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 Galatea Zalkand'r, Space Pirate (Finished)

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Skilled Metahuman

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PostSubject: Galatea Zalkand'r, Space Pirate (Finished)   Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:58 pm

Galatea Zalkand'r


Full Name: Galatea Zalkand'r
Codename: Nightfire (translation of last name)
Nickname(s): Captain, Cap'n
Alias(es): N/A
Age: 21
Birth date: June 3rd (according to our Gregorian Calendar)
Classification: Tamaranian
Affiliation: Evil


Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Purple (the right one is discolored due to an injury she recieved)
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 130 lbs
Other: Skin is very tanned, almost orange when looked at under certain light. Has a number of tattoos, most noticeably the ones on her neck and face that resemble leaping black flames. It reaches up to the bridge of her nose on the right side, and up past her eye to her forehead on the right. Also has a scar near her right eye.


-Flight: Tamaranians absorb ultraviolet radiation from suns and stars and convert that into energy they can use, much like Kryptonians do (or DID, in most cases). One such use of this energy is the ability to fly. Galatea is no exception, and can fly at speeds up to 125 mph under normal circumstances and conditions. If she puts a lot of effort into it, she can reach up to 300 mph, but she can only do this in short bursts. Flying in space allows her to go even faster , due to lack of air and air resistance ((OOC: But that doesn't seem like something that will occur too often with this setting.))
-Super Strength: Another use Tamaranians have for their stored solar energy is having tremendous strength, something Tamaranian warriors make great use of. Galatea can lift 500 lbs with ease. With enough effort, she can lift up to a Ton (2000 lbs), but doing so drains her energy much faster. She doesnt know the upper limits of her strength, but figures she shouldn't try and go over a ton, because that would just drain her too fast to be worth it.
-Incredible Durability: Tamaranians can survive in the cold vacuum of space with no protection needed as well as survive atmospheric exit and re-entry. This is due to Tamaranian physiology being incredibly resilient and durable for whatever reason. This allows Tamaranians to trade blows with other super powered individuals and do fairly well in combat against them.
-Language Assimilation: One of the strangest, but most useful abilities of Tamaranians is their ability to learn new languages by kissing speakers of that language. It's not quite clear to anyone exactly HOW this works, but it certainly does the trick. She does not know English as of yet.


-Alcohol/Space Alcohol
-Meeting new people and making friends
-Space travel
-Her Ship (the Exelion) and it's crew
-Authority/Police/Space Police
-Planets with high gravity (flying is more difficult there)
-Being stolen From
-Bounty Hunters (when they're hunting her)
-Trustworthy: Despite being a pirate and a criminal, Galatea makes a point of keeping promises. She may not be one for rules, but keeping promises is one rule she makes herself follow.
-Cunning: You don't get very far as a space pirate captain without a good brain in your head (or wherever your species keeps it's brain). Galatea is very smart and can come up with plans on the fly to help her get out of tight spots.
-Manipulative: Galatea is also very good at using her deviousness and intelligence to twist situations to her favor by getting people to do what she wants.
-Mild Kleptomania: No matter how honorable Galatea tries to be, when it comes down to it, she really likes stealing things. Whether it be to get money from what she steals, or just for the sheer thrill of stealing it and getting away with it, she just feels drawn to doing it.
-Vision Problems: Her vision in her right eye is impaired due to an injury she recieved in a fight. She can still see out of it, just nowhere near as well as her right, and this throws off her aim sometimes.
-Energy shortage: Galatea gets the ability to use most of her powers through the stored up energy within her. If she exerts herself too much, she'll eventually run out and need to rest and/or recharge by absorbing more solar energy.
-Excellent Swordsman: Galatea has a lot of practice with her cutlass and is a very experienced swordsman.
-Adept Hand-to-Hand Fighter: Galatea has been in her fair share of fist fights, most of which took place in bars. Her experience combined with her raw strength makes her a formidable opponent in combat.
-Technician/Repairman: Galatea is very good at fixing things, having had plenty of experience repairing and upgrading her ship's components. Her experience with Earth technology is slim to none, however. But she generally knows how to fix stuff and which wires won't electrocute her when she crosses them.

