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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Jenny Necowl: Jewel City Adventures (solo)

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PostSubject: Jenny Necowl: Jewel City Adventures (solo)   Wed Mar 18, 2015 6:38 pm

‘Jewel City, apparently its a not too well known city that had high crime rate since they have no heroes over there. It’s located on the outskirts of california and about an hour or 2 from Jump. Lately I’ve been taking on higher up level missions from random civilians in need of help so not really the usual run around till you find a mugger or a robbery at a store or bank.

“I still stop those from time to time but in all honesty those were really just for newbie heroes or heroes who want to be heroes but don’t have as much time to investigate and search for crime. Today some guy came to Jump looking for a random hero to help him out because the gang rate of crimes and terrorizing where he lived had gotten so high most who weren’t too scared to leave their own apartments were forced out onto the streets so the gangs could make drugs and randomly hang out at.“

“My job was to take down the gang and scare them off so people could go home and finally leave their houses without fear of getting attacked if they did leave. The guy assured me that none seemed to be metas but there were so many of them they were too much for the little amount of resistance the people who lived there could stop. It was a tough job but it was possible for me not to mention rather simple.’

‘All I had to do was beat up some punks and scare some and make sure to point out that I won’t tolerate they pull this %#!@ again so they won’t do it again. Now all I had to do was get started already and finish getting there which shouldn’t take too long since I got my bike and I’m taking short cuts.’ Jenny shot through the air in her hero costume having just used a hill as a ramp.

Jenny angled her body with the bike so the bike landed on an angle of its wheels to take off some stress from them as she landed. It could easily take the fall by landing normally but she didn’t want to add too much stress for no reason on her baby. That and she did it also bause she was landing on a road that was turning a sharp corner and this allowed her to land and instantly start driving and turn at the right time.

Jenny loved driving her motorcycle and do these sort of things without worry of running into a civilian or something. She felt like a bird flying free without care for once and you’d be certain that she used this opportunity to its fullest extent while making her way over to Jewel City. After a while Jenny saw the City off into the distance and that meant that it was time to drive responsibly for the most part.

Jenny slowly came to a stop when she got near the neighborhood the sun going down and the street lights went up. The gang members were running around laughing and drinking beers while rough housing with each other. It was time to begin and Jenny wanted to take down a large amount of them while she could since a bunch of them were all in one location.

Jenny looked to a fire hydrant and smirked as she grabbed one of her batons and tuck it into the other twirling it with one hand now that it was in staff form. She then held her hand up that started to glow as she aimed it at the top of the hydrant. SHe fired a bolt of energy at it blasting the top off making water shoot out of the top.

The men jerk their head over to it to see what was happening as jenny started to ride towards it and then dragging her staff on the ground and extending her energy along it to the ground and over to the water. She formed it around the water and started to angle her energy to blast the men and she drove around them as she did so they couldn’t run, herding them into a small soaked group and puddle.

She then as then lifted the staff the energy shattering away as she blasted the hydrant to bend it closed. Before they could run though she turned on her taser and touched it to the water shocking them all until they passed out on each other. Suddenly a man started to run out of a building away from the scene most likely the leader of the group not wanting to be attacked,

Jenny smirked and drove after him putting her staff away at the same time and drove by the man grabbing him by his shirts collar and skid her bike to a stop holding the man up high in the air looking him dead in the eye. “You can’t mess with these people anymore.... I’m protecting them. even if you don’t see me i will come after you if you attack or hurt them again. Got it?!”

he quickly nodded and she punched him in the face knocking him out and dropping him on the ground. She put her kickstand down and got up to her feet as people came out of their apartments and out of hiding in surprise and shock before the children that were around started cheering how how cool what jenny did was.

Some kids then looked to Jenny and ran up to her hugging her at the waist and she smiled softly under her mask chuckling ruffling their hair as the parents and other people who lived here walked over introducing themselves and shaking her hand some patting her on the shoulder and back. ‘Wow... these people are really nice here, I feel horrible knowing that they had to go through this %#!@.’

Jenny pulled down her mask and hood smiling and introducing herself to everyone by her civilian name first then her hero name. Some teens knew who she was and were very excited to say the least to be meeting Jenny in person and to have been saved by her. She talked to them all happily and after a while of them talking she agreed to stop by the city commonly to help with things.

Jenny even gave them all ways to contact her if it was an emergency and told them to always make note of any issues or things they might hear about crime wise so they could inform her of them so that when she came back she could take care of them. ‘Guess that now I have my own city to look after now... well then if everyone is like these guys then i’m more than happy to help this city out.’ She thought with a big smile on her face and soon said goodbye to everyone and heading back to jump.
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Jenny Necowl: Jewel City Adventures (solo)
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