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 Top 10 Supervillains

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PostSubject: Top 10 Supervillains   Mon Mar 12, 2012 7:59 pm

Just like the Top 10 Superheroes thread, this thread exists for you to share your favorite Supervillains with us. What bad guys do you love to hate? Maybe there are even a few you find yourself routing for. Tell us who they are and why you love (or despise) them.

1. Darkseid- I was a little kid watching Superman, the Animated Series; a fun, lighthearted show about a superhero who can solve any problem he's faced with. Suddenly, BOOM! This grey guy comes out of nowhere and one-shots Superman. Darkseid was the villain of the entire show, and in my mind he is THE villain of the DC universe. Many of his underlings can fight Superman on equal levels, he owns scores of planets, and his base of operations is an inferno called Apokalips. Darkseid taught us what fear was, and that some problems never go away.

2. Stephenwolf- One of Darkseid's underlings, Stephenwolf shows up out of nowhere and beats Superman up for a good couple of minutes. His flying chariot and his flame-shooting sword are terrifying, but what I really love about this villain is the way he's presented. He only shows up when things are building up to a climax, and Darkseid decides to send this one guy to defeat Superman. Stephenwolf raises his face and you see his creepy black eyes with white irises.

3. Clayface- Clayface is one of the few villains who are physically threatening to Batman in a fight. He can turn into anyone and anything, and no matter how many times he seems to 'die,' he always comes back again. He goes crazy because he can't keep his multiple personalities straight. The biggest reason I hate him, though, is because he eats his daughter, Annie, a beloved, timid little girl. That episode "Growing Pains" is my favorite episode of Batman TAS. Clayface, we despise you.

4. Mr. Freeze- The one supervillain who Batman admits is justified in his actions. Freeze only wanted to save his wife by finding a cure for her disease. However, he gets betrayed by his employer, shoved into chemicals, and led to believe his wife is dead. In pure fury, Freeze crafts a freeze gun to take revenge on the fiend who he believes killed his wife. Batman sympathizes with Freeze, but insists that killing the guilty man isn't the right answer. Mr. Freeze, even Batman thinks you're okay.

5. Lobo- Lobo's just fun. He has been banned from death, and thus he is an eternal plague to the universe. He's like the Deadpool of DC: he has a sharp wit, thick sarcasm, and a continuous commentary on what's going on around him. What are his goals? Money, alcohol, and women. He also accidentally destroys all life on several planets, including his own. Only the very desperate hire Lobo.

6. Deathstroke- Deathstroke, aka Slade from the TT show, is one of the most calculating villains in DC. Everything he does is for what he sees as the betterment of mankind. When he was first hired to kill the Titans, he turned the job down because he saw no need for it. Slade has superpowers, but he chooses to only use them on rare occasion. He does not rely on them at all. He is able to kill about half the Justice League by himself, he is the main villain of the Teen Titans, and he eventually has the gall to create his own team called the "Titans."

7. Imperiex- "The Legion of Superheroes" devoted their entire second season to this guy. Imperiex is a seemingly unstoppable force, who wages war against the entire universe with only the assistance of robots he makes and people he hires. I won't spoil how it ends for those who haven't seen LOSH, but Imperiex beats the Legion time and again. With his two laser swords and a giant canon in his chest, Imperiex is a terrifying thing to see on the battlefield.

8. The Riddler- Unlike most other villains, Riddler just wants to play a game. He sees himself as the smartest person in the world, and his pride forces him to commit crimes and leave clues that point right to him. Of course, nobody is smart enough to figure out the clues. Nobody but Batman, that is.

9. The Joker- I laugh at the Joker's jokes, and then I feel horrible. This villain needs no introduction, but his jokes have been disarming us for years. That said, he is nothing to laugh at. He kills tons of people, making him an absolutely despicable character. Like Riddler, Joker is only in the business for the fun. Life is a game to him, and it wouldn't be worth playing without Batman.

10. Vandal Savage- Immortal and completely evil, Vandal Savage has clashed with almost every DC hero at some point. He was the first cannibal, momentarily led the NAZI faction, was best friends with Attila the Hun, and will eventually outlive humanity. He has gained and lost powers throughout the centuries, but he mostly relies on excessive planning to get what he wants. His evil actions most likely stem from his loneliness. Everyone he comes to love or care about will die and fade from his memory, leaving him all alone again. Taking over the world simply seems to be the best way for him to have an actual impact on the world.
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PostSubject: Re: Top 10 Supervillains   Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:31 pm

Top 10 villains? This is gonna be a toughie. I probably won't be able to list all 10 straight away so I'll just add more as I think

1. Joker: Hands down to me the Joker deserves the top spot. Growing up watching the animated Batman series Joker was always one of my favourite villains on the show and the Arkham series of games have just made me like him even more. Although there have been some other great Jokers like John DiMaggio in "Under The Red Hood" and Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. You ask anyone to name a Batman villain and the first one to pop into most people's mind would be the Joker, hell you ask most to name a comic book villain and it'd be Joker.

