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 Jenny's Concert Threads

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PostSubject: Jenny's Concert Threads    Wed Jan 28, 2015 10:20 am

Okay guys as you know Jenny/Energy Warrior is a solo artist that does punk rock, rock, alternative, and other things from that area of the music spectrum. She has one album out already and is now almost halfway done with the second album. I have decided that now when ever I make her concert threads if one seems like you can join it (Unless it is stated in the thread otherwise.).

When you join it I will move the said thread into an Rp section so we can rp it out further now some people might want to join the thread just to be that one guy who ruins the entire concert so here's some things I would like to cover for these threads so the stay fun and all that stuffs and stay true to why they are there which is to preform music live for all to enjoy. I also will list some things that will happen in the threads if you join.

  • Don't be that one guy whose just there to cause troubles and mayhem and generally ruin the concert, unless you pm me first. If we work something out then you can be that one jerk but expect to lose the fight you will start.
  • If you are a member with a character that has musical skills and you want to either preform as one of the people preforming on stage with Jenny go right ahead and do it and if you want to hop up on stage and do a song of your own pm me or mention it in your post and Jenny and I both would be glad to have you preform a song up on the stage.
  • Jenny does interact with the crowd though if you join she will do it more often and will most likely interact with you like you were just a normal fan though if she knows you she might do something different based on how she knows you.
  • If you do want many have dared to do in the past at other concerts of other artists, which is kiss Jenny or anything of that sort, expect to be hit.
  • If you aren't a musical artist but want to be involved in some random antics that Jenny does on stage feel free to let me know and we can figure something out and you can show off your random skills.
  • If you need some cash you can just pm me and we can talk out something you can do and you can say that your character talked to Jenny who roams the city from time to time and she hooked you up with some cash to do something at the concert. Now you don't have to post in the thread to say he/she did this you can just say that they did this in the past and such.

    I'm just saying this is an option because Jenny would be open to do this even if you aren't certified or something to do said thing but you know how to do said thing. she does this because she knows how hard it is to get a good paying quick job especially when others discriminate against you and don't let you do a job because of who or what you are. Aka as long as you having gotten on her bad side and you showed that you know how to do the said task to her she'll hire you and pay you properly.

If you have any ideas that you want to throw out there for these concert threads or anything relating to this feel free to tell me. But remember my big thing here is, don't ruin the concert just to be that one guy, talk to me first about it please. These threads are to do musical bast things and enjoy a good concert, along with offer opportunities for others to get more posts and possible do more threads with others by randomly meeting up with them in the concerts or even just getting some quick cash for your character by working with Jenny at the concert. And I wont lie they are also out there to get Jenny out there more too but the main idea is to get you all involved too. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Jenny's Concert Threads
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