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 Dragonball Z AU Sign Ups

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Ωmega-class Metahuman
Ωmega-class Metahuman

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PostSubject: Dragonball Z AU Sign Ups    Mon Jan 13, 2014 2:38 pm

Map of Earth


It has been hundreds of years since the last of the original Z Fighters died off and the era of Peace has stuck around. Most of the People of Earth have become lazy in this Era of Peace to the Point of even the secret of becoming a super saiyan has been lost and hasn't even been refound since the task hasn't been needed to be done in so long.

A new colony of saiyans been recently found on a new Planet and the People of Earth can only assume what they may do once they find out about the Dragonballs. The Earth has also gained a new guardian who like the Previous ones have Proven to be quite strong despite never revealing himself to all the People of Earth. Now only one question truly remains, will this Era of Peace that seems to be a never ending  one truly last forever?


The rules are the same as they are on the normal RP but the Posting order is a bit different just take turns with the Peoples characters you are currently RPing with rather than everyone in the RP. If your waiting on someone to respond wait 24 hours after telling them it's their turn unless they tell you to skip them (Please don't Post just to skip you) then after the 24 hours are up you can skip them. There are a few more things you should note that will be Posted below.

Kids- Kids have Proven time and time again that they are able to be just as strong as if not stronger than adults and sometimes even known to have a lot of hidden Power. Noting that it is not required to have your kid characters weak though you may want to have them have some hidden Potential but again it is not required.

Characters- You can have as many as you want but don't make too many at first nor a lot of them in general (5 being like preferred max) also saiyans you can't start off with a super saiyan form.

Stat Points- These are just a way to get a good idea of what your character can do. Each character starts off with a total of 100 usable Points (Doesn't count towards the Potential). As you go through the RP and get strong feel free to come back and update your APP's Stat Points. But Please don't add like 40 Points to every stat after your first Post.

Races- Some races are known to be naturally stronger than others but like kids they have been known to be able to become stronger than their assumed naturally stronger race. So even though they are know to be weaker don't hold everyone in that race to this fact when looking at their characters APP.

Ancestors- You can't be directly a Z Fighter's child but since this is so far in the future you can be their decedent aka their child's child's child etc.

Please PM me for Questions.

Character APP

[center](Put your characters Picture here if you have one.)[img][/img][/center]
[b]Full Name:[/b]
[b]Special Rank/Title:[/b]

[b]Other Info:[/b]




[b]Current Residence:[/b]
[b]Original Residence:[/b]  

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Alpha-class Metahuman
Alpha-class Metahuman

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Name: Yang Xiaolong and Blake Belladonna
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PostSubject: Re: Dragonball Z AU Sign Ups    Mon Jan 13, 2014 5:35 pm

Full Name: Raya
Age: 42 (Physically 25)
Affiliation: Saiyan Colony
Special Rank/Title: Saiyan Colony Leader (And...I guess Queen of the Saiyans)
Race: Saiyan
Ancestor: None

Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Clothes: Saiyan Armor
Height: 5'4"
Weight/Figure: 185 lbs (I want to remind everyone that your weight should be on the higher end because of how heavy muscle is. Goku weighs about 285 lbs so...yeah)
Other Info:

Speed: 30
Strength: 20
Ki: 25
Defense: 15
Stamina: 10
Potential Super Saiyan
(Only available through extreme emotional pain or anger, doubles each stat)

Magma Storm - Ki erupts from the ground, launching the target into an onslaught of physical strikes

Inferno Tempest - Usually combo'd with Magma Storm, Raya does a series of gestures ending in a gigantic blast of Ki sending the enemy back into the ground

Burst Stream - Raya's strongest energy blast, starting with a simple charge and ending with a gigantic beam. Not unlike the Gallick Gun or Kamehameha.

Super Saiyan
Great Ape

Skills: Ki Technique Memorization/Mimicry
Tail Grab
When a Saiyan's tail is grabbed, they can't move very well. It can be removed however.

Rina is as arrogant as any Saiyan, setting them as greater than any other being. She will defend her honor and her people to the death. Once humbled however, she makes an invaluable ally.
Likes: Food, Ramen especially
Dislikes: Overthinking and overstrategizing.

