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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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The Departed
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The Departed

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RPG character
Name: Necati - Azural
Code Name: The Fallen- The Life Binder
Villain or good guy?: Neutral

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PostSubject: Necati Iluminari   Necati Iluminari Icon_minitimeMon Jul 15, 2013 12:46 pm

OOC: So I got approval from Dar to re post this with the sincerest of promises to not abuse the character.

The Fallen

Necati Iluminari Dark_a10


Full Name:  Necati Iluminari
Codename: The Fallen
Nickname(s):  NA
Alias(es): NA
Age: Old as time itself
Birth date: Creation of Life
Affiliation: Chaotic Neutral


Hair Color: Snow White
Eye Color: Stormy gray
Height:6’ 3”
Other: Necati is never seen without his black cloak and large silver scythe.  He keeps the hood up at all times shrouding his face in darkness. Most of the time the only part of his body that can bee seen is the shinning gray of his eyes set in the black of his outfit.


Powers: Necati’s powers draw on the most ancient of magic, energy and pure darkness.  Created for the sole purpose of collecting the souls of the departed, dark magic and life energy flow from him and bend to his will.  Necati is often seen firing beams of dark energy that can cut through about anything in their path as well as manipulating the same magic into various objects and shields.  Secondly his connection to the spirit realm allows him to shift between the plains of reality making him intangible as he disappears in a cloud of dark mist.  Allowing him to pass through solid objects or give the illusion of teleportation.   Along with this a cold aura radiates off him and thoughts of death or a person’s greatest fears manifest themselves in all who are in close proximity to him without his awareness.  They are not incapacitating or hindering just a slightly eerie and discomforting affect that lets people know he is there.

Secondary Powers
Superhuman Strength: Like spiderman style in that he can lift small cars and smash a hole in cement but is not able to compare to superman or hulk in strength.

Super Human Speed:  In human speed is really because of his link to darkness.  Over the years he has used the dark magic to keep his body in a youthful superhuman state and give it unnatural abilities at the cost of his completion, mental stability and over all soul.  With each passing year and decade he becomes closer and closer to a hollow shell.  Necati survives only now by sure will carry out his task till the end of time.  All that is human is but lost.  It is like curse in that regard.  His speed is comparable to superhuman reflexes and speed that fringes on the border of human perception.  He is very much so a cut below those who are purely fast, such as kid flash or mas+minos.  

Intelligence: Wise from years of life and experience.  Though he is not a genius he knows the world and human nature better than most.




Strengths:  Given life since the beginning of time Necati is an ancient wise from the years of life.  He has seen the greatest of inventions, the strongest of empires and pinnacles of society rise and fall.  He is intelligent and single minded in his duty of collecting the departed and keeping his idea of balance.  

Weaknesses: Necati’s greatest weakness is his lack of humanity.  He has little emotion, free will or drive.  He simply performs his duty and could care less if the world burned beneath his feet.  He also lacks any kind of social skills and is mentally unstable.  Those who enter his mind or thoughts often find themselves overwhelmed with sorrow, chaos and darkness.  This fact makes him crazy,irrational and incapable of stability.

Skills: Very gifted in his physical abilities such as strength speed and usage of his scythe.

Equipment:  A large double bladed silver scythe.

Habits/Quirks:  Slow eerie sounding speech that is often a riddle, monotone voice and bad luck.

Personality:  Cold and uncaring Necati prefers solidarity and ambiguity. He sees the world as a holding area for the souls yet to join the departed.  Thus he views the world as unimportant and fails to see any value in life, love, happiness or anything.   While around the living he is silently mostly or speaks contemptuously to them.  Necati’s only allegiance is to the task he believes has been assigned to him by the creator.  On another note in the privacy of the spirit realm he is often seen falling to pieces as his psyche degrades rapidly under the strain of all the souls that have been charged to him.  This since of despair, guilt and regret are the only thing that makes him believe he is human.


