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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Before the Fall

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PostSubject: Before the Fall   Tue Mar 03, 2015 6:52 am

In a field filled with sheep, a shepherd sits petting a lamb. Another, a monk in a robe, stands behind him. “You have come again.” Dar did not turn around. He continued to pet the sheep in front of him. “Do not misunderstand, I am very grateful to you. You have taught me much, but I have no interest in what you offer me now.”

Leejay Lefray smiled. “Then it is true? You are content to live this simple life?”

“It is simple, but it has its own rewards. Here, I am king, and none threaten my rule. Is that not what every man yearns for?”

“But there is more desire within you, Dar. You wish to reach your full potential. You could have conquered the world, but you didn’t. Does that not bother you?”

Dar hesitated. “It does, but my potential is not what it once was. My anger has left me, taking my strength with it. I am Wrath no longer.”

“I think we both know that you were never Wrath to begin with.” Lefray grinned as Dar turned around, a quizzical look on his face. “In fact, you seem quite skilled at controlling your anger. Your Pride, on the other hand, drove you to where you are today.”

Dar could not argue the point. “It seems I finally let my pride get the better of me,” Dar said.

“He often does.” This drew another questioning look from Dar. “There are seven Sins in total, Dar, each with a physical representation.”

“Well, I’ve had enough of Pride.”

“Indeed. The sin you suffered from the most was never Wrath, Dar. It was Pride.”

“I always tried to keep my pride under control.”

“But why? If pride is your only downfall, than is it not justified? Perhaps you should have embraced your pride.”

Dar stood. He had an annoyed look in his eyes. “I grow tired of these riddles, Lefray. What do you want of me?”

Lefray put a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “I want us both to achieve our destinies. I am going to kill Pride.” He paused, waiting for Dar to laugh. By all accounts, it was absurd. Sins could not be killed by any simple means. One could even claim that such a boastful statement proved the mission was doomed before it ever began.

But Dar did not laugh. His eyes were dead serious. “And?”

“And you are going to reach your full potential.”


It had been a dream, long ago. Lefray had seen the Black Wing Bird, the symbol of his entire civilization. The Black Wing had given the monks their pride, enough pride to distance themselves from the rest of the Zydon race. In his dream, Lefray had seen a vision of the future. He knew that it was his destiny to kill the Black Wing. Until recently, he had never understood why.

He had learned that the Black Wing was just a mask, worn by a Sin, Pride. The human diseases had killed many Zydon, but it was Pride that had killed the entire Zydon race. Pride had told them that the humans could not be allowed to harm them and go unpunished. Pride had sent them millions of light-years from home, to fight powerful and terrifying opponents. Pride, not Wrath, had fueled a war in which each race had fought for superiority.
Pride had killed his people. It was time for Pride to die, to be replaced. In Lefray’s eyes, there was no better candidate to take up the mantle than Dar, the Ghost.

There were few Zydon mages left, and it had taken every single one Lefray had been able to find to perform this summoning. Glyphs and candles covered the floor, smoke and chanting filled the air. As the ceremony came to a close, the room was filled with brilliant light.

“What mortal dares summon me? Do you know who I am?”

A crown laid upon the head of a man dressed in splendor and adorned in jewelry. His robe was made of black feathers.

Lefray stepped forward, making a show of his announcement. “We know who you are, Pride, the Great Black Wing. I have called you here to challenge you to single combat, to prove I have overcome you.”

Pride scoffed. “To think that you could defeat me in single combat, you would have to be more prideful than I.” He narrowed his eyes. He knew of this monk, Lefray. He knew how his power had grown over the years. In fact, judging just how powerful he had become had become impossible. “You can’t be serious. Or are you just a fool?”

“We’ll have to see.” Lefray took a combat stance, and Pride followed suit. The Sin focused all of his attention on the mortal monk before him.

Pride smiled. “I know about your dreams, Leejay Le Lefray. You fancy yourself the chosen one, the hero who will finally end my life. You think you can kill a god? I’ll teach you to…” Pride spat out blood. Dar, the Ghost, had stabbed a knife into his back. It was a very special dagger, one that had been given to him by Gilda, the Harpy of the HIVE.

“Wha…what?” Pride’s eyes struggled to focus on Dar. “What is this?”

“It is called Nth metal,” Lefray explained. “It is a metal that has anti-magic properties, making it the perfect weapon for an opponent like yourself.” Dar stabbed him again and again, drawing more unholy blood with every strike. “You see, I never really believed my dreams, because I am not you. I am not prideful. The only way I could achieve my destiny was by distracting you from your real killer, your successor. Had you not been focused on me, you would have easily been able to evade Dar’s attack, even with his speed. But I believe they have a saying here on Earth. Pride goes before the fall.”

Pride fell in a pool of blood, dead.

Dar was breathing hard. He had never been more afraid in his life, and he had never felt more exhilarated. He had done it. He had killed a Sin.
And the best part was yet to come.

“Do it, Dar. Cut out his heart and eat it. Do this, and you will absorb the essence of Pride. You will become a paragon, a symbol.”

The Nth metal knife did its work, carving out the heart of Pride. Without a second’s hesitation, Dar devoured it.

And Dar became a Sin.
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Before the Fall
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