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 Sage Chronicles

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PostSubject: Sage Chronicles   Thu Aug 07, 2014 5:06 am

This is the log of JaK Sage,

First off, I bought this book at a convenient store at the docks. I'm hopping on cruise liner, and I'll keep doing so until I find my way to...wherever it is the hell I'm going.

I hope I'm making the right choice. To be honest I've lost everything, again. My friends, my band, my girl, my baby, and any potential I've had for happiness. This darkness that consumes my life, is it in my heart or is a shadow that tails me wherever I go in this life.

I've felt since the day I was born that I was meant to do something, more. I've also felt a sense of doom - or should I say hopelessness. A feeling of evil that I can't shake and I fear shapes my life by robbing away anything from me that I see of worth.

Why am I leaving this city? I feel it compels me to fill a roll. I feel I always try to become something I'm not here. Whether that be a hero, a savior, a friend, a father, a boyfriend, an ally, a musician, a thief...NONE OF IT, is ME!...

I don't know who I am and this city is forcing this fake persona I developed to overtake others and hurt them.  

The few things I do know are as follows; I will not allow my life to be taken until I find my purpose for living, I will become stronger and better and shape my own destiny with these hands. I will find out what changed me and what these powers are, and I will comeback. I have no idea when, how, or why, but I'll return to Jump City a new man - no, a new being altogether.

The boats pulling in to harbor and I need to make my move on board soon. This is the first day of my journey, and by the time it's over these entries will indicate my struggles whether they deepen or resolve is remain to be seen...
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PostSubject: Re: Sage Chronicles   Thu Aug 07, 2014 8:39 pm

It's morning time, my eye lids flutter open and I've awoken to find a blue haired goddess laying next to me. A smile crept across my face as my hands roamed her body, and for the first time I felt happiness penetrate back into my heart.

Cut & Pasted photo:

Just kidding, not a goddess, but she really was a surprise for me.

Her name is Elaine. She found me in her room on the second day of this cruise while I was hiding from security. I thought she would report me, but as it turned out we ended up hitting it off right away. She lied and said I was her bodyguard.

Elaine was the daughter of a rich man, she didn't tell me what he was rich for exactly, but having a bodyguard wasn't too far fetched. Her father had his own suite on the boat. She also told me that the cruise liner was heading for the Savage Lands. There was a rare element there her father had bought the rights too.

The savage lands aren't particularly an area of the world I'm interested in visiting, but if it's with her then I guess I'll stomach it for a while.

I don't know why I'm so in to her - Elaine was currently my world. We swam in the coral reefs of bora bora, we scuba dived in the pacific together, I kissed her while the sun set from the top of a volcano, I explored an underground cavern with her. Me and Elaine...When I'm with her, I felt like maybe my past, my dread, my sorrow had been left back in Jump City and I was finally...free.
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PostSubject: Re: Sage Chronicles   Thu Aug 07, 2014 11:38 pm

There's no other way to say this. I've been naive. I've been childish. And I've been stupid. I'm stranded on an island somewhere in the unexplored religion of the savage land. The last thing I can remember was escaping being chained to an anchor and being dropped into the sea.

Elaine and her father; her dad confronted me. Elaine defended me, told him she loved me.

....Then she stabbed me in the throat...

Afterwards she continued to say I raped her. Used her! Her father was livid. They threw me a beating and chained me up. The last thing she said to me before I was thrown overboard was that she was sorry it had to be this way, but I was a good person deep down. And I would ruin her plans.

Looking back at it now, the signs were there. Her own room that her father never checked. The places we went, the things we did, how quickly she accepted me. Her father wasn't just a businessman but her employee. Empress to a criminal empire, and I was her toy. And now I had outlived my usefulness.

A kiss to the cheek ensured my death sentence and I was dropped into the restless waves a story or so below.

I sank, deep, down into the darkness. Into the depths, slowly creeping into schools of fish that seemed also abhor my presence and disperse as i drew closer. The only things visible to me were the light at the surface and my own blood leading ravenous sharks to my position.

I was smart enough to never reveal my abilities to her, and after changing the composition of my chains and an undersea skirmish with a great white I found myself washed up on shore of this isle. Currently I am suffering from a bite wound - my entire mid section is exposed. But I'm healing.

I am alone, I am broken, and the mainland is over four kilometers to my east. But...I am alive. And I'm not a nice guy. Elaine will come to learn this very very soon
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PostSubject: Re: Sage Chronicles   Fri Aug 08, 2014 12:10 am

I've escaped the island. Thanks to my abilities I was able to craft a raft pretty quickly out of old treebark once I had healed. I made it to the Savage mainland. The creatures here are insane! Dinosaurs, plants that eat full grown animals, wolves that are smarter than some humans.

Needless to say traveling through this type of environment is tricky. I've already found my way into quick sand pit and escaped a pack of raptors...narrowly. But now I've finally found Elaine's men, and what they came for. They've captured and subdued the local tribe guarding a new element. The element itself came from space - a meteorite that landed here probably a couple centuries ago, but the savages of this land saw it as some sign from above and have protected it like a sacred stone.

