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 The Price to Play

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Skilled Metahuman
Skilled Metahuman

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PostSubject: The Price to Play    Wed Jul 23, 2014 1:25 am

Journal Entry One:

 Never done this before, but Athena's been suggesting me to write this all down for awhile now and... I guess she's just concerned that I've been getting lazy. The last few months have been pretty crazy. I get superpowers, my Dad is missing, and I learn that my dog has been watching me for a while now and is a super hero. It's because of her that I've decided get myself mugged for other people. I'm serious.

The first time I learned I was immortal was the first time I... died. A quiet night was all around me as I was walking through the park. I only sleep three hours a night ever since I drank the stuff that was sent to our door. I also eat a lot more. And that's all it really was up to that point I guess, I thought of it as a kind of weird perk or a drug that would eventually wear off. At most it could help me stay alert in class and give me more time to study and have hobbies, but once I decided to help a harassed couple in the park at night time, I felt as if I had started something I shouldn't have. Or maybe it was a mistake the moment I drank from that flask.

  When I noticed the three creeps that were harassing a couple in the park, I was immediately drawn into the situation as if my mind had gone into some kind of tunnel vision. At first I approached cautiously, but when they didn't notice me I began to ran with the screams of the young couple beckoning me to move faster. I rushed them, and from there I was introduced for the first time to bullets. They scraped across my skin and felt like white hot insects warning me to stay back from a pain I was not supposed to feel. The first round speared through the stomach. It felt like an infinitely big animal had just slammed into me and I was going to be devoured. Even though it also felt like my guts were spilling out and burning at the same time, there was one thing I could count on.. my legs were still moving. The second shot I didn't even notice until later which went through the right lung.

I ran up to the first guy and waved at the couple only able to yell “Run!”. They took the hint and got out of there while the thug in front of me aimed straight for my face. I reached out to grab the gun by instinct with my left, barely able to move, and shoved it away as it blew a hole in my palm. I lunged and punched for his chest, I wasn't really thinking at this point but I wanted to look good before I died.  Suddenly the palm of my hand surged in blood pressure. I felt a splitting pain in the shape of a T or a cross raced across my hand as I opened it instinctively opened my fist to ease the pain, a hiss of air could be heard coming from this sudden new wound. I knew it was too specific and... oddly natural to be from a bullet. It seemed the others had paused from shooting in awe of the fact that I was still moving. The man I touched suddenly gasped and clutched his chest, immediately dropping to his knees and gasping for air.

I turned to the others with a strange grin across my face, with some strange satisfaction filling me from  commanding some kind of power over someone with just a touch. Blood suddenly gushed from my mouth and I then fell forwards, struck by more bullets. At this point my body was a complete prison to me; I couldn't even breathe. One of the men with guns walked up to me and pushed my limp body with his foot onto my back.

“Must be another one of those kids trying to be heroes. It's cause of those Titans that they do this $(%@.”

 A younger man with longer hair snarled.

“It doesn't matter. He stopped me from dealing justice to the man who recklessly killed my wife. That's the problem with these freaks, they all want to save a world that ain't worth saving. They're protecting scum like that guy who will run over someone on the road and think they're jest fine because they didn't get caught by the law or the law don't have certin crimes in da rulebook. Regardless, thanks for your help gentlemen, your money is already wired to ya. At least we Gothamites take care of business unlike this city. It's a good thing there aren't a lot of our types around here or those Titans kids would be killed in their sleep sooner or later. They got a ways to go before they deal with real crime.”

   After they had a smoke I was left in the middle of the park. They seemed experienced, and their guns were silenced perfectly to mask violence in a seemingly peaceful night. Everything from then on was a blur of pain. I remember pulling bullets out as I stalked through the streets like a zombie with my hood over my head, recuperating from being shot, then eventually reaching my house and collapsing on the bed. My mom was asleep fortunately, so I was able to throw away the blood soaked clothes.

