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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Introduction - Silent Night

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Silent Night
Silent Legionnaire
Silent Legionnaire
Silent Night

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RPG character
Name: Zack Wylder
Code Name: Silent Night
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PostSubject: Introduction - Silent Night   Mon Apr 19, 2010 6:52 am

Real name - Zack Wyldes

Age - Seventeen

Height - 5 feet seven inches

Hair color - dark brown

eye color - Hazel

Bio - Zack lost both of his parents when his family walked into a firefight between Heroes and Villains. He was nearly killed, but survived due to the timely intervention of a close friend. Immediately after his release from the hospital, Zack signed up for a military testing program, one that promised him revenge for the death of his parents. His skin was removed, and he was coated in a flexible armor made from interlocking plates of a recently discovered steel alloy. The armor was wired into his brain and nervous system, allowing it to move with his body as if he had been born with it. In addition, it exhibited magnetic qualities when placed under certain conditions. Whenever Zack concentrated hard enough, he could make his body attract or repel metal objects. His original skin, along with synthetically grown flesh, was then grafted back onto his body and sculpted by a team of plastic surgeons until he appeared as he had before the treatment. He was then sent into physical therapy to learn to walk and move with the added weight, after which he underwent intense training. Ultimately he cared little for the supersoldier program he had enrolled in, having used the military to gain the means to get his revenge, he left the moment he completed the program. As such, he is constantly hunted by his former instructors, who wish to use him as a weapon for their own gain. He excels in stealth tactics, taking delight in creeping up behind an unsuspecting enemy, combat knife in hand. Hence the nickname "Silent Night." Though he is not indestructible, his internal armor renders him virtually immune to anything with less punch than a .50 cal. However, his skin still has full feeling, and so he is hurt by bullets, but the pain only angers him.

Appearance - Well built human male teenager. The metal under his skin isn't obvious, one has to look closely to see it. However, when he moves, most observers can tell there is something different about him as the metal plates shift.

Personality - He is somewhat psychotic, with a dark sense of humor. Rarely serious, he is friendly and darkly cheerful, often cracking jokes in the middle of a fight, usually at the expense of his current victim. He has a strong sense of honor and a fierce loyalty to the elite few who manage to earn his trust.

Preferred weapons/clothing - Silent Night doesn't care much for heroic costumes, preferring the comfort of jeans and a tee shirt. Regardless as to the rest of his outfit, his is rarely seen without his leather jacket. A gift from a friend within the military, the leather is lined with Kevlar, furthering his resistance to damage. He always has a combat knife on him, usually paired with a pistol. both of these are magnetically attached to the back of his waist. His primary weapon, a battle scarred and heavily customized Famas, is stored on his back. His weapons are attached using his magnetic abilities and have been with him so long he does not need to concentrate to keep them in place. While the combat knife and pistol are hidden beneath the back of his jacket, his Famas is stored on top of his jacket, easily accessible and in plain view.
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Introduction - Silent Night
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