Elaine's come to take hold of it. She's one of the most sadistic young women I've ever seen. Her true personality is apparent now that she's not hiding it from me anymore.

She loves torture, cruelty, and destroying others. Many of the savages have already been whipped to death by her either for attempting to fight back, trying to escape, or not telling her how to get around the booby traps surrounding the meteorite. A couple of her men have already been treated to an acid bath from tripping one trap earlier.

The chief is being tortured day and night. They have even gone as far as to crush one of his balls, chop off a foot, and pull out three molers from his mouth. This man's resolve impresses me quite a bit, but they're going to execute his family tomorrow from what I've heard via sleuthing from tree tops. That's if I don't stop them first.

I've made a few arrangements myself to counter measure Elaine's forces, but I can't be sure I'll be able to stop her organization. They have very high-tech rifles. Stuff I see Jump City PD use to take down enhanced meta-humans. Those weapons are probably why the cruise line stopped in Jump City in the first place. My life and luck has been bad, but I'm hoping that this one time, for something more than myself that fate is actually on my side.
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PostSubject: Re: Sage Chronicles   Sat Aug 09, 2014 12:26 am

This day was bloody.

I'm not proud of any or even all of my actions, but I'm also glad to see that the people of the savage land are safe.

My plan was a success and a failure; I lured a pack of predators into a community of herbivores, causing a stampede. The stampede led into the Savages tribe lands during the execution of their chief. The result was many of Elaine's men were trampled, as well as some of the savage land people themselves. During the stampede all the traps were set by the fleeing savage land creatures, and in the fall out the predators also began attacking people. However, they were combated by myself, the tribesman, and many of Elaine's remaining forces. I even manged to rescue the chief's family from being devoured, at the cost of a lot of minor injuries. But nothing I couldn't heal from.

My powers proved to be the trump card in helping the villagers survive the stampede and defeat Elaine's forces - I'm becoming more adept with my transmutations, and I've noticed... I'm starting to grow more brutal in combat.

Elaine was nowhere to be found during all the fighting. Only when it all stopped did she reappear with the meteorite in hand and a pistol in the other. I was her first victim - followed by six more before she made her final escape. Shot in the abdomen. Without the traps to stop her from reaching it, getting the meteorite was all too easy. I had done her dirty work for her.

...I lost consciousness due to blood loss.

When I awoke I was in the care of the village people. They had bandaged me and nursed me back to health. Elaine had gotten away, but the chief would still live and the people of the village were still alive as well. I was happy my plan to save them had been successful, but I wouldn't stay for too long in their company. Their treasure had been stolen by her, but she couldn't man that huge ship all by herself and her men were all captured or dead. The savage land tribe worshiped that stone, without it their culture and heritage would suffer. And my act of revenge had ruined that for them.

I had to make this right. The hunt was on and this time when I saw Elaine, it wouldn't be my blood that spilt.
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PostSubject: Re: Sage Chronicles   Sat Aug 09, 2014 11:18 am

JaK laid sprawled out across a grassy plain, the stars and a cool breeze his only company. The embers from the fire he had made an hour earlier were long dissipated. His mouth was agape and a singular line of spittle lingered on his chin as obnoxious snores resounded through the atmosphere. His bare body was the only spec of irregularity in the lush green canvas of Earth he resided on. However, his mind was amuck with chaotic images. Different colors riddled his dreams. Images of red droplets, blue skies, bright golden lights, white sheets, pink hair, steel gray bars, blue laser beams. All of these colors and images constantly flowed in a cycle, mimicking a movie projector of torment, all through the night. "Erm, no...stop.." JaK growled, he saw the blade but couldn't reach in time. The spray wouldn't stop and he was doused in it. Another one dead; a cat, an assassin, a singer, and a pink goddess all annihilated in front of him. "NO!" He turned over, but in his effort to relive he found on this side laid a small corpse - a child. He reached out to it and the corpses eyes fixated on him, golden rod eyes piercing into him and causing him to go still. "No, no, I'm sorry--" The small corpse began to melt in front of him. "Please, I'm so sorry..." A slender hand grabbed his shoulder and a strand of blue hair drooped down across his face, followed by a bright light around his midsection and a hole in his stomach after a miniature explosion. "Why?" The boy murmured and when he turned to look at her, all he found was himself.

"Because...your not the hero of this Story....you know what you are, you know what you did!"

"NOOOO!" Jak sat up, he was breathing heavily, and he was surrounded by wolves. He saw their eyes in the bushes, more yellow eyes glaring back at him. He took a deep breath and rubbed his cheek...a tear. "A bad start to a long night..." He said clenching his fist as the first canine charged, followed by the pack.

Or at least that's how I remember it? Then I woke up for real. I was in a tree - an isolated one from surrounding jungle. I also had made the ground below hollow for anything trying to sneak up on me. Nothing more than a mutant vulture would bother me...but that dream...or should I say set of dreams - was that what they called Inception?

What did it all really mean?