It's hard for me to believe that it actually happened, but the thing that really bothers me is, with my strange ability to survive death scenarios. How should I really be using this power? What of the man's words, how far can I really take this if I just be a conventional hero? I'm not really sure yet, but I'm going to start working out tomorrow. I won't be able to help much if I get shot up as badly as I did back then. After listening to the man's words and thinking of his dead wife run over by that guy in the park, I feel different. Maybe there is something worse than crime out there, and now that I know how merciful death can be and how valuable dignity is, I understand what I have to protect.

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Skilled Metahuman
Skilled Metahuman

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PostSubject: Re: The Price to Play    Thu Jul 24, 2014 3:18 am

Journal Entry Two:

I got up early at 5 A.M. to surf the internet before heading to school. There was an internet story about superheroes in Jump City and the new government. Sighing I decided to try and go back to sleep but again, it didn't work. Guessed it was time for the TV...

"We now return to the site of South 9th Street where Carie has the details...

Thank you Jim. Police have recently uprooted a connection between the biker gang 'The Leviathan' and the rising numbers of disappearances in other gangs' activities, some theorize it being vigilante action, although no evidence has been shown."

After the news story completed another one came up.

“…new governmental incentive to register all metahumans as heroes. Registration is required to use any superhuman powers in the public.”

That seemed a bit harsh. After I heard that I shrugged and then turned on the computer to sign up. I tapped Athena’s shoulder who was sleeping in the room and asked her. She said it couldn’t hurt to try it out but to be careful.

It took only a minute after a few questions and then I sent the email.

The day passed slowly after that until I received the package I had ordered online a few days ago. With a smile, I hollered through the front door.

“I’m taking the dog out for a walk Mom!”

Mom called back a bit agitated and nervously.

“Make sure you do your homework! Also be careful!”

When we reached the park, I opened the bag and smiled as I looked at the beautiful jet black skating arm and leg bracers I had bought with the remainder of my allowance. From that moment on, greatness ensued as I learned that I could dodge bullets…

(Journal Entry ends)

“Athena, it’s time to try this out. Chad would be proud of me if he knew that I actually do work out but I’m fine with the ‘nerd’ insult until I kick his ass in a rematch.”

Athena projected an obstacle course while Static X blared from Bio’s headphones.

“A hero wouldn’t let some stupid guns get in the way of justice! am I right Athena?”

Athena gave him an incredulous look

“Eh… even I can’t dodge them dude. But have fun.”

The mental projection of three thugs that had assaulted him before began firing. He immediately began sprinting but was suddenly struck down by bullets painfully. After five more tries, he was on the ground groaning from the torture.

“Skates! Gotta keep low!”

After 10 more tries of the same result he figured using roller blades to keep his back low, which only bought him a second before getting shot again.

“Athenaaaa, why are they so good?! I’m a hero dammit!”

Athena barked back,

“What?! That’s what happened right? That is how people shoot guns you know, well if you’re any good at it. They aim, then follow your path, then shoot. If you change direction, then they readjust.”

Bio whined,

“But I’m a hero…”

“I told you it’s impossible.”

Bio looked down to the ground but then clutched his fist.

“I gotta do this. I will find a way! There’s no point to me fighting if I just shoot a gun at people. I look like an out of place redneck that has a blood fetish. I SUCK!”

A nearby vendor selling pull pork sandwhiches spat his tobacco violently on hearing that as his hand itched to beat the little snot that put a negative connotation on the word redneck.

"One day, Chuck Jones, one day..."

Athena wagged her tail,

“Are you jealous that I eat all of the cream cheese and jelly before you? It’s not my fault you don’t have super smell…”

Bio ignored Athena and kept sprinting for the rest of the night.

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Skilled Metahuman
Skilled Metahuman

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PostSubject: Re: The Price to Play    Fri Jul 25, 2014 7:14 am

The door slammed behind Chuck as his sister, Allison, dried her tear from her voice, Mom's voice still bellowing as he quickly walked off annoyed. She had complained that she never got to go out like Chuck did and their mother finally gave the ultimatum that either she went out with him, or he didn't go out at all. He began to start skating but then stopped as she yelled for him to slow down. He sighed,

"Screw training I guess."