Family: Unknown
Place of Origin: Unknown
History: Necati’s history is nothing short of pure chaos and strife.  The legend goes that when life and light was created at the beginning of the universe so was death and darkness and that from those things the ancients came forth.  For those that believe such falsies it was said that Necati was Dark Ancient’s servant, his charge if you will given thetas of balancing the world and making sure that all dues owed to darkness were paid.  It is said that Necati was too walked among men since the beginning of time baring witness to their action.  Performing his dark task through the millennia, Haha it was even said that he was nothing more than a ghost sent to guide the world to its ultimate destruction allowing humans to turn the earth into ash so that it could be reclaimed by The Departed. Though can you see a ghost, can you hear it whisper in your ear, feel its cold skin or watch it move among us in human form.  Does a ghost cry, love or laugh.  Does it feel pain, sorrow or remorse?  Perhaps we will never know  what he is or who The Departed was.  His history will probably be shrouded in darkness and obscurity for all time. However, one can only guess that if the stories are only half true that a being that has seen so much of human evil, chaos and war…..would become warped.  One can only assumed that a being alive since creation that someone such as this could see the world as a hollow shell of what it was a originally was…and lastly one could only guess…that he could see the balance in whipping the slate clean and starting anew.  Returning all those who had died and were lost over the years back to their homes…Time will tell what the true story is….For time and history are the great beacons of illumination of which all truth is forged.

Sample RP
The moon in the sky above hung low over head as the last few rays of twilight twinkled across the window sill.  Slowly the dark clouds rolled across the silver orb hiding it from the world and darkness overtook the window.  Jenna sighed as she moved from the window back to her large oak bed.  Quickly she hopped into bed pulling the cover up. She smiled as the heavy blankets warmed her body.  The darkness gave way little by little as her eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room and the familiar scenery formed in her vision.  A sigh of relief escaped her, that moment of pure darkness right when all the light disappeared had always scared her since she was a little girl. The brief moment of not knowing feeling as if the world had been consumed around her had always tugged at the corners of fear in her mind.  That was why she liked the moon so much.  It was like the night light of the world that brought a ray of light to the dark world. Closing her eyes she rested her head on the pink pillow brushing her long brown locks back away from her face. The haze of sleep was beginning to set in when suddenly she felt cold.  It was an unnatural chill that seemed to pierce the many blankets and layers of close freezing her to the core.  Opening her eyes she lifted her head and opened her eyes.  Darkness now consumed patiently she waited for it to dissipate as her eyes focused but minutes passed and nothing changed.  A shiver moved up her spine as a feeling of impending fear and doom crept into her mind.  Jenna’s breath came quickly now as her mind raced.  What was going on.  From the darkness a deep hollow voice resonated around the room.  “Do not fear child, I am not here to claim you on this night.  Your light is just beginning to burn the wax of your candle.  You are not yet down to the wick.”  Jenna swallowed the lump in her throat as she fought to keep absolute terror from seizing her mind but try as she might she could not create since out of the situation.  Though finally after a few more moments a shaky words came forth as she posed a question, “Who are you….?”  The voice came again quieter this time, “It does not matter who I am, more why I am her or what purpose do I serve.  These are the question that bear any semblance of importance though they are mundane as well.” Jenna froze that voice.  It was so…inhuman…so cold and hollow as if it were a machine though…the tones were still in the human vocal range.  Summoning her courage she spoke up with more confidence, “Then why are you here.”  A pause filled the room as an uneasy silence filled the room.   Suddenly an piercing scream came from the room down the hall which Jenna immediately identified as her mother.  The darkness immediately lifted and bolting across the room she yanked open the wooden door and sprinted down the hallway to her parents room. Turning the golden door knob Jenna bolted in and bared witness to her mother crying face as she sat cradling Jenna’s fathers head.  Tear’s formed at the corners of her eyes as Jenna dropped to her knees and the water came rolling from her eyes.  The beloved father she had known for all her life was gone.

Reboot Arc:  Necati has been sealed away by the divine will of fate for many years and has just now been reawakened to continue his life long servitude.  After sleeping for so long his mind, body and control over magic, reality and life force has noticeable weakened. The book of life has bound his power with in its pages and will only release it to him if he dutifully carries out its divine will. Through time and trial the Reaper plans to regain his unbridled power and then use it to bring the world of the living crashing down upon itself.  Until he once again has become the God of Death he will have to play by the book's rules and be the avatar of its purpose.

Soon the world will fall to ash and all will be passed to the departed.
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PostSubject: Re: Necati Iluminari   Necati Iluminari Icon_minitimeMon Jul 15, 2013 1:01 pm

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