In any case the chase was still on Elaine, had been sighted heading for the active volcano in this region of the savage land. I suspect it was a contingency plan if she didn't make contact after a week or so of being here. Most likely an extraction point for her and the meteorite. I had to catch up with her, and soon, or I would miss my chance. The volcano was only a two day hike away, but me being me, I would make there within a half day if I didn't stop for food or water breaks.
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PostSubject: Re: Sage Chronicles   Sun Aug 10, 2014 3:36 am

Elaine would arrive at the volcano a day earlier than predicted. Her once perfect skin was riddled with red rashes and bug bites from the unforgiving terrain, her complexion was darker from the Earth's core radiation that constantly bombarded the land and her hair was tattered.

The savage lands definitely earned the title. I might have been victim to the same type of ailments if my body's rate of repair wasn't heightened so much.

A helicopter awaited her with four burly figures stationed outside and a pilot sitting in the cockpit, fiddling with all the hardware. All five had on skin tight suits, similar in design to what an astronaut would wear and a helmet that could have been mistaken for a motorcyclist gear. She was saved and the relief was etched into every fiber of her being. As she came up to the aircraft the pilot opened the door and extended his hand to her.

At this point I can no longer decide for myself if I'm too merciful or too brutal in my approach. I say this because one of the men I had buried up to their neck just half a day earlier was already awake, and called to her that the pilot was an enemy. From now on when I bludgeoned an opponent I wouldn't worry about damaging teeth, cheek bones, or any other trivial things like that. Elaine glanced at the party outside the chopper and instantly noticed that they weren't men, but rock dummies I had formed and put clothes on.

With my cover blown Elaine attempted to jump back, but I changed the speed of my hand extension and grabbed her by the throat. With one arm I held her, and with the other I took off my helmet and revealed my face to her. For the second time Elaine appeared to have witnessed a ghost. "J-JaK? How many times have I killed you?" She could barely speak, which was fine the hurt in her voice oddly still pained me. Had I cared that much about her in such a short period, or was this my own blaring weakness becoming more apparent as I grew stronger.

"I promise, this will be the last time you see me in this lifetime." I spoke with too much anger in my heart, my other hand searched her body as she struggled by violently kicking and punching me and found the stone. However, as I took it she discovered another weakness - my broken rib.

When I ambushed this group I made a mistake and over judged my own capabilities in a small space. While my surprise attack took down one and my reflexes and martial arts abilities allowed me to handle the other two, I assumed that I could handle a five on one brawl without much room to move around still. Little did I know that the enhanced weaponry they had would be equipped at all times. Looking back at that situation, it would make sense to keep your weapons on you even while you slept in the savage land. The fourth man caught me with a backhanded strike to my abdomen with his gauntlet that enhanced his blows, the result was one broken rib and two others cracked - but the cracks had already healed up.

In addition to a light tazing I was still able to beat them all, but barely kept consciousness myself. Now my recklessness had come back to bite me. Her strike forced me to cough up a spitwad of blood and the sacred stone as well as myself to drop the floor, which Elaine quickly picked up and ran into the cockpit after kicking me out of the chopper.

Albeit even though my plan had not gone as planned, I did have contingencies; she found that the cockpit was destroyed. My fiddling was actually an effort to destroy the controls, there would be no chance of escape this time. "There's no place to run anymore, Elaine." I said as I gripped my side and stepped back on to the helicopter.

"So you're a meta-human after all JaK, not just lucky." The girl backed up reaching for the hidden compartment next to the smashed controls, which held a 50-caliber handgun. "Look this isn't just some stupid meteorite JaK, I'm sorry for what I did to you and those people, but I need this!" I gave her no answer - forty more seconds. She gripped the gun and took a deep breath. "This 'sacred' stone; is a philosopher's stone." I paused - twenty more seconds. She cocked the weapon behind her back while holding the space rock out in front of me. "On the black market there was magic sensing equipment my father had gotten a hold of, and it picked it up on a huge surge of energy. This source had actually been discovered a long time ago, and it was theorized that this stone is what was the cause of it, but of course no one was willing to travel to the savage land to find out." Ten seconds - I shook my head and stepped forward.

"You have no right.." I said. Her expression changed to the sadistic, vulgar one I had witnessed when she tortured the chief and pointed her weapon at me - Five more seconds.

"No right?" Four. "To the winner goes all right!" Three. "I'll sell this for a fortune," Two. "And you'll finally die here, and keep your promise to me." One. With a manic expression she pulled the trigger assuming that with my injury I couldn't reach her in time. But, my wound had just completely healed.

I juked my head left avoiding the shot, causing alarm to take hold of her and unload the handgun's full clip at me. But the shock was also her undoing because she had no time to aim. I moved left, right, down, and took one shot in the shoulder as I spun with the momentum from the bullet grazing me and stopped my rotation right beside her. In the same instant I snapped my fingers and grabbed hold of the gun's nozzle and immediately undid four features of the device.

There was a brief moment of uncertainty between us.

"Don't." I warned her, but she screamed and fired at me again anyway, causing the weapon to backlash and mangle her face as it broke apart. The female screamed in agony as she dropped to the ground, blood gushing from the shrapnel lodged into her cheek, nose, and eyelid.

I could only stare, breathing heavily as I favored my shoulder. Looking back at it again; why did I warn her? Maybe I was hoping that what we had was real, at some point for her. But it was just a figment of my imagination after all. And it was on that day that I decided

...I never knew love, truly.