It had been two weeks of training for Bio working on sprinting, dodging, and aim. Although his reflexes and physical condition were better than ever, dodging bullets just wasn't happening any time soon. He felt as if he was missing something to solve the dilemma. How did Batman do it?! They took public transportation to reach downtown and play arcade games. As they turned the corner, they saw men with guns in an alleyway from across the street.

"Woaaah woaaah..."

He overheard the men talking,

"You pay or you don't get the stuff!"

"Hey man, I swear I thought I had the right amount."

The men took the safeties off their guns and were about to blow the man they encircled away, when motorcycle engines could be heard in the distance. Cheers and war cries could be heard coming.

"Allie, hide behind there and close your eyes!"

"Chuck, where are you going?!"

"Nowhere, just close them, it could get ugly."

Shots were suddenly fired and both the drug dealers and the buyer were downed as a large motorcycle gang drove by, guns out.

"THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO SCUM IN THIS CITY NOW. I AM THE LAW." A particularly loud wild-haired individual yelled as he rode past in a drive-by shooting fashion.

Chuck pulled his mask and gun out of his pack and crossed the road firing a shot into the alleyway. He quickly dragged the bodies away with the buyer actually saved.

"Th-thank you sir."

Chuck ignored the thanks and pointed for the man to leave, shaking his head at what had happened here. Unforgivable. Hoisting the machine pistol sized biogun on his shoulder he ran out on the road, his adrenaline racing as he isolated nitrogen and compressed gas into bullet chambers even further.

The wild haired man yelled to his comrades orders and they about faced and pulled around.

"Another pansy who is too squeamish of the cowboys killin the indians."

He lit a cigar but was it was immediately put out as supersonic bullets send gusts of wind as they bounced at the feet of the bikes and sent gas flying in the faces of the vigilantes.

"Open fire boys!"

Bullets in turn began to glance around Chuck who had transformed into the older body of Bioshock as he rushed forward trying to gun them down before they could fire.  He fired at a nearby fire hydrant which immediately exploded and sent water spraying at the cyclists, confusing their aim.

 As Bio prepared his third volley he looked at the men he was running towards. He felt their vitality all in his grasp in a kind of primal connection. The more he fired at the ones raising their guns, the more he could feel their fear and reflexes. Something inside him told him the stronger and tougher ones faltered if they were taken by surprise, but scaring the weaker ones too quickly would cause them to shoot in panic.

He switched to normal aim and fired at the ones who were more level headed, winging the wild-haired man in the shoulder first before taking out his adjunct with a shaved head by shooting him in the sternum.  

 Weaker ones not shooting... herd mentality... take cover and pick them off

Bio pressed a button on his belt and skates popped out of his shoes. His training paid off as he blitzed to the side with great acceleration, keeping low as bullets whizzed by him, the grunt thugs catching on but too focused on proving their strength rather than accuracy. He made it to cover behind a telephone booth. He quickly looked around the corner, empowered by this new way he could use his shape-shifting senses. He looked at them again, some driving off, others yelling curses and getting off their bikes and firing. His instinctual mind had new observations

Adrenaline division... some fight, some run... need to shock and scare them before they run out of fear .

He fired a few warning shots and collected more nitro gas.

Distractions... need distractions...

 He noticed the unmanned bikes left in the streets and fired. Bullets instantly pierced through several gas tanks and explosions could be seen from a police helicopter monitoring the sudden battle that had taken place on the streets. He then fired at the ground in front of the approaching gunmen and knocked them back from the force of the bullets violating the asphalt next to them. This stalled them as mist gathered and enveloped the herd of vigilantes from all sides. The next thing they knew they were clutching their legs as Bio skated between them shooting their legs and planting elbows and kicks in their faces to bring more down. The leader (particularly disgusted with the fact that he healed after being shot), his adjunct, and a few others got up and rode away before the police arrived.

After using the mist to mask his escape he took a long route around behind his sister who was shaking with fear. For some reason, she wasn't crying like she normally would, just happy to see her brother again. The two of them went home.

