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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Jenny solo mission: Save the sister

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PostSubject: Jenny solo mission: Save the sister   Fri Mar 13, 2015 9:22 pm

“Ahhhhhh!!!” Jenny hold a chain made out of energy with one hand and one half of her scythe that had an energy blade that made it look like a mini scythe the chain connected to the other end that had a blade just like it but 3 times as long. Jenny’s eyes were totally bright blue and narrowed. Glowing in the dimly lit red tinted church room. Where the blade met the staff’s end held three men in red cult like red robes that had battle armor under it.

She then made the blade disappear as she swung them over the edge of the railing throwing them off the side and making them crash into and break some benches in the church. ‘I’m Jennifer Necowl Codename Energy Warrior.’ Jenny panted as she yanked the other end to her staff back into her hand the chain and blade disappearing as she reattached the two sides into one large staff. She was covered in blood splatters and cuts.

‘And once again I heard about some crazy %#!@ going down that no other heroes could have the time to take care of because of the war. That and its located outside of the borders of Jump not too far but far enough so that many heroes don’t see it as their problem. So once again I’m on a mission that should be for a big time hero or multiple smaller time heroes.’ She gets tackled by a brute off the railing and she clenches her teeth growling out. ”Mother #%!$er...”

She coughs up some blood as we crash land ‘I’m used to the solo gigs now though, or well have been for years now. Though a little help didn’t always hurt’ he then tried to punch her face in but she met each of his punches with her own matching his strength with her energy blast charging up a blast with her eyes and shouted shooting out an energy blast through her eyes at his chest making him fly off.

Jenny panted getting up to her feet using her staff as a cane watching as the brute slowly got up with only a minor wound from her blast. ‘These freaks have been kidnapping girls from the city for fucked up fake ritual then tossing their mangled bodies back during fights claiming that the Russians killed them. It was a fucked up yet creative idea that really covered their asses since no one would try to find different killers.’

‘They were all probably more at ease with the thought of Russians killing their loved ones than some random creepy cultists. Though one guy had done his research when his sister went missing and when no one came to his aid started freaking out at the police station begging for help and lucky for him i had just been bringing in some thugs when I overheard him.’ Jenny watched as the brute then roared at her before charging towards her.

‘I happily accepted the mission, the guy was so grateful he offered to reward me after i brought her back but of course I denied. Unlike some heroes these days I didn't take money from those I helped. lately some civilians have been offering out money just to get some heroes attentions so they could get some help and it was sad to see so many trying so hard just to get help and I know it wasn’t some heroes faults since most were busy with the war and some thinking that only the real crimes are found when you’re out on patrol.’

Jenny jumped and rolled between the brutes legs quickly firmly putting her foot to the ground to kick off it. She did this to allow herself to get up to her feet quick enough to spin around twirling her staff around her. She then quickly and strongly hit in between his leg hard making him shout in pain as she then used the taser to taze him till he was out cold. ‘I managed to find my way here though before I could get to the girl I was ambushed, apparently these freaks had a large following. Not as big as the 1D cult but it was pretty big.’

Jenny then panted getting low on energy but still ran up stairs. ‘I’m not sure if anyone stayed up there with the girl but even if some one did I didn’t take so long that they could kill her the way they like to based on how they killed the other girls’ Jenny ran into the room to see the leader trying to cut off the girls arm and her face went pale but she quickly shot and energy blast at him shooting the saw he was using away.

He growled and glared at her but before he could do a thing jenny quickly shot a grappling hook at his hand as retracted it yanking him towards her. As she did she swung the staff so as he got to her she bashed the back of his head the hook unhooking from his hand. He was hit to the ground hard by the staff and she quickly continued forward pressing the taser end to his back shocking him till he passed out.

Jenny then quickly put her staff on her back and ran over to the girl and grabbed her arm holding it back where it should be and put her hand over the wound of where he had been cutting and healed her arm back in place. She though, couldn't heal her cut bone though so she just grabbed a wooden upside down cross and broke off the sides of it and took another doing the same so they were just 2 long sticks.

‘Its times like these when I see things like this...’ Jenny then ripped long stripps off the leaders robe and used them to tie the wood to the girls arm for her cut bone. ‘I realize just how messed up the world has really gotten.’ Jenny tucked her now totally black hair behind her ear her light blue irises brown again her ears droopy and tired. Jenny then used her laptop to get the police to come over to the location to pick up the men.

Jenny slowly got up to her feet as she picked up the girl bridal style. Jenny panted exhausted now from using all the energy she had by now. She then carried the girl a few miles back to the boys address. ‘I was so used to this crazy %#!@ by now though that I didn’t even really think about what had just happened any further. I only thought about how great a nap would be at the moment.’

Jenny then knocked on the door giving the brother his sister watching him cry in joy and in relief as his sister woke up and hugged him tightly when she saw him. Jenny explained generally what happened and recommended her to go to get a cast for her arm before they thanked her again and left to go back inside. Jenny smiled softly before then heading back to her room at the base.
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Jenny solo mission: Save the sister
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