I picked up the stone and left Elaine bleeding in the cockpit and her men buried from the neck up. A broken end to a broken heart and a broken romance.
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PostSubject: Re: Sage Chronicles   Mon Aug 18, 2014 8:24 pm

I've decided if I'm going to tell this story, I should be honest with myself about it.

The truth is...That was not the end of my time with Elaine. I don't know if it was my conscience or maybe a sixth sense of some sort...but after about a half mile I returned to rescue the group I had just defeated. If I left them buried and Elaine mangled I felt for some reason that it made me no better than them.

Upon my return to the volcano's surface, I found two of the men were gone. A gruesome scene followed as I searched for them and found the remains of corpses strewn about. The other's still buried in the ground begged for me to rescue them, but I was honestly more concerned as to where their mistress had wandered to. The question plaguing my inner eye was answered with a shrill shriek along the other side of the volcano. I made my way around - sprinting at top speed, possibly faster than I should have. I didn't know what awaited me, I didn't know what was going on, but still I ran straight ahead and when I arrived I found Elaine.

She was laying on the ground, missing both legs from the thigh down. They had been severed clean off. I covered my mouth. It was amazing that this amount of carnage hadn't granted a reaction out of me sooner. I puked and then I approached her. I picked her up with both arms in a cradle position and brushed her her out of her eyes. Her face was going to be scarred; the beautiful goddess I once knew now looked as torn up on the outside as she was inside.

Her one good eye flickered open and focused on me. She seemed to be whispering something, but not even me, with my overly keen hearing, could pick up such a low murmur.

It was a hot day, and we were by a volcano. That was my first clue that something was wrong when I felt the heat on the back of my neck suddenly cool, and then the shade - the dark looming shadow that had appeared around us loomed like the shadow of death, alerting me to quickly turn around. I did so just in time to see a large spiked tail darting at me. I was able to jump back and avoid being skewered - no crushed - by the huge stinger and surveyed the creature it belonged to. It was a hybrid scorpion, and it was larger than a full grown Elephant. It's tail as thick as a tree trunk and it's pincers' had blood stained on their scissor sharp edges - that's when I realized it was Elaine's blood.

However, this was not what Elaine was trying to tell me. I was too focused on preparing to battle the creature and escape. I raised my left hand to snap my fingers and activate my powers, and that's when I felt everything Elaine wanted to convey to me. "BURN IN HELL, JAK SAGE!" she cried out.

I felt her rage, her anguish, her embarrassment, and her final surrender as she used the last of her strength to pull a knife from her cleavage and severed off the top of my left hand in one slash. I didn't even scream as I watched my pinky and thumb twirl through the air like miniature batons. My pupils dilated as the pain shot through my body and I dropped her and finally wailed in pure agony. A blissful sound for a scorned woman. She was smiling at the end, and chuckled her way into darkness as she left me to my fate with the scorpion creature ready to prey upon me

Sentiment, guilt, honor, these were the things that heroes cared for - these are the reasons were losing the war.
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PostSubject: Re: Sage Chronicles   Mon Aug 18, 2014 10:27 pm

The situation was something I'd call dire.

I was missing my left hand, and had a scorpion the size and shape of a demolition vehicle (wrecking ball crane) was chasing me around an active volcano. And if that didn't make matters worse enough there were still two hostages left alive that I had buried up to their neck.

Their frightened screams filled the air and distracted the scorpion for a split second. That was all I needed, or so I thought. I had been doing well to avoid the swipes from it's razor sharp pincers, but when it turned it's attention to the two flight crew members I snapped my fingers and placed my palm on the ground creating an archaic white light producing a large spike underneath the scorpion. I was sure I would impale it, but the spike simply broke apart against the scorpions exo-skeleton. I was shocked, and then injured as the creature jolted it's tail into me and pierced through my abdomen. Blood flowed with saliva from my mouth as I was thrown back and grabbed the five inch wide gaping hole in my stomach.

I laid strewn out on the gritty ground as the creature crawled over to the other two and made quick work of them. I watched the men die in terror and headbutted the floor for allowing this to happen. Everyone was dead, and now I was the last target. I tried to get up, but this thing had poisoned me with it's stinger. The venom was like an acid that sizzled as it burned through my organs just as fast as my body could heal.

While I would most definitely survive the poison I was too hurt to move - the poison had paralyzed me entirely. So I laid in the same position - just waiting. The creature would be upon me soon. Nothing I did would stop it...This seemed like the end.

I tried not to cry - but when I remembered all the promises I made, the vows I yelled out, and the ideals I had stood by ending all at once in this moment the tears flowed. I realized yet again, that I was hopeless. I had no true power to change this world. I was a pawn in the grand scheme of life, nothing more.

Luckily, it seemed life wasn't done with me yet. My destiny continued on as a new comer was thrown in my path. A short bald man yelled loudly, as he approached from behind the creature and jumped from side to side to avoid it's stinger. All I could do was watch as the short man amazingly evaded the stinger and pincers. He strategically caught onto it's tail with his hands and was flung into the air. Then while hovering above the beats a bright light appeared in his palms, an expanding glowing disk, which he threw at the creature as he descended and cut it in half! Actually, to be more accurate the disk seemed to eat away at the creature - gnawing away the armor and it's midsection/legs until the beast had completely dissolved down the middle into nothing.

