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 Long Lost Loners

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PostSubject: Long Lost Loners   Mon Jul 12, 2010 2:33 am

I: Parallels

"Trouble!" Robin yelled as he ran towards the exit of Titan's Tower. The rest of the team followed behind him. Beastboy stopped by Eclipse' room.

"Dude, come on!"

Eclipse didn't answer. His eyes were close. He was in deep thought, but could still hear the sound of Beastboy's voice.

"Wow, you're just like Raven. Ever leave your room? Let's go!"

With that comment, Eclipse opened his left eye.

"Who are we up against this time?" Cyborg asked.


"Cinderblock," said Raven dryly.

"Why am I not surprised?" Eclipse said with a similar tone.

"Titans Go!"

They all launched forward to attack while Raven as usual stayed behind for a moment. No one else had seemed to notice that Raven had always done this, but Eclipse had noticed the day she started doing it. They were up against Mad Mod and Raven had decided to stay back. Eclipse never said anything about it. This time, when they were up against Cinderblock, Eclipse glanced back at Raven and both of their eyes met. There was... a spark between them. It was very strange.

Eclipse turned around and shook his head quickly, "Focus," he thought to himself.

Beastboy jumped in the air and turned into a raptor while Cyborg grabbed him by the tail and through him at Cinderblock. Cinderblock retaliated after Beastboy had bitten him. He flung his heavy arm back at Beastboy and went flying backwards. Eclipse caught him just in time with a sphere of light blue energy and set him down slowly on the ground.

"Thanks dude!"


"Uh...," Beastboy felt awkward that there was no response.

The team continued the attack. Eclipse and Starfire combined their energy to create a massive blast against Cinderblock. Cinderblock went tumbling backwards and they both smiled at each other. Eclipse said nothing, but his smiled said, "thanks". Robin through an ice mine at Cinderblock and Cyborg blasted the frozen Cinderblock with his sonic cannon.

"BOOYAAH!" he shouted fiercely with a smile as the cannon created a massive explosion on Cinderblock. The Cinder giant was on its back--its red eyes closed and mouth half opened.

"Oh, I do hope that he does not awaken," said Starfire.

"He's unconscious. He won't be up for awhile. The police will be here to take him back to jail before he wakes up," said Robin.

"Way to help out Raven," said Beastboy sarcastically. Raven gave him a cold look, but Beastboy never saw it. Eclipse could see that Raven was hurt. He felt sorry.

Back at the tower, it was game night. The Titans would play a card game every Sunday night.

"Alright, so what's tonight's game?" asked Cyborg.

Beastboy began shuffling the cards and as he did so he said, "ERS."

"What?" Cyborg said puzzled.

"It stands for Egyptian Rat Slap," explained Robin.

"I do not understand. Where is the rat and why must we slap him?" asked Starfire ever so confused.

"Sigh, Starfire, it's not really..." he stopped, "Raven. Aren't you going to play?"

"I just want to be alone tonight," she said.

Robin knew something was wrong, but decided that it would be best if she was alone.

"Alright, if you say so," Robin said. Eclipse got up from his seat at the table and began walking towards the hallway.

"Ah, dude! Not you too?," Beastboy whined. Robin and Eclipse both exchanged glances. Robin nodded his head and knew.

"Let him go. He's probably tired," Robin assured him. Beastboy folded his arms and lowered his neck and head.

*knock knock*

"Raven?" The door opened immediately. Their eyes locked, but there was no spark.

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RPG character
Name: Ethan Rodin
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PostSubject: Re: Long Lost Loners   Mon Jul 12, 2010 4:00 am

II: Returning Fate

"Go... away," she said.

"Wait, Raven." She turned back to Eclipse.

"What do you want?"

"I just want to talk."

"Talk?" she said surprised, "No one has ever wanted to just talk to me ever since Malchior came."

"Malchior?" he asked puzzled.

The memory hurt, "Nevermind."

