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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Nightmare Chronicles

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PostSubject: Nightmare Chronicles   Mon Jul 14, 2014 10:13 pm

OT: Usually I get ideas for Nightmare which work better as a solo thread, and I've been having more and more lately so these will be the stories of what happens to Nightmare between the times I RP with him

The sun was setting over Jump City leaving the sky a beautiful shade of red. It was the time of day where everyone was shutting up shop and getting ready to go home, well almost everyone that is. There was one man who was wearing a long black trench coat who looked as if he had no intention of going home, instead he was heading into the local pizza store in the city. He looked at the sign on the door which read “closed” and ignored it, heading straight inside. The owner of the shop was getting ready to close for the day and was stacking the chairs atop the tables when he heard the bell above the door chime which signalled that someone had entered the shop and without turning around he simply said. “Can’t you read the sign man, we’re closed.”

It was at that moment that he turned around to see the man in the trench coat standing in front of him which caused him to take a step back with a panicked look on his face. “Oh, I’m terribly sorry. Please forgive me, I had no idea it was you.” He was starting to sweat, obviously nervous about the man that stood in front of him. The man in the trench coat slowly walked forward until he was eye to eye with the owner. “If it happens again I’ll cut that tongue straight out of your head. Now it’s that time of the month again, time to pay up or a few ‘accidents’ will start happening around here if you catch my drift.” The owner would take a hard gulp and nod his head, possibly too afraid to utter any words, instead he made his way straight to the cash register and emptying it into a bag before handing it over. “Smart man.” The man would then put the bag into the inside pocket of his coat before turning to exit the restaurant but before he did he grabbed a chair off the table and threw it through one of the windows. “Oh, you may want to clean that up.”

The man would then walk away with a bag of money in tow, he was not a small man so he knew that no one would be stupid enough to try and attack him to take it anyway, or almost no one anyway. He would then turn to walk down an alleyway that was lit only by a single street light and as he looked ahead he saw that there was someone standing directly under the light, only for the figure to raise his hand and throw something blue up which would destroy the light dimming the alleyway. The man would then reach into his coat pocket and pull out a gun and point it at the figure under the street “Get the hell out of the way or you won’t live to regret it.” The man stood there for a few seconds after making his threat only to get no response. “Well then you asked for it!” Then all that could be heard was the sound of the gun firing three times, all bullets hitting the figure and then him dropping to the floor. “Idiot.”

The man would then keep walking, stepping over the body as he got to it but as he stepped he would feel something grab his ankle. “What the-” The man looked down to see the person he had just shot holding his ankle to stop him from walking. He would once again reach inside his coat and pull out the gun, this time it was pointed towards the head but before he could pull the trigger he could feel his ankle getting hotter and hotter, his skin burning as he yelled out in pain before dropping to the floor. “What the hell are you?!” The figure would then get up off the floor and dust himself off before placing his hand on the man’s mouth before uttering one simple sentence. “I’m this city’s Nightmare.” Then Nightmare would create a fireball in his hand and by extension, in the man’s mouth which also muffled the screams as Nightmare held his hand there until he had felt the man’s life slip away right through the palm of his hands. “Now to pay a visit to your boss.”


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Nightmare Chronicles
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