Sketch of his savior:

The bald man approached me afterwards. My vision was fading out due to the venom's effect. I couldn't even make out his face, but I knew he was shorter than most children.

The world turned black, and again I found I was surrounded by nothingness. No band, no girl, no family, darkness was the only thing that stayed with me in my life. How ironic.
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PostSubject: Re: Sage Chronicles   Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:02 pm

A month has passed since I have last made an entry; my days are spent training.

Where to start....

My rescuer's name is Sovak - an outlawed native of the Savage Lands. We have a student teacher relationship, but to be honest were both student and teacher. I teach him of my powers and of Western culture, he teaches me how to defend myself from predators and how to survive on my own in the wild.

I have come to realize I rely too much on my healing factor and powers. So for this past month, I have tried not to use either. I fight like my life depends on it and am careful in my approach on things. I'm lucky to have my abilities though. The things he shows me would take years to learn, but I try them out at the hardest difficulty and learn what I need to know quick after usually lethal trial and error.

Many of the experiences teach me a painful lesson. Such as when I tight rope walked across a canyon on a thin branch and fell. Or when I tried to keep up with wild animals during a stampede and was trampled, and when I forgot to bury myself before bed and woke up to find venomous bites all over my body that stung for three days straight.

I owe a lot to Savok, he nursed me back to health and was surprised when he saw my wounds healing on their own. My stomach has healed to the point where I can eat meat again, and nearly all my nubs have turned back into fingers.

Our communication is improving steadily as well, he picks up on languages fast. I've taught him enough to speak broken English coherently. The seriousness of the training I go through from him used to be filled with fierce growls and roars as he pulverized me mercilessly with the "Savage Boxing" martial art style he had perfected. The art wasn't meant to fight humans, it was designed to bare handed brawl predatory beasts. No matter the size, speed, strength, etc. It was a vicious martial art that had a lot of emphasis on not overpowering your enemy, but countering at the right time with crippling blows and following with relentless strikes until the opponent was dead or incapacitated. Tonight I will find out if I'm proficient in this martial art style when I enter a raptors nest, with with no clothes or weapons.

Sovak has defeated a pack of hybrid lions before my very eyes, naked. Intimidating the enemy with eye contact, hip tossing through a pounce and gaulging out an eye with his thumb, making sure to protect your neck and back at all times. These are the traits I have had to absorb into my reflexes to be known as a master of this craft. I'm ready - I'm tired of being weak.

I was able to retrieve my stuff from the boat Elaine came ashore with, all of my belongings were there. I've also been working on the ship during my free time, I'm confident I can power it and make it out of the savage lands soon.

Sovak and I laugh and play now, I will miss him a lot. He's been a good mentor. If I die during this trial tonight this will be my last entry. If I survive Sovak has promised to tell me the secret of his flying disk attack that saved my life.

I would wish for good luck, but lady luck has never been a loyal lover of mine.
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PostSubject: Re: Sage Chronicles   Wed Aug 20, 2014 12:58 am

The recovery process is quicker than expected. My body has already healed from a good portion of the bite wounds.

To be clear I didn't fail my exam - I passed. I defeated every raptor. However, the T-Rex that followed was the problem. I ran from it, but was exhausted from fighting ten raptors - seven of which I took all at one time. The Tyranosaurus grazed me with it's teeth when I leaped over a cliff to avoid it's bite. I tumbled half way down the mountain side before catching hold of a hanging tree growing horizontally out of the cliff. From there I climbed my way back up, bleeding from my side wound and still had to treck all the way back to our hideaway cave. I lost a lot of blood, but I made it back before collapsing.

Sovak nursed my wounds after I arrived and when I regained consciousness he explained to me in his best English what his strange power was. The disk was created from shards of the same exact gem Elaine had tried to steal from the Savage Land, the Philosopher stone. He had chipped away the fragments when he was once the guardian of it. Philosopher Stone shards when manipulated could break down any substance in the universe. That disc was a stone shard he expanded and lunged, disintegrating anything in it's path. The only ones known to have this ability were those who had descended from the linage of those who originally discovered it.  

I was very shocked to hear this. And to think I was going to give it back to the people of the Savage Land soon. Originally, I had hidden it in the forest after deciding I would help Elaine. And after a few weeks of getting to know Sovak I had finally brought it back to our hideaway for safe keeping just that morning.

As he continued to explain how to sue the fragments, I felt myself getting drowsy and soon came to realize I had been drugged! Savok continued on as I rolled over and groaned. He said that the stone was not magic but a rare metal that white men had come for time and time again to take from the Savage Land. His people had always protected it from them. But one day Savok stole a piece and smuggled it out of the Savage Land into the world beyond. The sample traveled to an outside organization - that organization was Elaine and her criminal empire.