"Well, can I at least come in?"

"Sure." Raven closed the door behind them.

Eclipse sighed, "Your afraid," he said with a dry tone. Raven was shocked and gave out a very quiet gasp.

"No... I'm not," she denied.

"You're a great lier," he said sarcastically, "You're afraid of something."

Raven sighed and knew that there was no fooling Eclipse

"I feel like Trigon isn't really gone. That there's still something evil inside me. Something bad. Something terrible."

Raven closed her eyes and held herself. After a small period of silence, Eclipse spoke.

"When Trigon came to Azarath, I was scared for my life because I was so young--and so were you. I was scared for us both. But when I found out that you were destined to end life on Earth, I just couldn't believe it. I was still unfamiliar with my powers at the time, but as I looked inside your heart," he pointed at Raven's heart, "I knew that it wasn't true. I knew that the earth wouldn't end. I refused to believe that my friend Raven, who was so kind, would end the earth. I was right. The earth was revived by you. And I look at you now, I look at your heart and see that that evil is no longer inside you. It has no control over you."

Raven still wasn't satisfied, "But I did end the world. The prophecy was true. I fulfilled it. You're just lying to me now."


"No, I don't want to hear it from you anymore."

"Why do you have to be so angry? I'm only trying to make you feel better. That's all."

"Well, I don't feel better."

Eclipse shook his head, "Beastboy was right. Your just creepy."

Raven was hurt deeply and a look of pain was in her eyes.

"Raven, I didn't mean..."

"Just... get out of my room," she said in a quiet voice. Eclipse frowned. He turned around and walked straight to his room. As he got on his bed to lie down, he knew that what he had done was wrong. He and her very similar people and he had just said the most hypocritical thing he could say to a friend, but he still didn't understand why she was offended so easily and so quickly. Was there something else bothering her? Eclipse may have been able to see people's emotions and feelings, but he couldn't see that what was bothering her the most was not Trigon, but Eclipse.

"Oh!! Something smells good!" said Cyborg. He ran to the living room and saw Beastboy. He was disappointed.

"Oh man! You better not be cooking that Tofu stuff again?"

"Just try it Cyborg!"

"No way man! Besides, I've already tried your strange Tofu eggs and milk."

"Whatever, more for me! Haha!"

The doors opened and Eclipses walked in. Raven was already seated on the couch reading a book.She turned around and saw Eclipse. There was a spark this time, but not a good one. Raven glared at him, but Eclipse merely frowned still feeling regret for what had happened the night before.

"Morning Eclipse," said Robin as he began cooking breakfast for everyone else. Eclipse replied with a nod. He sat by Raven on the couch. She glanced at him for a second and got up to go to her room. Eclipse sighed.

"What's up Eclipse?" Robin asked.

"Raven and I had a fight."

"So the talk didn't go very well I'm guessing?"

"Lucky guess."

"Look, sometimes its just best to leave Raven alone." Eclipse turned around and looked at Robin.

"That isn't what she wants though. She needs somebody to talk to," Eclipse got up from the couch, "I'm going out for breakfast."

"Suit yourself," Robin said.

"Sheesh! Sensitive maybe?" Beastboy said.

"Give him a break B.B," said Cyborg.

Eclipse enjoyed a nice breakfast in Solitude--at least for a few minutes.

*Crash!!! Boom!*

Plasmus was on the lose.

"Titans Go!" cried Robin as he pointed at the massive mucus monster. The titans rushed forward and so did Raven. Eclipse got up from his seat and flew towards Plasmus--blasting it with a large beam of energy. The monster cried out in pain as parts of the glop fell off his body. Plasmus began to regenerate. Robin whacked the giant booger beast with his metal staff and let out a loud kai-ya. Plasmus went skidding backwards still on its feet. Raven threw a street light with her dark powers at Plasmus and slammed it into him. The monster continued to stutter backwards until Cyborg blasted Plasmus with his sonic cannon while Beastboy distracted him so that he wouldn't move. The monster let out one last cry before it collapsed onto the ground. The goo lost its definite shape and slid into the cracks and into the sewer. The human host of Plasmus was panting with his eyes closed. The police soon came by to pick the criminal up.