"Did you see that guy with the gun?"

Chuck quickly replied,

"Hmmm? Oh yeah, he practically saved me!"

Screw the rules, I'm training tomorrow..."

he muttered to himself.


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Skilled Metahuman
Skilled Metahuman

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PostSubject: Re: The Price to Play    Thu Jul 31, 2014 6:47 pm

Journal Entry 3:
I can finally do it. I've only gotten shot 10 times today in the simulation practice. I've even gotten used to the pain to where I can still stay focused instead of losing my mind completely.  The trick is unpredictability where I can feel out the current state of their nerves and reflexes and stall a full copy then react. It took weeks of training and breaking my neck learning to bring my frestyle skating to the level to  just to be able to deal with the disorienting feeling but I figured out a simple pattern.

When they tense up I slow my dodging considerably, when they try to swag it up and control for better aim I dodge quicker. Dodging means anything from balancing on one leg while still rolling with my back arched to suddenly using my hand to balance myself in a headstand to stop. Trying that ripped a few muscle tendons on the first few tries.  I was able to pull all of this off a week and a half ago when shredding on stair bars and walls with lots of incline and momentum, but on a flatground it's a whole new level of hardcore... When I finished the simulation, I began doing some planking and pushups but stopped hearing clapping behind me.


A familiar voice was behind me. I got up smiling,

"Tap master!"

Athena quizzically raised her eyebrow, not knowing all of my friends yet. Tap Master Stallion  was a famous local DJ, known for wearing his stallion horse mask and his long stylish jacket, gloves and shoulder pads. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and told me about the party going down. We caught up a bit on life but the conversation eventually led to my Dad. Although he knew about my powers, he didn't know about the last few months. I sighed and told him about my Dad's dissapearance. The DJ paused for a moment and thought,

"Yeah, you did say he has a pretty intense line of work. He's basically Indiana Jones and that is true swagger. Tell you what kid, I'm staging a party in the warehouse next Friday at east 6th street downtown.  USE YOUR SPIRIT TO GET IN."

With that the Tap Master danced away. I'm so heading to the party.

[Journal Entry end]

Athena whimpered... So creepy...

"Come, Athena! We have a wardrobe to assemble!"

Whaaaa? What's gotten into you?!

 Chuck and Athena danced away quickly from the park, Athena bewildered by the change in Chuck's mood.

 He began going shopping with his sister for clothes, being more sociable at school, and training without even being reminded to.


Chuck scratched his head at Athena's question as he finished lifting a large truck tire as part of his workout.

 "Money and Fame? Stallion always said he'd give me a shout out at a party if I showed off some tricks."

 Athena sighed..

Chuck  soon found himself in his older form walking up to the bouncer dressed in a tuxedo T-shirt, covered by a sports jacket, and wearing shorts covered in chains with his signature shoes on. He handed the bouncer an illusory ID and paid with illusory money at the door to get in while people stared at his weird outfit. Once the bouncer checked the list and allowed him through,  he glanced quickly to over to Athena who levitated to a rooftop and then barked a farewell. Bio pointed at her and then winked and walked in.

 A myriad of color and movement unfolded as he walked in. The warehouse was huge, and the crowd seemed endlessly long like a wave jumping up and down. He pushed his way to the front of the dance floor and started jumping up and down too so the Tap Master could see him. Tap Master raised his hand at Chuck's and he jumped down to the front with people cheering as he dive bombed into the front row, next to more DJ machines on either side him. Amongst cheers, he ambidextrously manipulated both electronic boards to rile up his fans. Amongst chanting, he pulled a microphone out of the inside pocket.

"Can you feel the energy?!"

The crowd responded with chanting.

"My friend Chuck can feel it. The moment HAS COME. Crowd surfing competition!"

With a roar of the crowd, they crouched in a manner several bouncers set aside a boundary for crowd surfing and other activities. As the night went on two things happened at once, drug deals, and an increasingly tougher looking crowd entering the party, with the bouncers beginning to dissapear in number.