By the end of this tale I was coughing up puke and dropped to my knees. Savok made his way to my pack with the philosopher's stone and picked up the precious gem. He grinned gaily as he saw his ticket to freedom. Savok had expressed to me long ago that he had been banned from his clan for something he did and that he hated the Savage Land. I gritted my teeth as I grew more and more depressed by my own stupidity. I would have never thought the reason why he came to that volcano was to get the philosopher's stone, not to save me. Then the thought entered my mind that this entire time, he had only kept me close to get to the stone...

He ordered me to stay down or he would kill me - student or not. I had to stop him. Not because I cared for the people of the savage land, not even because I thought what he was doing was wrong - to be honest I might have done the same thing if I were in the same situation. No, my reason was much more personal, maybe even selfish. If I didn't stop him...Elaine's death, my vengeance, my struggle, all of this...would have been for nothing.

I yelled out and clapped my hands together and thew them onto the ground with all my strength. An archaic white light filled the cave turning the floor into quick sand. Sovak slipped as he tried to leave with the stone, dropping it in the quick sand. I snapped my fingers and along with the same familiar light the ground hardened, trapping Sovak. But the area around me remained liquefied and I crawled out. My insides felt as if they were on fire, my skin felt like it was going to melt, and my head throbbed like it was going to split open. But I still crawled. I struggled over to the spot the orb had sunken into, ignoring his warnings and cursing. It was only now I realized how wild Sovak really was - the wild man in him appeared when desperate, like a man backed into a corner. He seethed, he roared, and he howled at me but I pressed forward until I reached the stone and snapped my fingers, making the orb float back to the surface and grabbed it.

My eyes were glazing over, and my thought process was scrambling. I couldn't lose consciousness now though, I had to stay awake. With my free hand I jabbed into my side, shooting pain from my open wound all throughout my body. The blood seeped out onto my hand and in that instant I began to hallucinate. I saw a pentagram on the stone, a white symbol and traced it with my blood soaked fingers.

Then from my peripheral vision I witnessed a flying disk come towards me. Savok had reached for the stone fragments in his pocket and used them to free himself by disintegrating the floor and threw a disk me!? I leaped sideways to avoid but had my cheek slit open and the stone itself chopped in half. The disk flew past me and tore through the cave causing the foundation to crumble. While the cave fell apart around us I saw Sovak approaching, preparing another disintegrating disk overhead, not even alert of the supreme danger we were in now. This would be my end if he hit me with it. I could only hold the half of sacred rock out in front of me as I backed away from him. I was in no way able to fight with these drugs in my body. Then the stone in my palm radiated with it's own bright light, as did my arm.

It was odd. This was not a natural resource - but for some reason I had gained the same influence over it Savok had. I felt connected with the stone and it with me. The disk flew from his hand and soared towards me. Instead of cowering in fear, I rose up. I stood and ran forward with all I had left in me towards the death disk and sounded off my final battle cry to Savok. With my glowing arm I was able to knock the approaching disk aside - deflected by my own luminescent limb. The disk spiraled into the cave wall and caused it to burst, speeding up the rate that the hideaway was falling apart. But I didn't care about that, all I could see, all I could do was keep charging towards Savok. I nearly tripped four times as I neared him. My mentor made it clear there was only one way I was leaving this place alive - threw him.

...And that's exactly what I did....My fist - that glowing light at the end of my arm clutching the Philosopher stone piece tore through his chest and ate away at Savok in an instant. He screamed as I pierced him and pushed him back. I tried to ignore it, tried to look ahead past him, but there was no looking past this agony. So I took it - I took his pain, I took his anguish and I watched as he evaporated right in front of me into nothingness.

The cave collapsed and I was outside of the zone of rubble. And there I laid flat on my face. A tear in my eye and half the stone fragment in my hand. My arm had nearly been burnt off by whatever that was just now, and the stone seemed to have melded with it in the form of a gauntlet around my severely disfigured wrist. But I didn't even react. At that time no physical pain would out-due the pain in my heart.

Savok was dead, Elaine was dead, and my trust...was also long since dead.
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After Savok's death I had had enough of the Savage Lands. I returned to the tribe to find out the chief had died a few weeks ago from Elaine's torture. I informed the tribesman of the Savage Lands that their traitor Savok was the reason their people had suffered and that he had tipped off the outside world to the Philosopher's stone.

I told them the stone was buried near a cave entrance, and we all agreed it best to remained buried. I never spoke of the piece now attached to my wrist. The people thanked me - it was nice being able to communicate with them a little thanks to Savok's teachings.

Although, they betrayed me I couldn't help but to remember Elaine and Savok in a good light. The good times we shared and the things they taught me is what I chose to remember most. Does this make me naive or childish?

Regardless of the answer I spent the next few days gathering rations and fixing the ship. I was prepared to sail.

And now we reach the current date - I am still traveling towards my unknown location. The boat is holding together but takes constant maintenance. Most of my food has spoiled, but luckily I can go a day or so without eating, and have been rationing my water accordingly. Another lesson I should thank Savok for.