"Nice work," Robin said. Eclipse's arms were folded as he was levitating in the air.

"Can we go now?" he asked in a slightly annoyed tone. He seemed to be in a hurry for something. The titans were curious but didn't ask any questions.

When they got home, Eclipse went straight to his room.

knock knock knock

The doors opened, "What?" Eclipse asked.

"Hi, you went straight to your room once we got home. Is everything alright?"

"Yeah," Eclipse began to close the door but Robin stopped him.

"Are you still bothered by Ra...?"

"No," Eclipse shut the door.

knock knock knock

The doors opened once again.

"Yo, Eclipse, you up for some 2 on 2 basketball?" asked Cyborg

"Yeah! Me and Cyborg versus you and Robin. It'll be fun!" Beastboy said trying to be real convincing.

"No thanks. I'm not interested," he shut the door. They weren't rude like Robin who wanted to be persistent.

knock knock knock

"I wonder who that could be?" Eclipse said sarcastically knowing that it couldn't have been Raven and that there was only one other person that hadn't knocked on his door. The doors opened.

"Starfire, what a surprise," he said with a little less sarcasm than usual.

"Friend! I was hoping you would wish to lift the weights that are placed on this strange holding device you called a 'rack' with Cyborg and I."

"I thought Cyborg was playing basketball," he said in a dry voice.

"Basketball? What is...?"

"I'm not interested," Eclipse slammed the door. He walked back to the center of his room and sat down. With eyes closed, he began to meditate deeply. He took deep breathes that became quieter and quieter with each exhale. He began to levitate a few inches into the air with legs crossed and eyes still closed.

"Solitude. Solitude is what I need. Solitude is what I have," he said to himself almost as if it was imperative.

"Or is it lonliness?"

Eclipse was surprised. That voice... it couldn't be. No. It wasn't possible.

"It is good to finally see you, Eclipse."

"Trigon," Eclipse said in voice that contained much hatred.

"Is it truly solitude you are finding inside yourself. Or are you finding nothing but emptiness--loneliness?"

"How did you survive?" Eclipse asked, still in shock that he was talking to an inter-dimensional demon that should no longer exist.

"Did your pathetic mortal mind really believe that my daughter had destroyed me? You forget that I am omniscient, omnipotent, immortal. I can conjure anything by simply speaking. I am God."

"God himself would not destroy the world," Eclipse countered.

"It matters not. I am already the most powerful being in all dimensions," Trigon said.

"Why are you here? How are you here?" Eclipse refused to be caught off subject.

"Raven sealed me with a curse. A curse much powerful than the ones that the monks of Azarath used against me so many years ago. However, it was my power that had been used to seal me. So I knew how to break the curse on my own. No mortal minion was required this time."

"So what do you want? Another chance to take down earth?"

"You are a wise guesser, but wrong. I ask you only one thing. Stay away from my daughter."

Eclipse was surprised. Trigon continued.

"You are not to tell her that I have returned."

"But she believes that you are still inside her. Telling her that you had returned would be no surprise from her."

"I have found a different body to dwell inside."

"Who? Who other than your daughter and your seven sons, whom have already been destroyed, could you possibly take to host your demonic soul?"

"That does not matter."

"I'll find out anyway. It's only a matter of time," Eclipse paused for a moment and than continued, "Raven believes that you might be alive. Why can't I tell her?" he asked again.

"Raven believes that I am gone. Why would she believe that I still exist?"

"She told me that she thought you were still alive."

Trigon chuckled, "Clever daughter. She must be hiding something from you."

"What?" Eclipse asked.

"I do not know."

"You're omniscient. You're all knowing. You know what it is," he pointed out.

"Do you remember everything you hear? Do you focus that hard?"

