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 Choose your system, Mac, or Nano-bots: Hotwire’s origin

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PostSubject: Choose your system, Mac, or Nano-bots: Hotwire’s origin   Thu Feb 16, 2012 4:01 pm


(Alright, I mentioned briefly the causation of Hotwire’s powers, but I feel like elaborating a bit. For this reason, I am writing his origin, from introduction, to the beginning of his journey to jump city. His first appearance chronologically was in “A man and his demon” However, I want to elaborate on what happened before that. But enough about that. Now to begin with the story.)

The time: 2:18
The location: Farness High School, science class.
“Now class, could anyone explain what infrasound is?” The teacher asked.
No one was really paying attention, except for a lean, red-haired boy up front, taking in every word. As soon as he heard the question, his hand shot up. Groans emanated from the rest of the class. He was always the one to answer questions.
“Yes Dominic.” The teacher said
“Infrasound is sound that has a base frequency of 20 Hz or lower. This range of sound waves is too low for the human ear to perceive. Sort of like a dog whistle but in reverse.”
“Very good. Now, ultrasound is…” The teacher droned.
Class went on like this for half an hour. Every student was staring at the clock, waiting for class to end. That is except for Dominic Fucile. He was pretty much the only student in his classes that cared for what the teachers were saying. Because of this he received a lot of torment. Like so…
*Ring-ring* *ring ring* the class bell rang to signal the end of science.
“Hey. Look. It’s our favorite redhead!” Someone yelled, causing Dominic to spin.
Nathan Krope. Stereotypical jock. Followed by his friends, he called “the crew”
“Wassup flame-top” Nate jested.
“My name’s not flame-top and you know it.”
“Oh yes it is flame-top. Why else would girls avoid you? They don’t wanna get burned alive!” Nate and the crew burst out in laughter. So did the rest of the hallway. You see, that school had one very poor point. They didn’t have teachers monitoring the hallways.
“Don’t you see it you little freak, no one likes you. No one want’s to know the guy who can solve the most problems. They want the good looking ones. Like me, or Bryce. (Nate’s ‘side-kick’) But not you. You have nothing. What’s even better? You never can prove a thing. It’s your word against mine and my crew, and they’ll always have my back.”
“They don’t respect you Krope. They fear you. They fear what you could do to them if they refuse you.”
“Why you little!” Krope hit Dominic right into the lockers. “That’ll teach you!”
When Dominic decided to stand up, Krope was gone, but the halls were far from empty. A group of girls walked past and shoved him aside. “Loser” The prettiest one said. Dominic watched them leave, hands trembling. He had always been nervous around girls. Strange thing though, one of those girls, a rather cute one turned back to him, and mouthed something. He could have sworn it was ‘sorry bout them’, but there was no way a girl would even think about speaking to him. He just stood there dumfounded.
Last thing before the end of the day was homeroom. Really, it was just the teacher spouting out a list of announcement. This was the one class even Dominic didn’t really listen to. However, amidst all the drone, was something that snapped him out of it. “And tomorrow is the school’s annual technology expo, being held by S.T.A.R labs. Come if you want to learn about the newest advancements in technology. All science classes will attend at some point.” He was ecstatic, finally something he liked. He left school that day with a smile on his face.
While his life at school was the pits, his home life was smooth. Even his sister, Lillian, who sometimes was annoying, actually adored her older brother to no end.
Dominic proceeded to do his homework, then have dinner. After dinner, Dominic had an idea inspired by Nate’s very words: ‘You never can prove a thing’ He ran to his room, and picked up his mp3player, with a record button on the side. He brought it over to his table, which was strewn with electrical parts, a soldering iron, and a pair of safety goggle. Working quickly, he replaced the power switch and record button with wires, and ran them up his shirt, to his arms, to his hands. He then clipped on some switches to the end. He had built a spy recorder. Tomorrow, he was going to let Nate have his fun. But Dominic would receive the last laugh.
After that, Dominic went to sleep early, he wanted tomorrow to come fast.
Dominic had an average day the next day, aside from the fact he was wearing a hidden wire with a hand trigger that no one could see.
Oddly, time ticked by that day, probably because he was anxious for science. Eventually though it came, and his class filed down the halls into the gymnasium. It was magnificent. Devices of all sorts lined the walls, all sorts of displays and kiosks were being demonstrated on the floor. First off, Dominic went to check out the new advances in medicine, and then to advances in bio-fuels. However, the greatest was soon in front of him. “Advances in Nano-machines.”
