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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Curing the Cancer (PM if you want to join)

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Skilled Metahuman
Skilled Metahuman

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PostSubject: Curing the Cancer (PM if you want to join)   Sat Oct 18, 2014 9:47 pm

Bio walked down the street on his usual rounds. The mix of war and superheroes left an odd mood in the air. Some felt protected, some felt uneasy, and others just didn't honestly know what to make of all of this.  Sirens blared on by as news came around about what happened at the Jump City airport. Bio shuddered. What were these Russians getting at? They were dragging so many innocents into this, but there seemed to be no greater purpose. Just mass genocide. He passed a few emergency tents while the rain was pouring and just nodded to a nurse.

He fired a quick shot over the tent and a protective halo of mist gathered around the invalids and doctors. Several screams of pain were heard as the survivors clung to life, their bodies being temporarily pushed back into life and healed. It was all very awkward for Bio so he kept on walking.


A woman grabbed his shoulder. She was pushing a wheelchair with a girl.

"I heard you can heal people. Please help my daughter."

Bio nodded and put his hand to the girl's head. In a few minutes, the girl was healed of her disease and a few onlookers began to gather. Bio turned and walked off among the thanks, something felt off about what he had just done.

The next day, he was strolling through a few alley ways of downtown, when a stranger in a suit suddenly stepped in front of him, barring any exit. She wore a guy fawkes mask. Bio stopped, a bit confused on what was going on.

"You... need something ma'am?"

The woman nodded and then spoke.

"Just your blood."

She raised her hands and then out of her sleeve a syringe came out. She began walking towards Bio. As she walked a pair of 2 more suited strangers walked around the corner from the street into the alleyway with every step she took, quickly amounting to ten when she was only 5 feet away from Bio.

Bio brought his hands up, ready for a fight.

"Okay... why not ask?"

The woman stopped only 3 feet away from him with 12 now behind her.

"If we drain you completely, we will be able to isolate the permanent state of your power won't we? A world without death is now possible... but one person like you isn't enough to make that happen right?"

Bio's eyes widened as he realized that this group had probably been following him for some time.

"Y-you... can't do that..."

The sheer magnitude of what people were beginning to see him as had him at a loss of words.

"This is gonna change everything..." The woman said, her voice is oozing with anticipation.

She suddenly sprinted forward, aiming a syringe at Bio. Bio dropped down to a knee and threw her over himself and into a wall. The battle begun. He picked up two heavy garbage bags from the nearby dumpster, threw one and then used it as a two handed weapon to wallop an attacker back and spew garbage onto their nice suits.

"You're all garbage! You don't deserve my powers!"

Slowly but surely, however, no one came to rescue. Syringes stabbed repeatedly as they overwhelmed him with sheer numbers, emptying their anesthetic drugs with each stab and extracting blood with another.

Wait a minute. I'm the bad guy?...

Bio thought as the uneasy feeling about his powers and being a superhero began to surface and show its true nature.

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Skilled Metahuman
Skilled Metahuman

Posts : 228
Join date : 2014-05-07
Age : 25
Location : New Joisey

PostSubject: Re: Curing the Cancer (PM if you want to join)   Sun Oct 19, 2014 8:19 pm

Patterns like the ones etched into his armor glowed white on Bio's skin as he used up his last strength in an effort to get out of there. He pushed forward and did a double palm thrust on two of the assailants, the scars on his hands were he touched them glowed white as his antibodies were exposed to open air. Both of them collapsed as they felt the same exhaustion as he did. He deliriously pulled his gun and kept on fighting for a few seconds before the woman came from behind and knocked him out with a pipe.


Bio was lost in darkness for so long before he awoke. He wrested himself from the stupor as his antibodies surged. He could feel poison and anesthetics being pumped in him by response, but then lashed out in terror. The feeling of helplessness was overwhelming and beyond any sort of mental torture possible through pain. Whoever said being close to death was peaceful was either a liar or was out of their mind from the beginning.

He struggled to hold onto his consciousness. The darkness threatened to swallow him. On the other side of the abyss however was... Spiderman?... Ponies?... Bio's mind shirked back as hallucinations overtook his brain while he fought.