"It's what I do best," Eclipse almost said proudly.

Trigon returned to the subject, "You are not to tell her anything."

"And what if I do?" Eclipse asked in a way that showed that he thought there was nothing Trigon could do regardless.

"I will destroy you and then your world once more."

Eclipse was truely terrified and paranoid now.

"I am omniscient as you say. I know everything. I will know when you will tell her."

"I won't tell her. You can't know that I will."

"Omniscient," Trigon said as if reminding him of what the word meant.

"I won't let you return. She will never know. And if she doesn't know, you can't destroy the world."

"We shall see. Until we meet again..."

"I will never see you again," Eclipse said as if it was absolute truth.

"Is that not up to me?" Trigon asked.

"No, it's up to me," Eclipse countered. Eclipse would not see Trigon again unless he told Raven the truth.

"Azaraian," Trigon said as to remind Eclipse that he had once destroyed his home world. With that final insult, Trigon left Eclipse's mind, but he felt that he could still feel the demon's presence close by...very close by.

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PostSubject: Re: Long Lost Loners   Tue Jul 13, 2010 2:52 am

III: Secrets

"Hey, uh... dude? It's been like 3 days and you haven't left your room. So I was just wandering if you were hungry or something."

No answer.

"Eclipse?" he was starting to get worried.

"I'm fine," Eclipse responded.

Beastboy felt a sigh of relief, "For a second I thought you were..." Eclipse opened the door.

"Agh! What the heck happened to you??" Beastboy said with a terrified look. Eclipse was ghostly pale. He wasn't any skinnier than before, but his eyes had an emptiness to it. In fact, his entire being had an emptiness.

"See? That's what happens when you don't eat. You get all... well, that!"

"I'm not hungry."

"You're giving up food?!"

"No," Eclipse responded dully,

"So you're sure you're ok?"





"Yes. Go away," he slammed the door and continued meditating.


"He said he wasn't hungry," Beasboy reported.

"I bet he's giving up food," Cyborg guessed.

"He told me that he wasn't."

"But how can he go on for three days without eating and survive. It is like not attending the third day of Blortharg," said Starfire.

"Sometimes people don't eat when they're sick and they can survive for more than a couple of days," pointed out Cyborg.

"What did he look like?" Robin asked.

"He was really pale and that was it."

"He must be sick," Cyborg said.

"He didn't sound sick to me."

"How were his movements?" asked Robin.

"Normal. Nothing weird."

"Did you feel our friend's forehead?" asked Starfire.

"He's not sick," Beastboy said starting to get annoyed, "I was afraid he was going to put some weird spell thing on me or microwave my head."

"Eclipse isn't that unapproachable," Robin said.

"He's still pretty unapproachable," Cyborg murmured. Robin gave him a glare.

"What?" Cyborg asked as if oblivious to what he said. The alarm sounded.

"Trouble!" Robin cried. The Titans made their way to the crime scene while Eclipse remained in his room.

Several days passed. Familiar villains were popping up everywhere all over Jump City. They had almost forgotten about Eclipse. And who could blame them? They were so busy with protecting the city. It was more important to protect the lives of many than the life of one, even if it was somebody they knew. The Titans had held off their special game nights and movie nights because of all the crime popping up everywhere. A few days later the Titans finally had some relief of the sudden high rate of crime. It was a Saturday.

"Alright movie night! Hey Eclipse do you want to...?" Cyborg stopped. Everyone else's excitement turned to worry. Even Raven had become a little worried.

"You think he's dead?" asked Beastboy. Cyborg knocked him on the head, "Ow..."

"No normal human being should be able to survive without food and water this long."

"Who said he was normal. If you ask me, he's just like Ra..." Raven gave Beastboy a glare, "Heh, nevermind," Beastboy said looking slightly embarrassed.

"Seventeen days is long enough. He needs to learn that loneliness is not the answer," Robin said frustrated. Raven was becoming even more worried now, but showed no sign of it.

