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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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PostSubject: Blackfire   Blackfire Icon_minitimeTue Apr 10, 2012 11:10 pm


Blackfire BlackFire

Full Name:Komand'r
Nickname(s): Blackfire
Codename: Blackfire
Alias(es): Komand'r
Age: 22
Classification: Tamaranian.
Affiliation: evil.


Hair Color: Black.
Eye Color:Bluish-purple.
Height: 6'5
Weight: 130 lbs.
Other Traits: When using her powers her eyes glow purple.


Powers:Purple Energy (Starbolts): This power is fueled by anger in giant quantities or whenever she is feeling quite evil or enraged. She can shoot purple starbolts from her hands and also from her eyes. Shooting them from her eyes takes a lot more energy than just shooting them from her hands and she can usually only do this when she is feeling uncontrollably enraged. She can create a purple energy explosion as well that hits her enemies nearby but this requires a lot of energy and a lot of emotion.

Invulnerability- When knocked down she can get right back up as if not harmed at all. She is very durable. She is also invilnerable to most attacks against her. It takes a lot to injure her. She is not completely invulnerable to the cold, but when she is tired it will start to wear on her.

Superhuman strength/agility: She can lift anything less or equal to 60 tons, same as her sister. She also has super human speed. This can get up to about 50mph.

Omnilinguistic Assimilation- She can learn any language she does not know already by physical contact with a person speaking the language she wishes to learn.

Skills: She is very good at hand to hand combat, and also has good endurance. She can survive in extreme conditions indefinetly and also she can survive in space without a suit or ship.

Weaknesses: Allergic to metallic chromium. Her powers are based on her emotions so if she is not angry at all it will take a lot of energy to use her powers. It takes less energy when she is angry. She is jealous of her sister and this can be her downfall because she is determined to be better than her in all aspects. She can be injured by certain kinds of laser fire and also be knocked down for a few moments by high voltages of electricity. She can not survive underwater long and can still get human diseases like hypothermia and such things. If she is exhausted her powers will start to fail.

Equipment: none.


Personality: Blackfire is rude, crude, and not very friendly. She is very manipulative and knows how to get her way. She is a power seeker, wanting to have the best of the best and be better than her younger sister. She is quite evil, not caring much about anyone but herself and only seeking things for personal gain.

Unlike her sister, Blackfire is well aware of human customs and can blend in quite well. She isn't naive nor gullible like her sister and doesn't usually take criticism to heart. She will laugh it off and shoot back with a biting comment of her own. She enjoys seeing the umcomfort and suffering of others, especially her sister. She is the sort of person that would try to manipulate Robin into loving her instead just to see her sister suffer.

She is very egocentric and shallow. She would never be seen with anyone she does not deem worthy of her time, date wise. Since she is a power seeker she would go after the evil ruler kind of man.

In the last couple years she has promised herself that she will make the Titans fail. She longs to see her sister fail and crumble and she hates the titans for taking her sister's side instead of her own. Since her exile from Tamaran she has taken up residence on Earth. Titan downfall is her main goal and she will let nothing stop her from acheiving it.

Strengths: She is very strong-willed and determined. She is very confident in herself. She is very powerful and influential. She is very manipulative, usually always getting her way when she wants to.

Interests/Habits:Taking over the world, destroying her sister, destroying the Titans, becoming an all powerful ruler of Earth.


Family Members: Starfire, her sister. Galfore, her adoptive father, and Wildfire, her younger brother. Her parents are both deceased.
Place of Origin: The planet Tamaran.
Current City: Steel City.
History: Blackfire was born on the planet Tamaran and raised by her adoptive father Galfore. She traded her sister in as a slave to bring peace to Tamaran. When her sister escaped, she vowed revenge. She sought for power, so she traveled among the galaxies commiting numerous crimes as she sought for power. Blackfire then ventured on Earth to visit her sister. However, it is soon revealed that Blackfire is actually an infamous galactic criminal, and she has actually come to Earth in an attempt to frame her sister for her crimes. Fortunately, her plan was thwarted by her sister Starfire in an epic fight between sisters, when it shows that Starfire has a much stronger power. Blackfire is soon arrested by Centauri police forces with the help of the Titans.

Blackfire soon escapes and again swears revenge on her sister and the Titans. She seizes control of Tamaran. As ruler of Tamaran, she uses her authority to have Starfire married to a swamp alien in return for the Jewel of Charta, under the guise that Tamaran would be invaded if Starfire did not comply. The Titans soon disover that her sister's plan is a hoax, and then procedes to challenge Blackfire to a duel for the throne. The Jewel of Charta was shown to greatly enhance Blackfire's power (turning her Starbolts red at the time), until Starfire took the jewel from her sister by force and crushed it. Blackfire was defeated by Starfire, who then forced Blackfire into exile and turned over her newly-won position as Grand Ruler of Tamaran to her childhood caretaker, Galfore.

She then dissapears for many years, still vowing to seek revenge.

Sample RP

Blackfire flew into the night that surrounded her. The skyline of Steel City shown of stars as she flew. She extended her arms, loving the feeling of flying. If all succeeded tonight, she would be one step closer to avenging her sister. She looked down at the streets below her, looking for a sign of the plan unfolding. She smiled as she saw it, a tiny silent blip on the radar. It was a man she knew very well, and he was working for her. He escaped from the bank, a bag over his shoulder. He looked up at her, a smile on his face. Yes the plan had succeeded.

She flew down and landed near the man, "Alright you got the money. Now hand it over"

He hesitated to hand her the money, "You promised me a cut" He said his eyes squinted.

Blackfire smirked and held out her hand. She shot a beam of purple light at the man, knocking him out. She picked up the bag, flinging it over her shoulder, "There's your cut" She said smirking as she walked away. She would let nothing stand in her way of getting her sister and the Titans. This time, she would win.

"That's right. Bow down before your grand ruler"~ Blackfire
"I have defeated hundreds at one time. You are no match"~ Val.

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PostSubject: Re: Blackfire   Blackfire Icon_minitimeTue Apr 10, 2012 11:13 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Blackfire   Blackfire Icon_minitimeTue Apr 10, 2012 11:22 pm

I think you've pretty much got it down based on what I'm reading. Just make sure to stick pretty close to what I told Angelkely.

Blackfire Venom_50

Also, just a nitpick, but the height you put is teenage Blackfire she would be 6 foot something as well now and I believe the race should be Tamaranean rather than alien, but those are just nitpicks.
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PostSubject: Re: Blackfire   Blackfire Icon_minitime

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