Family: None currently living
Current Residence: Migrating Saiyan Colony
Original Residence: Born into Saiyan Colony (Originally Planet Vegeta)
Raya was born with the Saiyan colony and was surprisingly powerful for such a small baby. At a young age, she was clearly destined for great things and quickly rose through the ranks. With the death of the colony's leader, the then 17 year old Raya entered the tournament to find the new Saiyan leader and won, she has been the leader of the remaining Saiyans for the past 25 years and has had a wonderous and greatly respected reign. With the discovery of the new Dragonballs, she plans to use them to revive her race and Planet Vegeta, with the exclusion of the royal family so she can cement her place as the Queen of all Saiyans.

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Ωmega-class Metahuman
Ωmega-class Metahuman

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Age : 20
Location : My bedroom where I spend most my time cause I have no life XP

RPG character
Name: Milicondras Gen- *is shot and a new person walks in clearing his throat* Miley.....
Code Name: Fire Spitter (But that's only in other worlds.... for now 0 u 0)
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PostSubject: Re: Dragonball Z AU Sign Ups    Mon Jan 13, 2014 6:39 pm

Full Name: Astrid
Nickname: Bitter, Jaws, Clamp
Age: 10 years old
Special Rank/Title: N/A
Race: Human
Ancestor: Android 18 (And also Technically Krillin)

Hair: Blonde and in a pony tail
Eyes: Sometimes it's hard to tell if its just black but they are light blue
Clothes: She wears red mid calf high shoes, a grey long sleeve shirt under a black short sleeve shirt under a jean jacket that she ripped the sleeves off. Jean shorts that are very large on her.
Height: 3'8"
Weight/Figure: 48 lbs
Other Info:

Speed: 2 (20)
Strength: 3 (20)
Ki: 0 (10)
Defense: 5 (40)
Stamina: 10 (10)
Potential: 80
(Can only use her full abilities when after she's been beaten up to the point of having to fight to sit up and or when Highly angry and or have suffered a large loss or finally if she has to drastically help a friend or love one.)

Moves: The clamp: This is one of Astrid's best moves well her only move she knows right now besides basic fighting. From the many years of tearing stuff u with her teeth and biting things and people Astrid's jaw is the strongest part of her body as of right now. Once Astrid has her target in sight she gets as much of it in her mouth and clamps down. Her grip will continuously grow stronger and stronger until she can no longer get stronger. This move is so good because it distracts the enemy along with hurts them that and through her stubbornness and such she tends to not let go unless she wants to or some how you can pry her off.
Forms: N/A
Skills: How to fight, destroy things with her teeth and mouth, taught people.
Strengths: Biting things
Weaknesses: Before she reaches her full potential she's an easy target for most people except for people her age and most average humans. She doesn't know how to fly yet.
Habits: She tends to buy jackets just to rip off their sleeves to make them into vests rather the buying vests. She tends to try and rip things open/off with her teeth a lot. She has the Habit of starting a lot of fights at school with bullies who think they can take her or pick on her or someone else causing her to get in trouble a lot and commonly coming home with injuries. She tends to taught people to try and make up for currently not attacking them, she also tends to bite people when fighting them.

Personality: She is a very tomboyish, stubborn, hardheaded, high in pride that could rival a saiyan's, tough little girl who always tries to hide her pain mental, emotional, or even physical despite how bad it might be. She likes to beat up people who annoy her and she does tend to get annoyed with a lot of people quite easily sometimes. Rather than complaining when defeated she usually likes to pout and not talk.
Likes: Ripping things up with her teeth, finding reasons to fight, beating up boys in her school, winning a fight, Jackets with the sleeves ripped off, thinking there's a difference between a ripped off sleeved jacket and a vest. Fighting, taunting people, biting things and people.
Dislikes:Losing, being stopped from fighting, not being able to bite things and people, having her pride hurt, seeing someone she cares for hurt, things that annoy her.