Raven finally spoke up, "It's not loneliness. It's solitude," she said the word still not knowing what it truly meant. Eclipse had once spoken to her about solitude when they once meditated together. Robin had forced them to do it together because he thought the two of them were being to isolated to everyone else. They were confused by what Raven meant. After saying this, she left the common room and into the hallways.

"Where is she going? Robin?" Starfire looked at him.

"I hope this talk goes better than the last one," he thought to himself, but all he said was, "Let her be."


"Hello? Eclipse?" Raven called.

No answer.

"Are you in there? Eclipse?" The doors opened and she walked in to find Eclipse in deep meditation.

"Eclipse, you know it's me."

Eclipse ended his meditation and opened his eyes. He turned around and looked straight at Raven. Still no spark.

"I was meditating," he said plainly.

"I know, but I think there's something wrong with you."

"There's nothing wrong."

"You're a great liar," she said sarcastically. Eclipse chuckled but than became more serious.

"I can't tell you."

"Why not? I was able to tell you what was bothering me. Why is this different?"

Eclipse became slightly angry, "Because what you told me was a lie," he said with a bit of force.

"No, I didn't..."

"You lied to me Raven. I thought I could actually talk to you seriously one on one. Still, you and I are much the same. I shouldn't have said that you were creepy. It was hypocritical. I would almost like to say that we're... partners." Raven was surprised to hear him say this and she blushed a little bit. That was a huge compliment towards her. All the other Titans had worked together with certain things even in battle except for with Raven. She even remembered that the two of them had worked together just like all of the other Titan's had done one on one with each other. He was right. The two of them were the same.

She spoke, "Eclipse, it wasn't Trigon that was bothering me. I know that he is truly gone forever."

Eclipse felt sorrow overcome him, but showed no sign of it. Raven knew this was the time--her time to tell Eclipse how she really felt about him.

"It was you, Eclipse. I was... jealous of you. My friends," she corrected herself, Our friends--they payed more attention to you than me, but even that wasn't what bothered me the most. They acted like they had known you more than me. It was like I didn't even exist to them," she said sorrowfully.

She continued, "I thought to myself, that the reason they liked you more was because you were less... creepy than me, but I knew we were both the same."

Eclipse was speechless. He had no idea.

"That was why I couldn't stand you," she continued, "That was why I hated you. That was why I was jealous of you. The fact that you were able to talk to me without being afraid of what I would say to you to make you leave my room made me even more jealous," she paused for a moment, "I knew you didn't lie to me. I only said that out of anger. I wanted you to feel bad so that I would feel good, but I didn't. I felt the same about you. I wished that I was able to talk to others like you did to me, and I still do. I care about our friends. I want to talk to them, but I don't want to hurt them. I'm afraid that I will lose control of my emotions if I get on a deep level with them like you did two weeks ago with me. I want to do what you did, Eclipse."

He tried to make words flow from his mouth, but he couldn't he was still frozen by what she was saying.

She continued, "I'm still jealous of you. But I don't hate you. I admire you. You're a good person."

No one had ever said that to him. To be admired by Raven, a Titan who used similar powers as him and was twice as powerful as him with them, that was an honor. He didn't feel worthy. Not even close.

"Raven," he was overwhelmed with emotion, "That is the deepest, and kindest thing anyone has ever said to me. Thank you," he was completely sincere--no sarcasm at all this time. Raven smiled and nodded at him. She began to walk out of his room and then stopped.

She turned around and said, "I hope to find solitude like you did."

Eclipse's eyes widened. "Solitude," he thought to himself. The words of Trigon echoed in his mind: "Is it truly solitude you are finding inside yourself?"

"Wait, Raven," he had just stopped her from stepping out of his room, "There's something I have to tell you."
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PostSubject: Re: Long Lost Loners   Sat Jul 17, 2010 3:57 am

IV: Betrayel, Sorrow, and Redemption

She turned around and faced him. She could see pain in his eyes, but didn't know why.

