Teen Titans Legacy

A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Moon Knight

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RPG character
Name: Marc Spector
Code Name: Moon Knight
Villain or good guy?: Good

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PostSubject: Moon Knight   Moon Knight Icon_minitimeWed Jul 07, 2010 11:43 pm

Marc Spector

Moon Knight Moonknight


Full Name: Marc Spector
Codename: Moon Knight
Nickname(s): MK, used by friends. If someone ISN'T his friend and uses this? They are on his s(p)it list.
Alias(es): None.
Age: 17
Birthday: August 11th
Classification: Human, Vigilante, 'Hero'
Affiliation: Until I'm put on a team, nothing.


Hair Color: Brownish black.
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'7
Weight: 175 pounds
Other: Various scars from his line of work.


Powers: No powers, but an expert with his staff and weapons, a crack shot, a brutal, highly effective brawler, and extremely resistant to pain, furthermore, sometimes, being much stronger then he should be, though this is unreliable. His gloves are made of silver-like metal, as are his boots, and add an extra 'oomph' to every strike, even as his costume is woven to protect him from light injuries, though it doesn't effect the pain. Moon Knight has a number of items, funnily enough almost identical to Robin's, except he also has 'darts', which CAN be lethal though he uses them non-lethally, and his silver staff can break apart and become a three-section staff, if needed.


Likes: Boxing, exploring, peace and quiet, ancient Egypt, inflicting pain, having pain inflicted on him, the moon.

Dislikes: Daylight, people calling him crazy, when the voices don't stop, dirtbags thinking they can escape justice.

Strengths: Fighting, intimidation, he's also very stubborn, the sort to hold on to a goal until his arm rips from it's socket. Lastly, telepaths hoping to read his mind might be a bit confused, as his mind is such a crazy mess that it's a struggle to find anything. However, this can also work against him, as is the case with psychic healing, or the like.

Weaknesses: Working as a team, being a bit of a shark in how he approaches things(he's a real forward thinker, and not NEARLY as much of a detective as Dick Grayson would be.)


Boxing(skilled amateur)
Judo(yellow belt)
Lock Picking
Balancing/Tightrope Walking
Mentally blocking out pain.
Well read in mythology, and anything archaeological.

His costume, woven from various materials to protect him from knife and handgun wounds, though offers no protection against blunt trauma.

His silver staff, can break into a three quarters staff...and THEN, can break further into double nunchucks. He rarely uses this last form, as using nunchucks with a cape is stupid, but he has that option, if he ever TRULY needs it.

His gloves are made of a silver-like material, and the knuckles are studded, for extra oomph. His boots are also weighted, the toes of which are hard steel, for kicking power.

Rappel line, extends from his gauntlet, for when he needs to drop down. It extends about 80 feet, and is capable of supporting up to 300 pounds. He just needs to make sure whatever he hooked it on can withstand the same!

Moon-Darts, usually keeps a few in his belt, essentially silver throwing darts, with a REALLY sharp tip, capable of puncturing a few kinds of metals.

Lock-picking kit.

Moon-Pod, basically an iPod, that he modified to stay on during fights and such.


Swears a lot, though true to comic format this is bleeped out a lot.

Moon Knight is slightly OCD, and sometimes cannot help but tamper with crime-scenes. Most time he keeps it under control, though.

Sometimes looks sharply around, as if he thought he saw somebody, or something, where there is nothing.

Not sure where else to put this, but he does take medication for psychosis and hallucinations...this doesn't "cure" it, just lets him deal with it better...though he's got is bad days.


Pretty anti-social, actually, keeps to himself a lot. It's really tough to get him to open up. Even to those he IS open to, very rarely does he...reveal, certain things. If anyone betrays him in any slight, insignificant way, they are his enemy.

Very guarded, and when he wears his Moon Knight outfit, when he's fighting baddies, he's excessively violent, letting that aggression out.


Family: Only child, parents are away most of the time, as archaeologists. Marc convinces them he is looked after, though of course, he is donning a costume and fighting drug dealers and supervillains.
Place of Origin: Windy City.
Born in Windy City, Marc was a quiet child. His parents, eager to be explorers and NOT so much parents, medicated him on those occasions when he DID act up. Of course, these led to side-effects, for which they saw only one treatment for: MORE medication.

Marc was a quiet boy, never complaining, but he never took guff at his private school. Though the runt, he ALWAYS won...he found, that it didn't matter how hard they hit him...he got back up...sometimes, he got up, BECAUSE they hit him hard. He didn't know...but he liked it. He liked the hell out of it. It continued well through highschool, until his grades were so, phenomenal, that he was able to quit school early, having two whole years to think about college!

So, he was done with school, he was rich enough to not worry about a job, and nobody at home gave a shit about him...or even, saw him at all, at home. What then?

Crime-Fighting...he'd seen a couple of people do it, namely, the Titans...namely, Robin. Some thought that guy was gay, but Marc didn't think so. He was a hero, and doing it, without any powers...rumors had it, he was trained by the bogeyman in Gotham, a guy who spread terror to everyone guilty. How cool was that?! And so, Marc became...Moon Knight, the fabled warrior of the Egyptian Moon God Knushu. Of course, seeing how he was mainly a brawler, his first few nights were...varied, with mixed results.

For the last few months he's been perfecting himself, and adding to his arsenal of tricks, and has grown MUCH more impressive, causing everyone in Windy City to take note...

of the Moon Knight.

Sample RP

Pain ripped through his socket as he lowered down to street level, but he didn't scream out...he grit his teeth a little, but he didn't ultimately care. Nothing was broken...his bones were tough, by now. He released his rappel hook, letting it retreat back into his gauntlet, before moving into the first thug's swing. He dodged the baseball bat by allowing the man's arm to hit his face, instead, but used it to grab the limb and pivot, throwing the goon shoulder-first into the pavement, hoping that crack was the breaking of bones. The creep deserved it. He felt the brass knucks slam into the back of his head, but while staggering forward, he brought his left leg back, making testicular impact and grinning wide to himself, underneath his mask.

'They think I'm crazy', he thought to himself. 'Good. Means they'll start getting sloppy...now, just hope nobody brought an uzi, and you'll be home in no time!' He laughed out loud, something he hoped resounded in the hearts of these bangers, calling out in his most fiendish voice yet...he'd been practicing, and it sounded really good now! Really...scary!


He chuckled, busting out his staff, twirling it around and enjoying the fear that shone in their eyes...this was going to be a good night.
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RPG character
Name: Von Wienerschnitzel
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Villain or good guy?: Evil

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PostSubject: Re: Moon Knight   Moon Knight Icon_minitimeMon Jul 12, 2010 4:30 pm

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Moon Knight
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