As he approached upper levels of consciousness, things became weirder. His mom and sister were riding an inverted merry go round while his friend Chad and a few other friends invited him to go racing in flying cars.  He pushed painfully towards the surface into a dream where everyone lived in trees and were jumping on branches.

Suddenly falling out of the dream land again, Bio had had enough of not being able to wake up. Despite the pain, he sent a jolt of willpower throughout his system to twitch his right hand (Based off a real experience when I once had sleep paralysis). He didn't know why he thought this was the best course of action, but he figured it was from seeing it in movies when people were coming to after being knocked out.

The reality of oblivion began to shatter as his mind exposed more and more of what was going on. At this point he commanded his eyes to open. The darkness vanished and was replaced by vision as he saw he was staring in a room that was barely lit from dim computer screens. He felt damp air on his face and a stench pervading the place where he lay. Where was he? He turned his head and saw IVs connected to his every vein and artery while he lay on a stainless steel table. A few desks were around him with several laptops hooked up to medical equipment around him and a suited man was about to leave the minimal room located in a city sewer.

Bio silently pulled off one tube after the other. Everything felt cold, especially with the lack of clothes. He rolled off the table and painfully dropped to the floor, forcing himself not to scream in pain from the sheer touch of the cold concrete.

A computer system chirped and whirred. On the screen it said "Warning, Sedation system compromised'

He picked himself up and muttered "wait..." at the man. Turning around the man charged straight for Bioshock aiming a kick of extreme strength for his chest. The boy was lifted off his feet and thrown to the ground sliding 7 feet away. The man pulled out a cellphone and began dialing to figure out what to do with the kid. Bio struggled to look at the man once again. The foot that he had used to kick him with was like that of a demon.


The word suddenly came to Bio as the man talked on the phone with his superior.

"Yeah... understood. I'll take care of him."

Closing the phone, the man walked towards Bio and then picked him up.

"It's a shame you didn't call yourself Bioman or boy while you had the chance kid. Cause you just got replaced, heheh. We are true evolution, now and soon the stuff will be given out to those who we deem worthy."

Bio suddenly grasped the arm of the man. The man yelled louder.


He then threw Bio into a wall and then grasped his hands around his throat again. This time, however, his voice changed.

"Wh-what are you doing? St-staay baaack!!"

He suddenly let go of Bio and jumped back. Bio wiped blood from his mouth.

"You bastards... really don't respect death do you."

The man was confused and not sure what exactly was going on. Bio slowly walked towards the man, still in a bit of a trance. The man frantically hesitated before aiming a kick but Bio was already on him and grabbing for his chest. The man almost instantly calmed.

"You see... whoever you are..."


"Frank, right. Whenever you deal with my power the line between yourself and me kinda blurs. And now that I know that you're all actually power hungry egomaniacs, I'm about to destroy you all. And by destroy I mean something far worse than kill."

The man chuckled.

"that so?... well I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles."

Bio nodded in agreement. The man fell over in a dazed stupor, smiling in a blissful state while Bio put his hand over his head. The boy then suddenly glared and the man convulsed in helplessness as Bio manipulated his emotions to match the oblivion that he was living in.

"Now.. first you're going to give me the information about who you all are. Then I get your clothes, and then... we're gonna test these powers of yours."

After an interrogation of several minutes, Bio gently brought the man to the table. The man peacefully smiled as Bio jabbed an IV into each one of his arms. He turned on the system which sedated the man and began draining every drop of blood from his body. Frank didn't last for more than half an hour, reduced to a quivering shaking mortal, naked in the sewers.

Bio had already emerged from a manhole, dressed in the man's suit and shoes, pale and half-dead. Various passerby watched him stumble into a Chipotle. He had a lot of eating to do before he got back to 'normal'. And he had a whole bunch of people to track down before he could be at ease.

He looked at the television as he ate the burrito bowl with a fury like no other.

"The anonymous group only known as Prometheus announced yesterday, for Jump City citizens to gather on 4th street at midnight for this 'superpower' cure for death. Police are looking into the matter as tensions rise... so far the group has not shown to be hostile..."

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Curing the Cancer (PM if you want to join)
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