Family: Mother
Current Residence: Satan City
Original Residence: Satan City
History:Astrid was a normal kid who had a normal life in Satan city, but then one day on on a camping trip the little toddler crawled off unable to walk yet and got lost for a week. One they found her she had been apparently been living with many wild animals. Ever since then Astrid had been big on fighting and biting people. Astrid's father died of a bad sickness not too long after she was found and she never had or currently has any good memories of him though so his death didn't really impact her though it did make her mother a bit more protective over her and more strict. Every time Astrid came home with a single bruise on her she would tend to get yelled at but that sorta just made her act out more. Currently Astrid is on the verge of being kicked out of public school for how she acts towards others in school living the normal life of a reckless child.

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Ωmega-class Metahuman
Ωmega-class Metahuman

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PostSubject: Re: Dragonball Z AU Sign Ups    Mon Jan 13, 2014 11:32 pm

Full Name: Tomarta
Nickname: None
Age: 24
Affiliation: Saiyan colony
Special Rank/Title: None
Race: Saiyan
Ancestor: None that were in the show

Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Clothes: Saiyan armour
Gear: None
Height: 5 foot 7"
Weight/Figure: 170 pounds
Other Info: Monkey tail.

Speed: 30
Strength: 20
Ki: 25
Defense: 5
Stamina: 20
Potential: He has the potential to become a super saiyan

Moves: Speed blitz- He blurs somewhere then disappears and appears somewhere else, firing a basic ki blast before he leaves, he does this again and again and again until he gets tired or is interrupted suddenly.
Forms: Big ape form, possibly super saiyan in the future
Skills: Hand to hand combat skills, ki technique skills, very skilled flier.
Strengths: Fighting, he's a saiyan, that's kind of their thing. Intelligent
Weaknesses: His tail causes him great pain if pulled on or bitten or etc. He's a bit of a glass cannon
Habits: Unless he has to be grounded, he is usually in the air.

Personality: Like most Saiyans Tomarta has great pride and is very hurt when it is broken. Unlike most Saiyans however he respects people for their intelligence or nobility, rather than fighting prowess. He is intelligent and careful, but pretends to be manly and aggressive in front of other Saiyans, however once you get close to him you see the real him.  
Likes: Victory, smart people, people he respects.
Dislikes: Defeat, Stupid or mindless people.

Family: Father (Deceased) Mother (Deceased)
Current Residence: Migrating Saiyan colony
Original Residence:  None, he was born into the colony, he has no actual home.
History: Tomarta was conceived on a desolated planet that once inhabited a species, but they had been wiped out by the Saiyans, his parents where a part of the battle itself, they were separated from the group and forced to battle hundreds of enemies together, they were able to defeat the aliens together and looked at each other in the eyes, well, you can figure out what happened next.

Nine months later his mother gave birth to her and he was raised by the saiyans, he was taught how to fight and how they originally came from the planet Vegeta before it was destroyed and were now looking for a permanent home. Whether or not this was one hundred percent true is still unknown to Tomarta, but it inspired him to work his best for the group.
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Ωmega-class Metahuman
Ωmega-class Metahuman

Posts : 3552
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RPG character
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PostSubject: Re: Dragonball Z AU Sign Ups    Fri Jan 17, 2014 12:55 am

Full Name: Kouki Takashi.
Nickname: Kou.
Age: 36.
Affiliation: Good, if he was born at the time he would of been a Z fighter.
Special Rank/Title: None.
Race: Human.
Ancestor: Yamcha.

Hair: Black.
Eyes: Black.
Clothes: Black weighted training shirt, red training gear, blue scarf.
Gear: None.
Height: 1.74 m
Weight/Figure: 265 pounds, not including weighted shirt.
Other Info: Various scars from years of hard training.

Speed: 20
Strength: 20
Ki: 20
Defense: 20
Stamina: 20
Potential: 0

Moves: Thor's lightning- A basic beam that is more powerful than his normal beams, it sounds like thunder when it goes off.
Odin's fury- When he is angry enough he can use a mouth beam that severely drains his life energy, he can only use it as a last resort and if he is already hurt enough he could die just from using it, however it is extremely powerful.
Forms: None.
Skills: Martial arts, ki skills, good accuracy.
Strengths: Brave, he always tries to help those who need him.
Weaknesses: He has many large scars which could be easier to pierce than the rest of his body.
Habits: Goes out of his way to help others.