2. Lex Luthor: Superman's most common villain, Lex Luthor. He's like an evil, non physical version of Batman. All he's got is money to fund his idea's and a brain that can think of pretty much most things. He says his goal is to kill Superman but it's like the Joker and Batman, there can't be one without the other, if Lex actually killed Superman then he'd be lost.

3. Deathstroke: A simple assassin. If you've got the money then you can hire him to kill pretty much anyone, and I mean ANYONE in the DC Universe. Not even people with powers are safe from him. He's got the speed and reaction times to stab the Flash.


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PostSubject: Re: Top 10 Supervillains   Fri Jun 01, 2012 4:09 am

((I KNOW THIS IS PUSHING THE NECRO-POST RULE, BUT... this is a great idea, and I have no clue why no-one else has replied other than Josh!))

1. Black Adam

Surprised to see him besting Magneto and the Joker on my Top Ten List? Don’t be; this guy is disputably a superhero one moment while the next, he’s pegged as a bad guy. Personally, he’s both, which makes his appearance on this list so high; never trustable, never solid in beliefs, and easily swayed by a woman’s will; he turns into a bad guy because his wife, Isis, told him to avenge her death! Love... that’s the key––he’s a lover. Go ahead and call me sexist, but that’s a weakness if I ever knew one. Love has been called the sister to malice. And after reading much of Black Adam, I’d say the latter of the two emotions was what ruled him more than anything els.

2. Magneto

Magneto has proven over the decades that he’s not only worthy of his infamous status, but also that he doesn’t just operate well along stereotypical bad-guy parameters. Homo-superior or not, you have to feel bad for the Holocaust-plagued megalomaniac.

3. The Joker

Psychopathic. Enigmatic. Unpredictable. Un-relentless. Perhaps, even, more interesting than his superhero counterpart, Batman. The Joker is my favourite villain (next to Loki) for those reasons, and more. To be completely honest, Heath Ledger’s performance in “The Dark Knight” was what initially made my mind start twisting like unto the Joker’s just in order to understand why exactly he’s so evil and such a perfect adversary of Batman. Again, in total honesty, I could never figure out why... only that if he’s the one piece of scum that Batman would break the line of vigilanteism for to kill, he’s gotta be one helluva villain in any respect.

4. Dark Phoenix

If you thought a forest fire was bad, wait until you burn beneath the wrath of telepath Jean Grey infused with the Phoenix Force itself. She has simply, mundanely, and quickly destroyed billions of lives.

5. Loki

Finally, a religion-evoked villain who isn’t seen as just that (hello, Spectre!). He’s the reason why the Avengers ever assembled in the first place, his deceit has stretched his will so far as to inhabit the body of Thor’s lady-friend, Sif, just to deny the God of Thunder his love. That, and... everyone just has to think this guy is cool after he turns and entire city street into ice cream, right?

6. Bane

(THIS REASON CONTAINS SPOILERS! TO NOT READ IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE SPOILED.) If Bane hadn’t broken Batman’s back, he might as well had been a useless criminal like Joe Chill, only on steroids. However, he did, and not only that; he was the first of Batman’s foes to realise that a full frontal assault against Batman is futile. With that in mind, Bane took the long way around and broke down Arkham’s walls to leave Batman busting his caped butt to round them up... all part of the patient plan to clip the Batman’s wings for good.

8. Superboy Prime

Superboy Prime not only gave the original Superboy a run for his money, but also the combined efforts of Superman himself and his multi-verse future döppleganger, Ultraman (when he was helping the good guys). It’s creepy to read/see a version of Superboy who’s on the bad side...

7. Galactus

Galactus is one of the few villains who actually isn’t an evil-doer; he’s compelled to destroy worlds because of one simple fact: he’s hungry, and he’s got the guts to do it.

9. Mephisto

Mephisto, Marvel’s comic-book ruler of Hell and a spooky, down-trodden version of Satan is just... sickening. He (SPOILERS!) held Doctor Doom’s mother’s soul, he took took the souls and brains of Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, and even their cute little boy after they had screwed up an exorcism. Ouch.

10. Alexander Luthor

He sent the JLA askew in DC Comic’s “Infinite Crisis.” He’s the spawn of the parallel planet (Earth-Three)’s very own Lois and Lex Luthor. Now, even though he may be just a kid, he’s got the mind of his father, the manifesto of anti-matter, and he’s also shuffled all 52 Earths around more than a couple of times.

X. (Wild Card) – Zzorm the Desolate / Pestilence

He’s a wildcard villain because his existence is only possible because of other villains. Out of the Four Horseman, he’d be the one I’d least like to die because of; with the power to control various disease-spreading organisms including rats, locusts, and countless hideously effective diseases as a default, it’s only a matter of time before Pestilence becomes the description of what YOU are.
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PostSubject: Re: Top 10 Supervillains   Tue Apr 18, 2017 1:57 am

1. Joker - The fact he is not ten feet under amazes me.

2. The Rot - I love eldritch abominations

3. Many Angled-Ones - Same as above

4. Galactus

5. Darksied

6. Thanos

7. Lucifer

8. Gorr the God-Bucther

9. Mephisto

10. Logos
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PostSubject: Re: Top 10 Supervillains   

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Top 10 Supervillains
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