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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Energy Memory Nightmare (solo)

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PostSubject: Energy Memory Nightmare (solo)   Tue Jul 21, 2015 11:55 am

Jenny popped her head out the front door of her house only being 5 years of age. Her ears longer than her head and one of her sharp teeth that had just came out and grew into an adult tooth making it bigger than the others stuck out over her lip.

Her mother had told her not to go outside espeshially at night but she hadnt left the house in a year and she was dieing for some fresh air and to see how the city changed since she was out last. She had over slept though so it would be dawn soon but hey everyone was still going to be sleeping right?

She hugged her stuffed animal bunny close to her chest she had had it since she was a baby and it made her feel safe. She hugged it tight as she left the house. she looked around as she travled the city as dawn broke she started heading home.

She heard a scream of a woman who was about to get into her car to go to work. Jenny blinked and looked to her confused as she pointed and screamed at Jenny. Slowly one by one lights came on and people came out to see jenny.

"what is that thing?" "god its horrendous and deformed look at its teeth and ears!" "Freak!" "monster!" "get out of here no one wanta you around!" "unholy beast!" Jennys ears lowered with each word and she frowned tearing up as the comments got ruder and cruder.

Evenother clidren were saying horrible things to her. She started to cry but then felt a sharp pain on her cheek and winced slowly reaching to her cheek and looked to her finger tips to see blood then to the ground to see a sharp rock.

Her eyes went wide in fear as she looked up as people started to pelt her with rocks. Jenny shouted in pain and fell to the ground holding her head and stuffed animal trembling and crying as the throws got harder and harder causing her to bleed more and more and slowly fractered and broke her bones.

suddenly less rocks hit her and she felt someone pick her up. She turned to see her brother who was still a kid too but much older than her. He carried her and protected her as he ran but then time froze.

Jenny blinked as time went in reverse and she was put down and her brother ran backwards back into the crowd. She cried more as she looked to him looking like he wasnt sure to help or not but this time around her just stood and watched.

Her eyes widened as the rocks got worse and worse until she blacked out from the pain... and bleed so much she never woke up again. Jenny gasped quickly sitting up but hititng her head hitting a coffin door and she fell backwards laying back down holding her head she now her normal self in her pajamas whihc was a black and blue striped short sleeve long shirt.

Jenny groaned and made he rhand light up to see and gasped when she ralized where she was. "#%!$ no! Why am I in a coffin!? I'm not dead I can't be-!" She froze and saw a childs skelliton laying next to her and screamed.

She covered her mouth and panted "Its a dream.. its a dream... I gotta wake up..." she said with closed eyes but slowly opened them and cursed. 'I cant wake up...' she thought before shuttering looking down but with clenched closed eyes.

'I have to get out of here either way...' she thought looking up with narrowed eyes and lowered her hand from her mouth. She then Covered her hands in energy and started punching and doing energy blasts to break the cofin door that broke easy surprisingly.

She blinked and held her hand up the hole she made the area was pitch dark and felt like there was no dirt anywhere. 'what the...' she started to climb out and saw a bright light. Jenny who was now 14ish walked down a road side by a deserty area with nothing but her backpack, blue hoodie, black and white striped long sleeve t shirt, blue jeans, and converse shoes.

Her long ears drooped and nearly rested on her long hair that was in pig tails. she sighed as she hugged her stuffed animal bunny close its ear had by now been sew back on for some reason. She heard a car near her and her ears perked up but she puled her hood down more to let more shadows cover her face.

The car slowed down and slowly followed her as the driver rolled down his window. "Hey kid need a ride?" A teen boy asked her but she just stayed silent. "Aw come on I won't bite! Nor will I take you back to your house back in witchita." she suddenly stopped and froze.

The boy chukcled "gotcha! I didn't know where you lived but i figured you were a runaway too based on you walking away from withcita city into what loks like some random direction!" Jenny stayed silent but looked to him slightly.

"Before you ask I'm a run away too! We gotta stick together you know both being runaways and all! If you dont want to stick by me I can just drop you off at the nearest city but wither was a little girl like you shouldn't be wondering in the desert at night."

"...." Jeeny sighed but climbed into the car. The boy smiled and started to drive again. "Whats your name kid?" Jenny looked off silently again "aw come one please I'll by you an imaginary pony~" "14...." Jenny timidly said and the boy blinked

"a code name huh...? Well then I'll have my own too then! I'll be 16! You know you and I should find some other kids like us and start a group or something! wouldn't that be cool? Just us kids verses the world without a care in the world other than each other like a big family! wouldn't that be great!?" Jenny was silent for a little bit bit the whispered to her self. "Yeah...."
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Energy Memory Nightmare (solo)
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