I guess when it comes down to it even evil has it's moments where pure good can be taken from it. And even good can fall deeper than the darkest abyss. I am no different, and no matter where this voyage takes me in the next few months I will survive, I will endure, and I will find out which side of me is more dominant.
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The video recorder turned on displaying gray and white static for a moment until it cleared out and fixated on a clear image of a pale skinned boy with golden irises and short black hair. It was JaK Sage and yes he had recently had a haircut. He also had a wide grin on his face as he held the camera in front of him and turned it so it could see the hallways of his home. "Alright, continuation of the Sage chronicles will be on video from now on. This is my new diggs, and I am currently stationed in Russia."

JaK wandered the house showing off all the rooms, his fridge, and his closet full of his typical clothing attire. "As you can see I've been busy for the last few weeks." The teen was currently shirtless and wearing a pair of white boxer briefs. He appeared a little more lean than before. As he neared his bedroom he put a single index finger to his mouth, as if to quiet the camera/audience and opened the door. Upon entering the shot would zoom in on a thin pink haired girl getting dressed who didn't even notice JaK was in the doorway filming her in her bra and panties. After a moment she saw the boy and threw a pillow at the camera, which JaK moved out of the way. "JAK, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING! YOU'RE SUCH A PERVERT I SWEAR." JaK closed the door as she threw more things and they crashed against the shut door. "And that ladies and gentlemen is my darling new girlfriend, Eva." He chuckled as she could be heard screaming in frustration behind the door. "As you can see she adores me."


The camera jumped to a scene of JaK sitting in a chair in a different room in the house and the camera set up about three feet away. He was wearing his usual attire now, except a white v-neck for the undershirt of his leather jacket and scratching his chin awkwardly. "Ok, so some explanation is in order." His facial expression seemed a bit more serious now. "Again, that was my girlfriend Eva, we have been living together for a few days now, met about two weeks ago. I'm sure you noticed the pink hair... And uh," JaK sat awkwardly while thinking to himself. "No comment on that." He shifted in his seat and it was clear the thoughts in his mind were causing him to feel awkward.

"Approximately three weeks ago when I first arrived in the country I was abducted during a conversation with my Ex. I was taken to a facility where I was beaten mercilessly for four days. My kidnappers demanded to know if I was a spy and told me I would talk eventually." JaK paused. "They were right - after four days of that hell I did beg for mercy - I told them everything. Of course they didn't believe me, due to how crazy my story was and I was given a death sentence.

First they mortally wounded me and stripped me of all my belongings. After that I was blindfolded and taken to an underground fight ring."

The video feed cut to a gritty stream of two large white Siberian tigers ripping apart a California grizzly bear while the crowd screamed. Then the naked body of a pale boy was tossed into the ring and the tigers circled him. The boy was recognizably JaK. His fingers were smashed and his tongue had been cut from his head, causing him to bleed continuously from his mouth. His foot was bent at an irregular angle, showing it was sprained and he had cuts all over his body. Still once the boy removed his blindfold and saw the two creatures he stood firm and closed his eyes while clapping his hands together.

The first tiger prepared to pounce while the other took his blind side. JaK readied himself in a foreign martial arts stance Savok had taught him. The boy opened his eyes wide suddenly and yelled something inaudible, but it definitely seemed like a battle cry, daring the animals to come for him. Both jungle cats obliged and the video feed cut out just as they were nearing him in midleap....
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The video cut back in to a shot of one of the tigers hitting the floor hard, JaK had slammed it down with his forearm. The creature was immobilized and JaK's other forearm, where it had been clearly gnawing, was bleeding profusely. The other tiger was deceased - impaled on a spear the teenager had created with his powers, and the crowd was nearly rioting from the extreme carnage they had just seen. JaK had defeated both beasts, injured, and in record time - two minutes and fifteen seconds. He dropped down to the floor and lost consciousness himself a mere few seconds after victory.

The video faded to black and then faded back in to JaK tied to a chair with his wounds bandaged and four men standing around him. One man adjusted the camera and snapped his fingers, which was a signal for one of the others to throw ice water in his face, waking him up. JaK was confused at first as he took a heavy breath and shivered. "What the hell is going on?" JaK said weakly.

"That's my question young man." The man in militant uniform who had just snapped his fingers replied. He had a very thick accent, and a demeanor that gave him the most presence in the concrete gray room. "You see, I'm very sure you had your tongue cut out," he turned another steel gray chair around and sat in front of JaK. "Yet, here you are speaking to me." He grabbed JaK's face hard and squeezed out his tongue. "It looks to me like you've grown a new one?" JaK had obviously been caught/found out and defiantly shook his head away from the man's grasp.

"And what, you want to know about how I did it?"

The military man waved his finger back and forward. "No," he clasped his hands together. "What I want to know is how you create a weapon out of nothing and defeat two apex-predators bare handed."

JaK spit at his feet. "%#^$ you! I told you guys already." JaK smirked. "If you're too stupid to believe what I tell you or what you see with your own eyes then were wasting time here and you might as well try to kill me, but you better do it right this time because if I escape, I swear, now that I've seen your faces what I did to those tigers will be humane compared to what you get!" Two of the men felt severely threatened and grabbed JaK by the head, pulling it back and revealing his neck. However, before they could slit his throat their superior steadied them.