"What's wrong?" she asked. Eclipse hesitated. Eclipse wasn't a great liar like Raven had pretty much said before. The longer he would wait, the more pain he would feel. He would sleep less and less knowing that he carried an awful secret--a secret that wasn't his own, but one he was forced to carry. This was the most honest they had been with each other. Raven had just spilled her soul out in front of him. The least he could do was tell her the truth.

"It's about Trigon." Raven was confused and already, Eclipse could feel the presence of Trigon growing stronger, but not closer. It seemed that his location had stayed the same.

"I have to tell you the truth," he said still trying to delay what was to come. This was for the best, though.

"What truth? I know you haven't lied to me about anything," she asked knowing that something wasn't right and that things wouldn't be right.

Eclipse grabbed her hands and clasped them together with his, "I'm sorry it has to be like this, but it's for the best. Don't make this any harder." Raven was only silent. She was very focused on everything he was saying.

"Raven," it seemed to take ages for Eclipse to say these next words, but in reality he said them immediately after her name, "Trigon is coming."

And at that exact moment. A line of black lightning shot through the sky and into Eclipse's heart. He let out a chilling scream while they earth shook. Raven's eyes widened. With mouth opened, she stared in shock and horror at the history that was being repeated once more. Within an instant, everything stopped. The lightning had dissipated, the shaking of the earth had ceased--everything was as it once was, for the moment. After taking it all in, Raven was able to manage to speak.

"Eclipse!" she cried and rushed to his fallen body. He wasn't breathing.

"Ohh...," a tear fell from her cheek onto Eclipse's face. She began to cry, but than quickly pulled herself together. She was heartbroken that her friend was gone, but also heartbroken because she felt betrayed. Sure he was honest with her, but this was too much.

"Why?", she asked. She wasn't talking directly to anyone or anything. It was just a single question.

She continued, "This isn't for the best. You've brought that monster back," she no longer called him, father, "Was this just an easy way out for you? Why couldn't you have just kept it to yourself? Are you actually selfish--someone that I didn't think you were?" She was hopelessly confused. She didn't know what to believe anymore. Was he just another Malchior to her?

"Was it all just... a lie?" she asked herself. Robin came storming in.

"Raven!" he called, "Up on the rooftop! Hurry!" She immediately left Eclipse's room, still feeling sorrow, but her mind did not drift back to what had happened. All of the Titans were at the top of the tower watching the sky as it spun around. A large red hoof reached from the vortex until the entire body was on the ground. It was none other than Trigon.

"No..." Raven whispered in disbelief.

"But how?" Cyborg asked.

"Raven destroyed you--big time!" Beastboy yelled. He looked at Raven looking unsure and afraid, "Didn't you?" Raven only nodded, her eyes were fixed in horror at her satanic creator.

"This time, the earth WILL be mine!" the demon shouted.



The team. in unison, jumped off the tower and charged at Trigon.

"This time, I will show no mercy to you insects." With the flash of his all seeing four eyes, the titans were sealed inside individual chambers made of some strange dark magic, all except one: his daughter.

"Raven!" Robin shouted.

Trigon turned to the trapped heroes, "Killing you instantly is too painless. Since you are so close to my daughter, and you all share a close bond, you will suffer emotionally as you watch my daughter die."

"No!" Starfire screamed.

"You will live the rest of your lives just like this-- at least what is left of it until I destroy your planet once more, knowing that your friend is gone forever," the beast turned back to his daughter.

"And this time, you won't stop me," and with that, Trigon grew twice his size. The frightened titan stared up at her worst fear.



Deep inside... Eclipse was still alive, but unconscious. His mind began to create thoughts and questions.

What have I done? This wasn't because we needed honesty. This was just so I could take the easy way out of suffering. Raven has already suffered enough. Why make her suffer more than she can bear? What does she think about me now? Have I betrayed her?