“Awesome!” Dominic said as he ran to the display. The display consisted of a large, cylindrical, glass container, with what looked like a bunch of bees swarming about inside. The demonstrate spoke “Hello young man. What you see in this tank is Nano-bots. They have been designed to work with the human body to make daily lives easier. The ones you see here can interface with the body, but are still experimental, and the glass is very fragile. I must go for a minute, but I think I can trust you here. You look like a boy of science.” The man explained, taking his leave. ‘About the only one in this school.’ Dominic thought.
Immediately, he felt a poke from behind. It was Krope. Dominic gulped, but then realized he had his secret weapon. He pressed the button turning on the player, then held the button that made the player start recording.
“What’s up flame-top. Looking at your little geek-machines.”
“They are not geek-machines Krope, they are Nano-bots. They will revolutionize the world.”
“Pft. Yeah right. What do you now about the future. Now me, I know enough about it. You’ll always be a freak. No girl will ever want you, and nobody will be your friend. Give it up Flame-top.”
“Nate stop.”
“No I will not. You’re never going to be anything. When are you going to learn that? YOU ARE NOTHING!!! I AM EVERYTHING!!!” Krope yelled. And then, in a moment that changed many people’s fates, Krope shoved Dominic backward. Towards the glass cylinder.
Dominic lay there, in a pile of glass. The last thing he remembered before losing consciousness was the feeling of a million little needle pricks in his back. He saw the blood come from a cut on his fore-head. His finger fell off the record button. Then it all went black
How long it was before he regained consciousness, he’d never know. But when he came to, he was in the hospital, bandage on his fore-head. He remembered what had happened.
His mother and sister came bursting at hearing that he was awake.
“Oh my little baby boy!”
“Hi mom! Oh, and hey Lilly.”
“Mommy told me a bad person shoved you and you took a bad fall. Where is he? I wanna hurt ‘im!” Lillian wailed.
“Now Lillian, Nathan Krope explained that it was an accident. His insurance will cover it.” His mother explained to the little 10 year old. But it wasn’t an accident he thought. He wanted to explain it to his mom, but thought it would be better to explain this to his teachers. Especially with his secret recorder having recorded every word. However, before his mom left, Dominic’s little sister said something shattering his train of thought. “Oh, yeah, the doctors found this weird wiring in your clothes. The wires went to your mp3player, but it was smashed. Must’ve broke in the fall sorry.” She said as she threw the little black device to Dominic. Totally smashed in the fall. Wouldn’t even turn on. Great. There goes that plan.
Before Dominic could revert to his original plan of telling his mother it wasn’t an accident, the doctor came in and explained that it would be best if he were left alone, for rest. Dominic’s mother complied and left, but Lillian had to be pried from the hospital bed before leaving.
Only one thing to do: turn on the TV and see if any good documentaries were on. He picked up the remote, and tried turning on the TV. Nothing. He pressed the button again. Still nothing. Dominic sat there for a minute or to trying to figure out what wrong with it. Then he realized. No batteries. Even though he knew nothing would happen, he held the remote out and yelled. “Come on, just turn on!”
Then it happened. A group of 4 glowing lines worked down Dominic’s arm, until they reached the remote. The continued onto the remote and the TV turned on. A game show was playing. Dominic didn’t care that the TV turned on. He was staring at his hand that looked like a printed circuit board. “What in the? How did I… The Nano-bots!!!” He held the remote in his hands and thought to himself. ‘Alright. If you guys are really inside of me. Then change the channel. No sooner had he thought this than the TV began scrolling through the channels.
“Wow! I can control machines. What a scientifical advantage! Those pricking sensations in my back were the Nano-bots. They must be fused with my central nervous system. Of course. They’ll just look at me of more of a freak than before.” Dominic said to himself. He looked down at his bed, and saw his smashed mp3player. “Hey… If I can control electronics, then maybe I can…” Dominic concentrated, thinking to himself and the Nano-bots ‘come on, access the memory chip mx11400. And play back internally.’
In his head, Dominic heard a conversation:
“What’s up flame-top. Looking at your little geek-machines.”
“They are not geek-machines Krope, they are Nano-bots. They will revolutionize the world.”
“Pft. Yeah right. What do you now about the future. Now me, I know enough about it. You’ll always be a freak. No girl will ever want you, and nobody will be your friend. Give it up Flame-top.”
“Nate stop.”
“No I will not. You’re never going to be anything. When are you going to learn that? YOU ARE NOTHING!!! I AM EVERYTHING!!!”

The recording ended. He had all he needed. He looked so forward to the day he would return to school.
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Choose your system, Mac, or Nano-bots: Hotwire’s origin
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