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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Rules for Canon Character section

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PostSubject: Rules for Canon Character section   Fri Apr 06, 2012 10:31 pm

I'll keep this short and sweet:

#1 Canon characters can be used in threads and storylines, but stick to the powers listed for them and do not beat up any Justice Leaguers or Legion of Doom members. They are the highest tier for villains and heroes and wont go down easy; especially the core members.

#2 DO NOT kill, remove dismember, or mortally wound any canon character in stories unless given permission by G-mod or higher.

#3 You can apply to be a canon character as your regular roleplay character, but the application process for them is difficult and will be much much harder to get approved than an original or fan made one. It requires at least a 300 word roleplay sample and a full detailing of the character's history and an elaboration of all their powers and abilities as well as a full understanding of the character's personality.

#4 Stick to the lists; meaning if Beast Boy is on the Doom Patrol or Titans Alumni in this section, don't have him doing missions with the JLA and vice versa for villains. Some groups don't get along.

#5 Stick to these versions of each character; EX: Kid Flash is Bart Allen here, not Wally West and the Flash is Wally West not Barry Allen. This RPG is centered 3 years in the future, so you need to stick to the ages and mantles established.

#6 If you wish to add to any of these list, find an animated picture, real name, listing of basic powers, and the approx. age of the canon you wish to add and post it in the thread for that team. Also, make sure it isn't a made up character or that they're not already on a different team.

#7 Just because you can utilize the canon characters that doesn't mean you can roleplay with the same one's ALL the time. There is a reason they're not main members of the RPG. Well be lenient with HIVE, Titans Alumni, and their villains specifically, but JLA have more important things to do then hang out with your characters every thread or anyone else.

#8 If you're not sure on the canon character you want to use in a thread, I suggest not using them because you could roleplay them wrong. EX: Just because Hugo Strange is gifted in martial arts, that doesn't mean he bust out kung fu every time he's seen, he actually rarely fights. Reading up on a character before using them if you're unsure would be beneficial.

#9 Mistakes or errors; if you see any problems or mishaps with any of the listings, please let a moderator know immediately. However, be wary that were following TV show continuity and not the comics unless they weren't shown in Teen Titans the TV show, then were following comics continuity or possibly other DC Universe Animated productions, but that's rare occasions.

#10 Some canons are restricted such as Darkseid and Trigon. To use these in roleplays you must inform a moderator. These characters will be labeled though, so there is no confusion.

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in you being banned form using canon characters in the near future, so make sure you follow them closely.
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Rules for Canon Character section
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