 Suddenly shots rang out and the crowd suddenly began to panic. A wild haired man approached the center with a sawed off shotgun. Rage against the machine suddenly began playing from the speakers as he shot the ceiling. The rest of his comrades were armed with machetes and knives.

   "I just want to speak to Bioshock!"

he yelled. Chuck turned to Tap.

"Get out of here kid."

The DJ said. Chuck nodded and began weaving through the crowd. He almost reached the door, before he turned around. Why was he running?

He saw a woman being trampled, and rushed to help, knocking others off their feet to get to her. Frustrated that he was creating even more of a mess, he glared at the hooligans that had disturbed the party in the middle of the warehouse. His skates popped out of his shoes and his eyes began to glow, feeling out the reflexes of everyone in the room. He picked up one man, who was being particularly panicked and threw him across the room, his powerlifting coming into handy. He then skated over and knocked over another man with a lariat to the throat who was also acting up, leaving him gagging for air.

 Stupid humans. Settle down!

He thought, weaving his way around the edge of the warehouse to push panicking people over yelling for them to get back and that they were hurting people. He then saw the wild haired man, Isaiah Henderick, wearing the mask of a bull firing his gun and panicking the crowd some more. Glaring again, he skated behind him using the crowd as cover and aimed a kick at his legs. Isiah crumpled to one knee and aimed his gun but Bio grabbed onto it and wrenched it away and dissapeared into the crowd.  The other thugs were stuck with Isaiah confused for a few minutes, before being tripped up and thrown one by one into the air by a very agile assailant.

One of the girls, a woman with two knives spun and caught Chuck in the belly with a stab. Chuck instinctively grabbed onto her and let the skates carry both of them into the crowd. Through his pain he used a Bioshock and exhausted her quickly then wrenched the knife from her and stabbed it into one of her legs to make sure she'd stay down. The hooligans were already narrowed down to three including Isaiah. Isaiah quickly looked around and grabbed a girl from the crowd, using her as a shield and pulling out another sawed-off shotgun from his jacket.

 "Bioshock! I know who you are. You're that kid I shot a few months ago! Don't you get it kid?! I do exactly what you do. I hunt the problems down and fix them for others. I don't give a #$@$! And I know you don't too! Just a weekend warrior tired of the broken system and the crime and how scum are allowed to treat decent people like garbage! All I'm asking for is a truce! You don't bother me, I won't bother you and together this city will see a #@$% golden age! You know it! It's time for people like us to take action."

 Chuck appeared in front of Isaiah.

"Let her go, dude. I'm not about that life."

Isaiah chuckled.

"Oh come on. It's obvious you want to be some kind of Titan with those powers or something like that. You know what that accomplishes? Nothing. Nothing changes unless you pull out the roots of it all."

 Chuck looked to the right and gasped at what he saw. Tap Master lay on the floor, not moving.

Tears welled up in his eyes and then suddenly looked back up at Isaiah continuing to preach.

 "Him? His parties were always the center of drug activity and many crimes and he knew it. Nothin can attach him to those crimes except his conscience. Who are the ones that are supposed to take care of people like that? Mwha, kid."

 Chuck responded calmly but anger was hidden in his voice.

"Y-you never gave him a chance to change. You never give anyone a chance to change! Stop playing God!"

 Isaiah smirked and was about to try to get into Chuck's head again when the girl that he was holding hostage whimpered.

"Brother... help..."

Chuck's eyes widened as he noticed who was being held hostage. Adrenaline kicked in as the fear of his sister being implicated in all of this. He approached slowly, trying to distract Isaiah. He looked at Isaiah and synchronized his reflexes.
Athena's advice about the different kinds of guns he could hear in his head.

He suddenly dashed forward, but it was a feint. The moment the shotgun was raised and fired he dropped down into a crouch, stopping his movements and gliding on his skates. Some pellets grazed his scalp, but he was fine. He felt like a demon or predator playing with its prey and tricking it to let its defenses down.