-A Cutlass kept on a holster on her belt.
- A laser/blaster pistol holstered on the same belt as the cutlass. Fires small bolts of energy with enough force to knock a grown man to the ground, not to mention cause severe burns. At close range or higher power settings, the shots can be lethal. She isn't too fond of using it, as she figures her own strength or her sword can handle most of her problems and there's the fact that she can't exactly re-charge the thing on earth.
-A communicator watch allowing her to contact her crew in space.
- A nice hat. Seriously, look at that thing.
-Even when she learns another language by kissing, Galatea still has a tendency to use Tamaranian terms and colloqualisms. For example "For God's sake" becomes "In the name of X'Hal". Likewise, she doesn't quite understand human terms, and misues them, or needs them explained. It's nowhere near as bad as Starfire's usage of english, though.

Galatea's a bit of a strange case. She's a pirate, a thief, and a cutthroat, but she isn't without a sense of morality. She can and will do whatever she feels like doing...but that doesn't mean she'll just kill you for no good reason. It's actually quite the opposite, and she's a very friendly person who likes talking to and meeting new people. She's slow to anger, but getting the super powered space pirate mad is still a very bad idea. To the people allies herself with or befriends, she is a loyal and dependable comrade, and is a person one can trust...usually. Her main concern is herself, after all. Despite her moments of honesty, Galatea is still an infamous and ruthless criminal, and it shows. She has little to no qualms with killing, loves to steal, and is always looking for an oppurtunity to get the upperhand and twist a situation to her favor. She's not afraid to manipulate people and play off their perceived trust to get what she wants. She does whatever she feels like doing, and thus the one thing Galatea values over all other things is her own freedom, and she would do anything to preserve that.


Family: Mother, Father. Still on Tamaran, and she hasn't seen them or spoken with them for years.
Place of Origin: Planet Tamaran
Current City: Jump City
Galatea was born on the planet of Tamaran, an only child to a relatively normal family. As a young girl, she grew up wanting to go into space and explore the galaxy. As she grew older and more rebelious, that desire only grew, along with a lust for freedom. Finally, at the age of 17, she ran away from home and stowed away on a freighter bound for space. She thought it was smooth sailing from there on out.

Boy, was she wrong. The freighter she had snuck aboard was raided by space pirates part way through their journey. Galatea was discovered aboard the ship and was forced to fight the ship's crew, as well as the pirates in a fight to survive and get to an escape pod. Her Tamaranian powers gave her a lot of help and she almost managed to get to the pod, but was stopped by the pirate captain, who had been impressed by her display of power. He made her a deal: join his crew and learn from him...or die. Galatea Accepted.

On board the space pirates' ship, Galatea learned many things. How to fight, how to use a blaster and a sword, how to fix things. Galatea fit in amongst the pirates, the crew becoming like a second family to her. She quickly climbed to the rank of First Mate. Thus, when the captain met his end during a botched raid, she inherited the position of Captain. With her new position, Galatea realized that she was truly free. There was no one in charge of her, and she could travel to wherever she wanted in space. That is, when she and her crew weren't being chased by bounty hunters or police. She soon thought up of a solution for that, however. While at a tavern, Galatea heard a story from an experienced traveler about a planet called Earth. A planet that was under the radar of space patrol, but had plenty of people and places to have fun at. Galatea convinced the traveler to give her the co-ordinates of earth, and set course for it. Her plan was to lay low on Earth for a while, with her ship not too far from the planet itself, causing the hunters to lose their trail and get off her back.

Sample RP
On a space station in some corner of the galaxy, the doors to a bar swung open. The idle chatter and music continued, the patrons mostly ignoring the new person, like they did with most new people. The guest walked her way to the bar, taking a seat on an open stool. She asked the bartender for a drink, and he complied. It was his job, after all.

The other bar patrons soon began to take notice of the woman, though. Her and the sword and blaster hanging on her belt. Not to mention her clothing and tattoos. She was more concerned with her drink that with the hushed whispers coming from around her. She didn't come to hear people gossip and talk about her behind her back, she came to get a drink or two. Or maybe three.

Just as she was about to finish her first drink, a group of four particularly brave (most likely just drunk, stupid, or both) patrons walked up behind her.

"Hey!" The one closest to her said. She gave no response. The man grabbed her shoulder and said "Hey!" again. She spun around to face them.

