Teen Titans Legacy

A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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PostSubject: Rebecca   Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:20 am

Gamertag: Hayata
Real Name: Rebecca Hayata
Sex: Female
Age: 15
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 112 lbs
Affiliation: Beater (secretly), Craftsman, Shop Owner, Blacksmith
Nationality: American
- Suffers Chronic Depression
- Strong-Willed
- Relatively Generous
- Caring
- Lonely
- One-Handed Straight Swords
- Light Metal Equipment
- Smithing (Maximum Level, of course! The Best! No Less!)
- Detection

Sword Arts: SAO
- Maiden's Fantasy
Rebecca holds her blade out to one side until it glows cyan, at which point she can do one of two things. The first is a low spin attack, which is designed to strike at the knees and less guarded areas of the target. The second possibility is a diagonal slash which is predominantly used to battle monsters such as slimes and zombies.

- Stark Reality
Rebecca holds her blade in its sheath until a bright gold can be seen from within it. She then dashes at her opponent and stabs into them, twisting and ripping until she slices around them and withdraws her sword from the other side of her opponent.

-Teleportation Chrystal
-Crafted Chain Mail Armor
-Long Black Cloak (Worn over the armor to hide it)
-Sheathed Shortsword

Rebecca suffers from chronic depression and it shows in different ways. Due to her complicated life and issues in the real world, she seems to be almost afraid to return to the real world, and although the desire is certainly there, it almost seems to have been pushed into the back of her mind altogether.

Rebecca uses SAO as an escape from the real world. The actual tragedy is that Rebecca cannot walk in the real world. She is confined to a wheel chair with no chance of ever walking, due to a rare birth defect she was born with. However, with the invention of the Neuro-Gear, she found an escape from the constant medicine, taunting and outright misery, making her ponder if she ever truly wants to escape the only world in which she will know the joy of walking down a beach on a summer evening. The freedom of running through a field. Perhaps even holding the hand of a lover.

Due to her affliction, she has spent much of her life going through mild to extreme depressions. Due to this, her parents were more concerned for her mental wellbeing rather than her physical health. Thus, they brought her to counseling and attempted to find an out to her pent up frustration and anger.

Ultimately, the doctor mentioned MMORPGs and videogames in general. This was the point when Rebecca became addicted to them. However, it more boosted her self-esteem and overall morale rather than hurting her in any way. As such, her parents supported it. Especially with the creation of the Neuro-Gear.

After it was announced, Rebecca immediately signed up to be a Beta Tester. This was the one thing she'd been waiting years to come across. Something to make her life truly have meaning, at least in some way. Even if it was strictly virtual.

Which brings us to where we are today. Unlike most of the players, Rebecca wasn't entirely concerned with being trapped in the game. She didn't want to log out, honestly. It would only lead to more pain.
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