...have I betrayed everyone?


With the flash of his eyes once more, a red line of magic formed between Raven and Trigon. He was slowly draining her life force while she was still alive. Slowly, she began to decay and wither.


But was there any stopping this? Could I have avoided it? Yes. I could've. I could have stopped him. I could have done something--something right.


Raven cried out in pain, but the cries became more and more silent as she was losing her life. She cried out to her friends for help. She screeched, "Save me!" several times and the titans wept knowing that there was nothing they could do. All had been lost. There was nothing left. The last moments of her life would be spent in emotional destruction and fucked up agony.


I'm sorry...


Nothing... there was nothing left. Raven had died. Her skin and bones had withered away. All that remained was her indigo robe, which was nothing more than rags now.

Raven's tear slid down Eclipse's face and into the red chakra stone on his forehead. Now dead from Trigon's arrival, his soul lifted through the ceiling and into the sky. He looked around himself as he rose higher and higher. Parallel at him, was Raven. There eyes locked and this time. There was a spark. The two soul bodies drifted towards each other. Their right arms reaching towards one another.


"Raven! Don't you let go! Don't give up on everything again!" A tear trickled from his eye.

"But, Trigon..."

"It's not the end. We're still here! We can fight! Just don't give up on me! Don't give up on yourself! What I did was foolish and I could have stopped it, but I can't lose you! Raven I... I love you!"

Tears streamed from his eyes but he composed himself from sobbing. Raven blushed and her eyes started to water.

"You love me? After everything I said to you?"

"It was my fault Raven and there's nothing you can say or do to make me stop loving you!"

"Ethan," tears fell from her eyes and she embraced Eclipse and he held her so tight to his body that it seemed that their bodies had become one. They both trembled for being overcome by emotion.

Eclipse spoke telepathically with her, "Raven, I knew from the beginning that you and I...

...were long lost loners..."

Raven pulled away from his body, understanding what he had said.

"Let's stop Trigon," she said with confidence. Eclipse nodded. The two stopped ascending. They both underwent a transformation with Raven taking the form of a giant dark raven and Eclipse taking the form of a silhouette of a great pheonix. The two birds charged at Trigon.

"AZARATH METRION ZINTHOS!!!" they both shouted. A large black and blue ball of energy was released at Trigon.

"WHAT?! IMPOSSIBLE!! AAAAAAAGGGHHHH!!!!!" the sphere exploded, creating a blast that swallowed Trigon up in an instant. The two souls returned to their bodies. Eclipse ran down to the bottom of the tower where the rest of the titans, who were now freed from their prisons, were. Raven turned her head and gave Eclipse a very warm smile.

"What was that?" Robin asked referring to the two large birds.

"I... I don't know. Our souls seemed to have transformed into our true forms," Eclipse responded.

"I'm not sure why that happened. Maybe it was... a miracle," Raven said.

"Whatever it was, it brought us back," Robin said.

"So... is four eyes really gone now? For real?" Beastboy asked. Everyone else was curious. They all looked at Eclipse and Raven. Raven turned to Eclipse as did everyone else.

Eclipse sighed, "Trigon needed a new host body. I was the only remaining Azarathian that could contain his evil soul because of the power I possess. Now that he doesn't have a host, he can't return."

"So there's no chance of him coming back?" Cyborg asked.

"None," he responded.

"I feel that the Trigon's return was different and much shorter this time. Was it not?" Starfire said.

"Trigon's return may have been short, but it felt terrible," Robin said.

"Watching you die, Raven, was so... I can't even describe what I felt," Cyborg admitted.

"He might not have destroyed our world, but you were our world. You were apart of it, Raven," Beastboy said. It was the most serious thing Beastboy had said in awhile, and it touched Raven.

"Thanks, B.B," she had never called him that before. It made Beastboy feel good.

"Despite all of that, it's over now," Robin concluded.

"So what must we do now?" Starfire asked.