Isaiah was forced to let go of Allison and pump the shotgun. It was at that point, Chuck aimed a kick at the crotch from the ground. The gang leader bent over in pain and Chuck got up, pressing a button on his belt and stopping his motion suddenly and jumping, landing on his head and using that to flip away while simultaneously pushing the man onto his face. He screeched to a halt and turned around, feeling Isaiah suddenly burst with physical power.

"Heh, I guess I'm not the only one who trained."

Isaiah grunted who could also sprint like the dickens. He aimed a punch for the teen's face. Chuck brought up his hands and caught it, but angled his feet and caught the momentum of the punch using his skates to turn him around and grab onto his attacker's arm. He was suddenly beside Isaiah, rolling along with him with Isaiah trying to shake him off. He put the shotgun barrel in his jacket and attempted to shoot Chuck through the jacket. Chuck skated backwards, pulling Isaiah with him. An awkward struggle of balance took place.

"Let go of me you amateur!"

Chuck finally got his wits back and pressed a button with his skates popping in. With renewed traction, he copied the strength of Isaiah and yanked hard on his arm while running backwards. With a cry of pain, the man fell backwards on the floor with his arm dislocated.   With his other hand he pointed the shotgun over his head in a last ditch effort and aimed. Bio jumped and aimed a double stomp on the gunning hand and face of Isaiah. It was over, Isaiah was left with a broken nose and cops surrounding him on all sides.

Chuck ignored the media and the cops and looked after Allison, who had changed her appearance slightly to look older to get into the party.

  "I did see that you were a superhero when that gunfight happened... ever since then I've been following you. What else do I have to hope for now that Dad's gone?"

Chuck begged his sister to keep his identity a secret and she promised and thanked him. Athena soon arrived at the scene rushing in and apologizing for not noticing something was wrong sooner. Days passed and things became more solemn at home for Chuck. There was no denying that he had changed ever since what had happened to Tap Master. His sister had matured quite a bit now that she knew about Bio and the admiration she had for him was growing.
One day a package arrived. With it was a letter and some kind of armor...

 After Chuck read the letter he felt cold inside. Tap Master was the one who had commisioned his Dad to find the Fountain of Youth. And his Dad blew it up to raise the value on the remnants to make more money. He sent it home for safekeeping, but it was never supposed to have been drunk. The letter finished with an addendum after the apology.

"Kid, you're better than your Dad and I because you're a free spirit and you care more about people than money and an elevated lifestyle. Keep doing what you're doing, but trust me, don't let the stuff get to your head. After I commisioned your Dad, I went to explore the ruins where the tablets that had the directions were found. I found Aztec instructions to create a kind of armor the warrior that drank from the fountain was supposed to wear. Weird stuff, but I was able to find the materials needed and 3D print it. Apparently, it's some kind of trial to determine who's worthy of power. You'll find it in the bag among other things. Good luck kid..."

  Chuck opened the bag and pulled out a white long jacket with a decal on the back that extended to both shoulders and lined the middle of the fabric with its trunk. It was in the shape of a cross with the only defining feature that made it a tree being dead branches stretching out from the ends of the cross. If one looked closely enough they would see the branches were in the shape of double helixes. Chuck also received a special glove/gauntlet that covered his forearm. It used capillary pressure and special needles when a button was pushed to flow blood from his arm to the gun. The holster that came with it allowed him to draw quickly, and the jacket covered the holster. Chuck smiled and his mood brightened a bit with these gifts.

  He eyed the armor carefully. It was white marked with greyed Aztec swirly designs on the shoulder pads and chestplate.  Armor for the legs came with the white dress pants with similar design that fit over the pants. Once the last piece was on, Bio suddenly felt pain and weak throughout his whole body. He shook it off but the weakness remained. He shrugged and took it off.

 Athena barked.

Maybe it's supposed to make you stronger?

Chuck scratched his head.

"Oh yeah... well I guess I'll try it out later then..."

 With that Bio opened the window and smiled back.

"Time for some adventures. I got a lot to think about. See ya!"

He jumped out onto the branch of the tree in their yard, landed on the streets, and ran off.

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The Price to Play
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