friends. They’re all I’ve ever known.”

“Then… you will perish along with them.” The Reaper resumed his advance on Gadriel, this time striking in one swift motion. His divine scythe collided with the shoulder of Kristen’s light-cloaked armour as an attempt to cut straight through to get to his mark. Another flash of light erupted from the contact and the energy that erupted along with it caused Kristen to fall unconscious.

It was probably a few minutes to an hour before Kristen came to. The angel was gone, but Khariel was standing over her and Gadriel with dented armor and torn sleeves. Multiple gashes had cut into his shoulders and arms. It was obvious to tell that he had fought tooth and nail to protect his adopted sister and his cousin. Kristen’s powers were completely depleted, she could tell by her weakness as she attempted to rise from her position. She looked over to where Gadriel lay, her body eerily still.

“I can only speculate she died from her wounds as I tried to fight off the Reaper.” Khariel said, answering the unspoken question on Kristen’s mind. They both looked over to where Ophaniel had been slain, his body dissipated. “When someone is reaped by an angel, their bodies disintegrate and vanish from existence. It’s similar to when we fight the shades. But if they die from their wounds, their body stays.”

“Khariel…” Kristen started quietly, “What do we do?”

“We have to get back home,” Khariel responded, hauling himself over to Gadriel’s corpse and managing to heave it over his shoulder, “And quickly, before the Reapers have a chance to regroup. Father will know what to do. Gather your energy and let’s get going.”

To Be Continued...

Kristen Opprotune - Seraphim (#00ffff)
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The Hunting Accident (Kristen and Khariel's Origin Story Pt 1) [SPOILERS]
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