They all looked at each other and smiled,

"PARTY!!!" they shouted, all except for Raven and Eclipse. They were too exhausted to scream, but not too tired to party. All of the Titans went inside the tower laughing with joy.

Next: Long Lost Companions

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PostSubject: Re: Long Lost Loners   Sat Jul 17, 2010 10:04 pm

V: Long Lost Companions

A single day had passed since it all happened: The return of Trigon, the death and returning life of Raven, and the party of course. Eclipse was at the top of the tower watching the sunset. He had seen many of the Titans do it before--mainly Robin, so he thought he ought to give it a try. It was magnificent. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, yet the colors were still so vivid and bright. He smiled as he took in the breathtaking image before him. The cool breeze began to move, blowing Eclipse's black hair from his face, which most of the time had covered the top of his eyes. Raven walked up to the top of the tower and saw Eclipse, who seemed to be in a daze. She walked to him and stood beside him, watching the beautiful view with him.

"Robin once told me that sunrise brings the promise of a new day, and that anything could be possible. I guess its the same with sunsets," she said.

"It's the sign of a promise fulfilled," he answered.

"Yeah," she looked at Eclipse, "I never noticed your eyes, at least I haven't seen them this clearly before. They're gray aren't they?"

"They are," he said and then chuckled.

"That's an odd eye color isn't it?"

"And violet isn't?"

Raven laughed. She understood his humor.

"I like them, though," she complimented.

"And yours too," Eclipse returned. There was a pause.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Raven said.

"Very," he continued, "When I was meditating, Trigon interrupted me. He came into my mind and told me not to speak with you about his returning. He said that if I did, he would kill me and then destroy the earth."

She only nodded.

Eclipse continued, "After you came to my room and told me exactly how you felt about me, I felt that I needed to be honest with you in return, but I realized that..." he stopped. He was still gathering his thoughts.

"That keeping secrets isn't lying. Sometimes, keeping secrets is more important than honesty," he continued and looked at Raven, "Especially when it hurts someone close to you."

Raven gave him a caring smile.

"I was confused even after it was all over, but now that you've told me this, I feel content," Raven said, "I still don't understand fully why you wanted to be so honest, but I trust you. I trust that you felt it was right."

"Even though it wasn't," Eclipse added still feeling a bit of regret for what he did.

"But you thought it was the right thing to do. You didn't know it would hurt me."

"I guess your right," he agreed, "But, are you still hurt? After all that I did?"

She shook her head, "Not anymore, I'm not. What you said to me when we were in our spirit forms, it took all the pain away. I felt so encouraged, so loved. I'm thankful that I got to hear that from you."

She continued, "When you told me that you were Trigon's new host, I couldn't believe it. That my good friend who was so kind, would help end the world."

Those words, where had he heard them before?

"I refused to believe that my friend Raven, who was so kind, would end the earth."

It was something that he had said to Raven almost a month ago. A whole month. Had it really been that long?

"Raven, you and I truly are long lost loners."

Raven gave a small chuckle and then said, "Not long lost. Not loners, but found companions."

She moved towards Eclipse. She met her lips with his and gave him a long, but soft kiss. Eclipse blushed so much you could hardly tell his skin was pale.

Confused, he asked, "Wait, what? So..."

"Eclipse, I never responded to what you said while we were just souls, but I feel the same way," she smiled.

"So are we...?"

"If you can help me control my emotions, I think it can work out."

Eclipse gave her a big bear hug. He wasn't much to show big affection.

"Ack! You're crushing me," she gasped.

"Oh... sorry."

"We'll work on that," she said half jokingly.

The sunset was gone and the stars were as bright as ever.

"What do the stars promise?" Eclipse asked.

"I guess, whatever we desire," she assumed.

"Just like when you wish upon a star?"

She nodded, "When you wish upon a star," she repeated, and they stared at the stars the entire night. Two shooting stars flew intertwined that clear night.


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Long Lost Loners
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