"May I help you, gentlemen?"
"You're one o' them space pirates, aren't ya?!"
"Why, yes," she replied, smiling. "I am! Captain Galatea Zalkand'r, at your service. Let me just try and guess what your plan is. You and your little posse intend to apprehend me and take me to the nearest place of law enforcement, where you'll turn me in for the hefty bounty on my head, and split it amongst yourself."

The man was shocked that Galatea had figured it out. She gave a chuckle at his dumbfounded face.
"I'll take that as a 'yes'," she said, her laughter stopping as she spoke.
"H-how'd you know?"
"You aren't the first person to get the idea. And I can tell just from looking at you and your pals that you aren't the toughest to get the idea, either. So, I'm gonna give you a chance. Cut you a deal. Go back to your seats, sit down, enjoy your drinks, and forget you ever saw me. Trust me, you'll have a much better day than if you decide to go ahead with this."

There was a tense silence as Galatea waited for the group's decision. The man looked back at the group he had assembled, as if asking if they wanted to go through with this despite her warning. After a few moments, he turned back to Galatea. He gave his answer with a punch aimed square at her face. However, fist did not meet face. It merely met another hand. Galatea sighed as she squeezed the man's hand, bones crunching and cracking, the man falling to his knees.

"Don't say I never warned you," she said, releasing the man's broken hand and kicking him across the room. Galatea looked up at the other three men, who hesitated for a moment and then charged at her anyways. The first threw several punches, which Galatea dodged skillfully and then responded by grabbing the sides of his head and kneeing him the face, and then shoving him to the ground. The second had picked up a stool from the bar and swung it at Galatea. She ducked under it and countered with a mighty uppercut aimed at her attacker's chin. The punch connected, and the stunned man stumbled backwards. Galatea grabbed the man by his shirt collar and tossing him into the bar, the wood making a lound crack with the impact.

"Three down, one to go," Galatea thought, looking around for the fourth man. She found him rushing at her with a steak knife he had taken from one of the people dining at a table. Galatea repressed a laugh, pulling out her cutlass and blocking the knife as the man tried to swipe at her with it. He tried to attack again, but the longer reach of Galatea's sword came into play, as the hand holding the knife was sliced off.

The final man fell to the ground, yelling in pain and bleeding heavily. Galatea sheathed her sword, and turned back to face the bar, trying to go apologize to the bartender. But the man wasn't done yet. Grabbing the knife with his remaining hand, he shambled up off the ground to and get one last stab at Galatea. With a grunt, he charged at Galatea's back, knife ready to slice into her...

But he wasn't quick enough. Galatea had pulled her blaster out and fired a shot at the one handed man's forehead. He collapsed, forehead sizzling. Galatea holstered her blaster, and dug around in her pocket. Pulling out a handful of bills, she put them on the counter for the bartender to take.

"Sorry about the mess," she said to the bartender. "Have a nice day."

And with that, she walked out of the bar.

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PostSubject: Re: Galatea Zalkand'r, Space Pirate (Finished)   Tue Aug 23, 2011 4:56 am

Lays claim to this charrie profile! I like the style, and I'd say that Starfire and the Tamaranians are somewhat of a well-versed fancy of mine. I'm waiting with anticipation~
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Skilled Metahuman
Skilled Metahuman

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PostSubject: Re: Galatea Zalkand'r, Space Pirate (Finished)   Sun Aug 28, 2011 3:16 am

Okay, this is all finished and ready for review now.

Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Galatea Zalkand'r, Space Pirate (Finished)   Tue Aug 30, 2011 1:14 am


First off, this profile is very satisfying in both content and conventions; your knowledge of the Tamaranians is quite impressive, not to mention that your character is awesome and pretty bad@ss, if you don't mind me saying so. Smile Secondly, props for your really pro-skilled writng and style; I can tell that we'll get along quite well here at TTRPG, which, speaking thus, WELCOME! and we're all so happy to have another great member on board, especially one whose character is not only a villain, but a cool one, at that. Cool And thirdly,

Good work, mate!
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PostSubject: Re: Galatea Zalkand'r, Space Pirate (Finished)   

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Galatea Zalkand'r, Space Pirate (Finished)
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