Personality: Kouki is naturally kind hearted and friendly, he easily feels passionate about things. He can be very stubborn about things, especially in a battle with a stronger opponent but he never gives up and abandons those who need him. He is incredibly loyal to those who he calls friends and has a weakness for those who are helpless, he cannot help helping people, he puts it above his own safety.
Likes: Helping people, beating up bullies.
Dislikes: Not being able to help people, bullies, killing.

Family: Father, Mother, younger sister.
Current Residence: Satan City
Original Residence: Satan city
History: Kouki wasn't born as anything special, just an ordinary kid with ordinary fighting skills and no flying and no energy blasts. He found out about the feats of the z fighters many years before, as he grew up he realized that the Earth had no protectors for threats like that and aspired to be one himself.

His efforts at first didn't go very far, his strength levels where still just at normal human levels, but one fateful day he was discovered by a traveling guru who saw his potential and trained him to manipulate ki and improve his physical skills, much like the Z fighter humans before him.

From the basic training that the guru gave him he was able to expand on his abilities to the level he is at now, and still he trains, waiting for a threat to the earth, that he will be ready for.
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Zeta-class Metahuman
Zeta-class Metahuman

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Name: Dravocn Hecoro
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PostSubject: Re: Dragonball Z AU Sign Ups    Sun Jan 19, 2014 8:32 am

Full Name: Dravocn Hecoro
Nickname: Prince Dravocn
Age: 18
Affiliation: Neutral Chaotic
Special Rank/Title:
Race: Changeling (which is what i believe Freiza, Cooler, and King Cold are) Saiyan Hybrid
Ancestor: None of the Z fighters... but he is related to Frieza and Cooler

Hair: Finely groomed thick, dark blue
Eyes: Ice blue
Clothes: Leather gloves
Gear: 200 Ibs loose shirt, 200 Ibs Kimono pants, 100 Ibs wrist weights, 100 Ibs leg weights, 100 Ibs belt
Height: 5'11"
Weight/Figure: 140 Ibs by himself
Other Info: Sapphire gems on his joints (shoulders, ankles, wrists, knuckles, knees, tip of tail), thin tail like a saiyans but powerful and no fur with a Sapphire gem on the tip

Speed: 30
Strength: 5
Ki: 5
Defense: 30
Stamina: 30
Potential: Has the potential to go into many different forms and many different combinations of forms thanks to his lineage

After Image Technique: moves so fast he generates multiple images of himself
Echo Technique: can project his voice from anywhere he wants
Great Ape
Form one
Form two
Form three
Form four
Great Ape + Form one
Great Ape + Form two
Great Ape + Form three
Great Ape + Form four
Skills: Evasion and Endurance (in terms of taking damage and stamina)
Strengths: cunning, intelligent, and swift
Weaknesses: doesn't care unless it benifits himself... wether it be in the distant future or immediately, directly or indirectly
Habits: Training, Meditation, takes everything like just another training session

Personality: Actually quite humble despite his lineage on both sides, Intelligent, kind-hearted,
Likes: Intelligence, Romance (especially forbidden love ... he thinks of it like Romeo and Juliet ... and more)
Dislikes: undeserved cruelty, closed minded people, stupidity

Family: Father, Uncle, two sisters (fathers side), three sisters (mothers side), and two cousins (Mothers side)
Current Residence: Earth cave
Original Residence: Royal Palace on the Changeling home planet
History: Before he was conceived his mother had been 'taken' unwillingly by his dad. His mother had died giving birth to him. His Uncle had fought for custody because he didn't want his sisters son to go soft with all of the luxuries that his father can give him. Eventually his uncle got visiting rights and spent them all training him in the ways of the high class Saiyan warrior he is ... even if he thought the child was an abomination and shouldn't exist ... he wanted to make his sister right. Dravocn's cousins and sisters (Mothers side) treated him with pity and distaste along with his uncle, his sisters (Fathers side) had almost completely ignored him. Most of Dravocns days he trained in both arts (Changeling and Saiyan) and his nights had been spent meditating. One day Dravocn had been sent to earth in an analysis mission and he's been on earth ever since ... giving his father and uncle regular reports of course.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragonball Z AU Sign Ups    

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Dragonball Z AU Sign Ups
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