"Yes, yes I remember your tale. And I must confess that it appears I must believe it." The militant officer grabbed JaK by his hair. "And as for your threats - understand your power, your attitude, and resolve don't make you strong boy. It makes you weak." He let go of Sage's head and signaled for the others to leave. "You give too many tells with your rash behavior. One being that you're obviously American by your defiant nature and the other that you're still an emotional young man."

JaK looked away, annoyed. He didn't need a lecture. "Look man, if you're gonna kill me , just get it over with. I don't have much else to live for anyway."

The older gentlemen smiled. "What if I gave you that reason?" JaK seemed confused by his answer. "You came here for a purpose, you want to live for a purpose - or why fight the torture we put you through, why kill those tigers. You just need us to show it to you. Right now you're still a boy with talent and ability. Serve my purposes," the man clenched his fist. "And I'll make you a man."

JaK raised an eyebrow. "And what exactly are your purposes? You see I kinda have trust issues with people lately."

The man laughed. "Oh I'm sure, as do I. My business is protecting the lives of my people from others like you. In this new world with no heroes and random meta-humans popping up like weeds multiple terrorist organizations have formed to take over our country and overthrow our government. Become our sword - help us stop these individuals and I will show you what I can do for you, what you can truly become when your skills and abilities are honed and focused." He extended his hand to JaK. "Or of course you can always keep to your threat to kill me and we can test if your able to grow a new head."

JaK sighed. "Not like I have much choice then, huh?" JaK extended his hand and shook the Russian military man's.

"No, you don't." He said with a toothy grin. "I am your commanding officer, and what you would call Secretary of State, Braum Kovitch."

"JaK Sage."

"My daughter loves your band." Kovitch said, shocking JaK to the point of speechless.

"I don't really play anymore." He said with a heavy heart.

"I can see that..." Kovitch said and took a phone out his back pocket. "I will be making calls to this number, it is a secure line. Directions will be given to you where to report - you'll be living and training in our military barracks with the Spetsnaz. But know you're part of a special division of the KGB - The anti Meta-unit." The feed went out and then the screen turned black.
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The feed cut back to JaK sitting in a chair with his abdomen being bandaged by Eva. "Day fourteen of heavy training regiment...Today was the gauntlet challenge at the barracks. I had to defeat as many opponents as possible bare-handed in an hour. The skill of each man grows after every one I beat." JaK lurched as she tightened the bandage and he glared at her.

It was clear Eva didn't like to see him injured and walked away quietly. "I got to seven this time. Oh, did I mention each is armed with a deadly weapon of their choice, luckily no guns though?" JaK rose up favoring his side. "Here's some footage of what I've been learning so far - Braum gave me the go ahead - dick needed to give me something for putting me through all this hell." JaK approached the camera and the image would suddenly switch to gritty recordings with a date and time written at the bottom.

Day 1

Footage of Sage beginning military training; officers seem to have hard time getting him to follow orders; JaK is challenged to fight by officer; during a brief skirmish Sage is struck in the upper abdominal and began vomiting. The Officer offered Sage a hand and helped him up after the skirmish and explained what he did to him.

Day 2

Sage is introduced to the military branch library on base and has been instructed to spend the next three days reading up on various sciences while recovering from a neck injury he received while off base.

Day 5

After three days Sage is proficient at a chemistry, a capable pilot, masterful at engineering mechanical and electrical, drafting, and construction. The boy passed four exams focusing on all these subjects to prove his skill level.

Day 6

First gauntlet challenge, JaK is defeated after three opponents - the fourth bludgeoned his skull with a sledge hammer. Spent rest of day resting in medical bay.

Day 7

JaK is walking with a smile on his face through the barracks. His speed, grace, and style during the obstacle course training has increased substantially as compared to the first clip on day one.

Day 8

JaK is introduced to anti-meta tech weapons. JaK has chosen a gauntlet that matches the one attached to his right arm. The clip fast forwards - after multiple test the philosopher stone on JaK's arm has been discovered to be a recently discovered form of the radioactive isotope Unununium, but a natural resource for it has never been discovered. The amount that has been comprised has proven the ability to regenerate itself. JaK is ordered to stay in the lab for further tests.

Day 10

JaK has designed his second gauntlet and has brushed up on physics and nuclear physics during his stay at the lab. He has constructed a gauntlet schematic that will be delivered and built on his first mission. More tests have been done on the isotope and has been found that it is harder than steel.

The video feed cut back to JaK in his room with Eva sitting on his lap kissing him on the cheek. "On the twentieth we begin the mission. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a bit worried, but the guys I'm heading out with...I'd trust them with my life..." JaK rubbed Eva's head as she clutched to him. "Life in the barracks is getting better...and my Russian is improving, so that's always a good thing." Eva began to nod off as JaK spoke. "So for the time being I took a few days off to spend moving in with Eva, she knows everything...Through all this, she's been...she's been my rock." JaK looked at her admiringly. "And it turns out she's falling asleep. So I'll be heading to bed too." JaK yawned and picked her up while approaching the camera. I bought this camera and recorded what we do on our days off, so enjoy stupid home videos while I catch some Z's." JaK placed his hand on the camera and smiled - he seemed happier than he had been in a long long time. "Goodnight."
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Sage Chronicles
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