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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Interview with Isabelle O'Gillian (Just before Cynthia left for America)

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PostSubject: Interview with Isabelle O'Gillian (Just before Cynthia left for America)   Tue Dec 17, 2013 6:56 pm

This is the transcript of a radio Q&A interview between Cynthia and Andrew Travis, one of Rock! Radio's DJs

(The conversation will be represented by A: standing for Andrew and C: standing for Cynthia, at this point Cynthia was using her alias Isabelle O'Gillian to those outside the band.)

A: Hey guys its me Andrew, here with Isabelle O'Gillian from the fairly well-known band Shamrock Shackles, we look forward to hearing them play in our Live Lounge session later. So tell me Isabelle, how did it all begin? How did Shamrock Shackles become to be?

C: Well Andrew it all started when the four of us met in school, we became best friends at around 15 then because it turned out we were all good at music we ended up joining up together and making a band.

A: Sounds like you had lots of luck, so what inspired the band name?

C: Well I don't really remember for sure but I guess we all dreamed of making it big so if we did make it big we wanted people to know where we came from, hence the shamrock, as for the shackles part...as I remember at the time we were all feeling held down by the world, shackled to the Earth as it were, but even when we did end up touring around England the two words put together give a joint meaning I guess...that we'll always be tied to our home, nomatter where we are. Ireland will always be our home, our family and childhood memories remain there.

A: Sounds pretty deep, so you mentioned your touring, what was it like going around England for the first time?

C: Well to tell the truth a little scary, Brianna, Liam and Orin were nervous too. At first we didn't even know how we were going to get around but Liam's uncle ended up giving him an old, beat up VW Campervan so we ended up going around in that, just driving around to different gigs and such, Orin was kinda like our band manager so he found us the gigs and such, sometimes we'd just end up playing by the side of the road.

A: That sounds amazing, so you just went around playing wherever you wanted and going where you want, quite a Bohemian lifestyle. So I'm sure many of us are wondering, what kind of bands inspired you to create your music?

C: I'd say so yeah, after that we got recognised we ended up making a couple albums, it was really fun. In terms of your other question I think many bands inspired us but mainly bands like Muse, 30 Seconds to Mars, Kings of Leon, Mallory Knox and even this new band called The Gaslight Anthem.

A: Excellent, okay so we're running out of time here so any last words Isabelle?

C: Well we are thinking of going to America to spread our music there but...so far we're at a split decision in the band, but hopefully we can all decide on something that keeps us together.

A: Well we at Rock! Radio hope so too, so later we'll be hearing the Shamrock Shackles play in the Live Lounge a song from their new album called Look to the Skies.

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Interview with Isabelle O'Gillian (Just before Cynthia left for America)
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